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									                Local Orienteering Fixtures and Social Events
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               AIRE   Night      Night Score League
from 13/1/10
Sun 17/01/10   EBOR Local        Colour Coded Courses                 Bishop Wood                   SE555335

Sat 23/01/10   AIRE   Informal Airedale Winter Olite Series           Northcliffe Park              SE145367

Sat 23/01/10   EBOR Night        Night Event                          Brayton Barff                 SE585305
                                 East Yorkshire Short Race Series
Sat 23/01/10   HALO Local                                             Sewerby Park, Bridlington     TA201698
                                 Round 1
                                 Compass Sport Trophy - please let
Sun 24/01/10   CLOK Regional                                          Silton, Northallerton         SE452932
                                 Dave Gugan know you can run
                                 Middle Distance Event.
Sat 30/01/10   SYO    Regional                                        Beeley Woods                  SK328921
                                 Northern Championships.              The Gritstone Edges and Big
Sun 31/01/10   SYO    National                                                                      SK254754
                                 Pre-entry                            Moor, Sheffield
                                 Carlisle Nopesport Urban O League.
Sat 06/02/10   BL     Urban                                           Carlisle                      NY400562
                      Regional   Tim Watkins Blodslitet 2010.
Sun 07/02/10   SROC                                                   Farleton Knott, Kendal        SD549787
                      Long O     Pre-entry
                                 Robin Hood Trophy
Sun 07/02/10   NOC    Regional                                        Blidworth                     SK583522
Sat 13/02/10   AIRE   Informal Airedale Winter Olite Series           Harden Moor                   SE092390

Sat 13/02/10   EPOC Night        YHOA Night League - Series Finale    Castle Carr                   SE027294
                                 Regional Event & CCOL
Sun 14/02/10   EPOC Regional                                          Castle Carr                   SE022295
                                 Northern Night Championships.
Sat 20/02/10   NATO Night                                             Blagdon Estate, Seaton Burn   TBC
Sun 21/02/10   NATO Local        Colour Coded Courses                 Blagdon Estate, Seaton Burn   TBC

Sun 21/02/10   HALO Urban        Town Centre Event & CCOL             Beverley Town Centre          TA032398
                                 East Yorkshire Short Race Series
Sat 27/02/10   HALO Local                                             Sledmere Hall                 TBC
                                 Round 2
Sun 28/02/10   AIRE   Regional Regional Event & CCOL                  Ilkley Moor                   SE117471

Sat 06/03/10   AIRE   Informal Leeds Spring Olite Series              Calverley Woods               TBC
                                 British Night Championships.
Sat 06/03/10   ESOC National                                          Pentland Hills                NT225683
Sun 07/03/10   SYO    Local      Colour Coded Courses                 West Haigh & Howell Wood      TBC
             Offers of help to   CLARO - 20TH ANNIVERSARY             HANGING MOOR &
SUN 14/03/10                                                                                        SE156571
             Tim Moon            REGIONAL EVENT & CCOL                THRUSCROSS
             Contact Lindsey     CLARO - 20TH ANNIVERSARY             AJ'S AT THE ACADEMY,
FRI 26/03/10                                                                                        SE294564
             Hensman             ANNUAL DINNER                        HARROGATE, HG1 2LA
             Offers of help to   RIPON CITY RACE - NEW AREA
SUN 23/05/10                                                          RIPON CITY CENTRE             SE309712
             Sue Birtwistle      NOPESPORT URBAN LEAGUE
             Offers of help to   COLOUR CODED COURSES &
SUN 26/09/10                                                          TIMBLE & ASKWITH              SE170531
             Sue Birtwistle      CCOL
SAT, SUN     Offers of help to   COLOUR CODED COURSES &               GREAT YORKSHIRE
27, 28/11/10 Mike Cope           CCOL. NEW AREA!                      SHOWGROUND

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