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					For Hospitality Use Only Date: _______ Time: ______

School: Address: Person to Contact: Telephone Number:

Coordinator: _____________

E-Mail address: Conference time:

What is the best way of contacting the contact person? (Circle One)
E-Mail Phone

Where show will be performed (Room number, etc.): Title of show(s) to be performed (from Puppet Show Descriptions):
((Please specify if you want any of these shows to be performed in Spanish))

Number of children that will see the show: Kindergarten – st 1 grade – nd 2 grade – rd 3 grade – th 4 grade – th 5 grade – The children will see the show: (Check One)  All grades together  All classes in same grade together  Separately in ____ shows Additional Comments:

Please return this form and Date Selection Form as soon as possible to: Lauren Ghinelli, Puppet Programs MSC Hospitality Texas A&M University Box J-1 College Station, TX 77844 OR Email Lauren Ghinelli at puppets@msc.tamu.edu

Please note that requests will be granted in the order received.