4 Websites to Learn Web Designing for Free

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					There are many reasons why people are willing to study web designing.
Some people want to make their own site and some want to make profits by
working as a freelancer. One thing you need to keep in your mind to be a
good web designer is to practice and there is no substitute for it. You
need to do this stuff over and over until it starts to get easier.

If you are looking forward to learn web designing for free, there are
enormous tutorial sites on web teaching web technologies. Here are the
top 4 websites that help you to learn web designing for free

1. W3schools.com
W3schools.com is considered as the best tutorial site which provides
guidance to almost all the web technologies for free. In fact,
W3Schools.com does not just offer free education on HTML programming.
They are providing ultimate webmasters resources including HTML, XHTML,
CSS, ASP, XSL, SOAP, SQL, PHP, and more.

It not only provides normal tutorials and references but a platform to
test your web coding ability using an editor called "try it yourself".
You can easily find the output by just editing the code. In addition they
also offer an online certification program, where you can become
certified in the most popular web topics.

2. Codecademy.com
"Learning is fun" is the motto of Codecademy. You won't feel like you are
learning some complex stuff here. It is just like playing games with your
friends and having fun.

Currently, Codecademy offers hundreds of basic JavaScript lessons.
Learning to code online has never been so accessible. It's a simple
window in your browser with seemingly endless prompts. To motivate,
Codecademy awards users with badges for completed lessons with the
ability to share these badges across social networks. It keeps track of
your total score, your lessons completed and trophy's earned. And it's
free, unlike its sort of competitor Linda.com

3. Tizag.com
Like w3schools you could not get an awesome feel here. But it is one of
the best reference sites regarding web coding on the web. Tizag.com is
one of the best reference and introductory tutorial sites for HTML,
Cascading Style Sheets, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL. Perhaps the most useful
piece is simply their HTML tag reference. For those of us who use HTML
regularly but not daily, it's far easier to have a handy lookup for tags
and attributes than it is to keep them all memorized.

Similarly, their CSS tutorial, reference, and examples are more than
enough to take any student with a working knowledge of HTML and get them
using CSS. Since these are really becoming the standard in web design,
the reference is timely.

4. WebDesign.About.com
As you know About.com is not just a tutorial site. But one thing what
about.com make different is that they provide free email web design
course. You just need to sign up their web design newsletter and learn
web coding by reading emails. This course is mainly aimed at beginners.

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