Board Meeting Minutes October 2008 by lanyuehua


									                  Amber Ridge HOA Board Meeting
Called to Order by President Koons at 7:02 p.m.


Got our P.O. Box for mail
P.O. Box 39153, Indianapolis, IN 46239
Amy and Eric have keys

Changed mailing address for:
Liability insurance
ASAP Aquatics
Neighborhood fees
Collection Agency
Attorneys (Eads Murray & Pugh)
Chase Bank and Assessor’s Office – have to physically go there to change address

Garden Club
Work on this in January to get together on a spring or fall weekend
Do maintenance of the flower beds/spruce up – would save HOA $1,000
Pull weeds and trim bushes
Flyer to go out – Garden Club will be sponsoring a work day (Mr. Spencer will work on)
No fees to start out – can work into budget next year if need be!


Lawncare Quotes
Kolb Lawn Service - $19,940 total quote
Lighthouse Landscape - $19,983 total quote
Unanimous vote to hire Kolb beginning November 2008
Termination letter to Hill’s effective 10/31/08
Letter of intent to Kolb effective 11/1/08
* Ms. Amico will ask her contact how much he could cost for snow removal and we may
go with that instead of the snow removal in the quote!

Pond Quotes
ASAP Aquatics - $2,150 total quote
Leistner Aquatic - $1,785 total quote
Hoosier Aquatic - $1,700 total quote
Unanimous vote to hire Hoosier Aquatic for pond maintenance
Quotes for fountain installation
Received from pond maintenance companies, ranging from $5,500 - $6,195 (w/o lights)
Unanimous decision was made to wait until at least next year to proceed…
President Koons will call Hoosier Aquatic to find out how long their quote is good for on
the fountains!

Insurance Policy
President Koons will call and ask about Crime Watch discount – receiving this or not?
Voted liability insurance from $2 million to $1 million
Voted aggregate from $2 million

Address list for 2009 mailing
Crime Watch personnel will update these for the Board
Creating a new Crime Watch strategy – Amy Amico, Kathy McKeel, and Michele Dew

Playground equipment
Table this idea for now and come back to it maybe next year

Checking and Savings Accounts
Accounts are to be posted on our website,
President Koons is e-mailing September ending account summaries to Mr. Spencer to put
on website
Mr. Spencer also putting “vendor” link on website

Meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

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