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									                                  GOLD INFO SERVICE

                          Terms & Conditions For GIS (Monthly Scheme)

•   The Registration will be valid for 6 (Six) months.
•   Registration amount is non Refundable.
•   After Registration we will provide your User name & password to your E-mail address within 24 hours, By
    this user name & password you can login to member’s area of our website & you will get all the working
    material from there.
•   You have no right to change the password of working a/c which we will provide you.
•   Every month you have to do a minimum 250/350/400/400 on (A/B/C/D Scheme) of correct Ad publishing
    in order to get paid.
•   If you publish less than minimum target of Ads in month, then you won’t be paid for that month but the
    60% correct publishing will be carry forward to the next month.
•   We will provide you 130 links every month in order to achieve your minimum target.
•   We accept only Free Classified sites. Do not publish the Ad in Cgi, Blog, Forum, under Same Resistant or
    any Sub domains otherwise the publish will be cancel.
•   In which website you will publish the ad matter must contain Indian country option otherwise the
    publishing will be cancelled.
•   At the time of posting in the classified site always Use Company’s Provided Profile otherwise publishing
    will be cancel.
•   Below 30 days validity ad will not accept.
•   When we will check the report we just click the links of your report page. After open the page if our ad
    matter will show then we pay for that publishing, otherwise not.
•   If we found any one repeat publishing in same side in same month then that publish will be cancel & we
    will deduct Rs. 250/- from your total monthly income as penalty.
•   In a single time you can work with a single computer. If you work more than one computer with single
    registration in same time, your registration will be cancel.
•   Professional Account of a candidate should not be transfer to another candidate.
•   You can publish your Ad by normal process. If you use illegal process (like using software) then your
    registration will be cancel.
•   You have to submit your monthly report within every 30 days from the date of registration.
•   Payment will made within 7 days of submitting report.
•   Payments will made via fund transfer or a/c payee cheque or cash deposit at bank.
•   All disputs are Subject to under Dakshin dinajpur jurisdiction.

Note: With out any notice "Terms and Conditions" can be changed as per company requirements at any time.

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