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									Change Readiness Assessment (CRA)
What is it?
A change readiness assessment examines how “ready” the organisation is to make the desired
change against a number of success factors[1]. When an area is ready to make the change, it holds
both the capability and capacity to move through the transition process and successfully embed the
change into operations.

Why do we need to do it?

By capturing ‘readiness’ for change, we can identify high impact issues and recurring themes that will
either help or hinder the change. This helps to highlight areas that require further preparation and a
greater focus of effort and change management activity.

What is the process?

The process identified by the change team is flexible so that it can be tailored to specific projects and
to specific parts of the project cycle. (What is the recommended approach for this project? e.g. We
will work through the questions as a group, and make an assessment of the project’s status in each
of these success factors.) A traffic light system will be used for this, as follows:

-      Green Status - all key risks have been identified and there is confidence that mitigating actions
will be delivered.

-     Amber Status – either some key risks appear to have been overlooked OR there is a lack of
confidence that the University has the capability / capacity / desire to deliver the mitigating actions

-      Red Status - some key risks appear to have been overlooked AND there is a lack of confidence
that the University has the capability / capacity / desire to deliver the mitigating actions

Moving forwards, we will need to build in regular reviews of change readiness, as it is likely that an
area’s “readiness” for the change will move either positively or negatively over time and at different
stages of the project cycle.

[1] Success factors identified by Graham Dalton of Price Waterhouse Coopers
Change Readiness Assessment                                                                                                                                                      (Date)
(Project Title)

                                                                                                                                           RAG status
Change Readiness Success
                              What does this mean?         Key questions to consider                                            Comments   (Red, amber,   Key actions required

                                                           Has a clear, compelling and urgent need for change been
                              Articulating a clear and
                                                           articulated? Is there clarity about what it will mean in practice?
                              compelling vision to
                                                           Has the purpose of the new strategy and structure been
The vision for change         describe the change and
                                                           effectively communicated to all staff? Have all relevant areas of
                              clarity about what it will
                                                           the organisation been aligned with the future vision? Which areas
                              mean in practice
                                                           have been aligned and which are still to be aligned?

                              Identifying, measuring       To what extent have the potential benefits been identified and
                              and managing the             understood by key stakeholders? What are the benefits we wish
Delivering the benefits       potential benefits from      to promote? Is there a common understanding about what
                              the project to ensure they   specifically needs to change and what will stay the same? Has
                              are sustained                clear ownership for delivering the benefits been established?

                                                       To what extent is the University providing and developing
                                                       leadership to support the project? Who is the project “champion”
                                                       and is that person known and recognised as such across the
                              Developing leadership to
                                                       organisation? Is the leadership team committed to making the
Developing leadership         shape and drive the
                                                       proposed changes? Do organisational leaders possess the
                                                       necessary skills to develop and execute change plans? Do
                                                       managers understand the impact proposed changes are likely to
                                                       have on the people in their teams? If not, why not?

                                                           To what extent does an effective change plan exist for the
                                                           project? How much influence to key stakeholders have in the
                                                           overall success of your project? Which groups/teams/individuals
                              Developing a suitable
                                                           within your area will need to change specific behaviours and work
Change strategy and plan      approach and plan to
                                                           practices? Which areas will be most affected by the proposed
                              manage the change
                                                           changes? Which areas may be particularly resistant to the change
                                                           and why? What would be needed to help these groups accept the
                                                           proposed changes more readily?

                                                       To what extent is the scope of the project understood? What
                                                       degree of clarity is there over who owns the project and who will
                                                       deliver it? Has the Programme/Project team identified who needs
                              Managing and controlling
Managing the project                                   to be involved in key decisions and formulated a decision-making
                              the project
                                                       strategy? Are you capable of influencing the key decision makers?
                                                       Do you have sufficient time and other resources to see the
                                                       changes through successfully?
Change Readiness Assessment                                                                                                   (Date)
(Project Title)

                                                          To what extent do the existing organisational structures, roles,
                                                          policies, infrastructure and performance measure support the
                              Aligning the project to the change? Does anything need to change? What other initiatives are
Organisational Design
                              University’s structure      currently under way that will need to be considered in preparing
                                                          for the proposed changes (e.g. conflicts over resources or

                                                        To what extent does the University's culture (values, behaviours,
                                                        mindsets) support the change? Are there other values and
                              Checking that the project mindsets that we should be taking into account? Has the
Cultural Alignment            is attuned to the         organisation experienced significant change in the past? How
                              University culture        does this effort compare to previous efforts? How do proposed
                                                        changes fit with the values and priorities of individuals and

                                                          To what extent are stakeholders effectively identified, engaged
                              Building commitment
                                                          and managed in relation to the change? What feedback
                              across the University for
Commitment                                                mechanisms have or can be been established to ensure constant
                              the changes associated
                                                          communication during the transition? Do you (and your team)
                              with the project
                                                          have the personal drive and resilience to see changes through?

                                                          To what extent is the University prepared to manage poor
                                                          performance, inappropriate behaviours etc in relation to the
                              Building capability         change? Are there any performance measures specific to your
Managing performance          through managing            area (faculty/department/divisional/team/individual) that need to
                              people’s performance        be established to measure the objectives of this change or
                                                          encourage change? What existing structures, processes, policies
                                                          and systems for managing performance will hinder this effort?

                              Building capability by      Are there clear plans in place for equipping people with the
                              providing people with the   necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to deliver and sustain
Learning and Development      skills and knowledge        the change? (NB this includes both “hands on” practical training
                              needed to implement the     [e.g. on a new system] as well as the behavioural/personal
                              change                      development aspects that may be required).
Change Readiness Assessment   (Date)
(Project Title)


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