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					About Anthropologie Clothing Store
Anthropologie clothing has been established in 92 and is run through its parent company , the Urban
Outfitters. It offers casual clothes to working girls between the age of thirty and 40 and who earns
about $200,000 annually. Unlike Urban Outfitters which designs trendy and hip outfits , Anthropologie
attracts buyers with its high end, classy , and unique laid-back clothes.

The company also uses a one-of-a-kind technique in acquiring devoted customers. Rather than
advertising and marketing their products, they are selling a lifestyle to their customers. This is a new
notion in marketing strategy, and made Anthropologie a pioneer among companies with regards to
choosing not to employ advertising for their goods. Despite this unique advertising technique, they
nevertheless gained many followers and shoppers even stay for a longer time of their outlets than
some other clothing shops. The cash that they save via not doing any kind of advertisements are
spent in improving their stores’ appearance and investing in good furnishings for their shops all over
the usa.

The company provides its customers a huge selection of products and merchandise, though primarily
concentrated on women’s clothes and accessories. They also present their customers a collection of
their own uniquely designed house decors and household furniture. Anthropologie offers many
different types of designs you could imagine. For instance, they have got picture frames decorated
with beads that are Indian-inspired, an italian vintage sconce together with hand-painted floral styles ,
ceramics from japan , British-style bed created from rattan and bamboo.

You can find Anthropologie shops in any open-air centers or along the streets across the usa. The
brand is actually continuously gaining popularity amongst its target shoppers and comprises 50% of
Urban Outfitters’ total revenue.

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