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									63138              Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 228 / Wednesday, November 26, 1997 / Notices

  Affected Public: Individuals or            Education on increasing the private          for training of U.S. Navy personnel. As
households; Federal Government; State,       sector role in strengthening HBCUs.          a result of the end of the Cold War and
Local or Tribal Gov’t, SEAs or LEAs.           The meeting of the Board is open to        the downsizing of the Navy, the S3G
  Annual Reporting and Recordkeeping         the public. The meeting will be              and D1G Prototype reactor plants were
Hour Burden:                                 primarily devoted to the discussion of       shut down in May 1991 and March
     Responses: 925,698.                     challenges facing historically black         1996, respectively. Since then, the S3G
     Burden Hours: 943,318.                  colleges and universities.                   and D1G Prototype reactor plants have
  Abstract: A local educational agency         Records are kept of all Board              been defueled and placed in a safe and
must submit an application to the            procedures, and are available for public     stable protective storage condition. The
Department to receive Impact Aid             inspection at the White House Initiative     Kesselring Site will not be released for
payments under sections 8002 or 8003         on Historically Black Colleges and           other uses in the foreseeable future
of the Elementary and Secondary              Universities located at 1250 Maryland
Education Act (ESEA), and a State                                                         since two active prototype reactor plants
                                             Avenue, S.W., The Portals Building,
requesting certification under section                                                    continue to operate to perform training
                                             Suite 605, Washington, DC, 20202, from
8009 of the ESEA must submit data for        the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.          of U.S. Navy personnel and testing of
the Secretary to determine whether the                                                    naval nuclear propulsion plant
                                               Dated: November 19, 1997.                  equipment.
State has a qualified equalization plan
                                             David A. Longanecker,
and may take Impact Aid payments into                                                     Alternatives Considered
                                             Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary
consideration in allocating State aid.
                                                                                          1. Prompt Dismantlement—Preferred
[FR Doc. 97–30975 Filed 11–25–97; 8:45 am]   [FR Doc. 97–31043 Filed 11–25–97; 8:45 am]   Alternative
BILLING CODE 4000–01–P                       BILLING CODE 4000–01–M
                                                                                             The Final Environmental Impact
                                                                                          Statement identifies prompt
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION                      DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY                         dismantlement as the preferred
President’s Board of Advisors on                                                          alternative. If selected, this alternative
                                             Notice of Availability of the Final          would be subject to the availability of
Historically Black Colleges and              Environmental Impact Statement on
Universities; Meeting                                                                     appropriated funding. This alternative
                                             the Disposal of the S3G and D1G              would involve the prompt
AGENCY: President’s Board of Advisors        Prototype Reactor Plants                     dismantlement of the S3G and D1G
on Historically Black Colleges and           AGENCY:   Department of Energy.              Prototype reactor plants. All S3G and
Universities, Department of Education.                                                    D1G Prototype reactor plant systems,
                                             ACTION:   Notice of availability.
ACTION: Notice of meeting.                                                                components and structures would be
                                             SUMMARY:   The Department of Energy          removed from the Kesselring Site. To
SUMMARY: This notice sets forth the
                                             (DOE) Office of Naval Reactors (Naval        the extent practicable, the resulting low-
schedule and agenda of the meeting of        Reactors) has published the Final
the President’s Board of Advisors on                                                      level radioactive metals would be
                                             Environmental Impact Statement on the        recycled at existing commercial
Historically Black Colleges and              Disposal of the S3G and D1G Prototype
Universities. This notice also describes                                                  facilities. The remaining low-level
                                             Reactor Plants. The Final Environmental      radioactive waste would be disposed of
the functions of the Board. Notice of this   Impact Statement was prepared in
meeting is required under Section                                                         at the DOE Savannah River Site in
                                             accordance with the National                 South Carolina. The Savannah River
10(a)(2) of the Federal Advisory             Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of
Committee Act.                                                                            Site currently receives low-level
                                             1969; Council on Environmental Quality       radioactive waste from Naval Reactors’
DATE AND TIME: December 18, 1997 from        regulations implementing NEPA (40
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                                                                    sites in the eastern United States. Both
                                             CFR Parts 1500–1508); and DOE NEPA
ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at
                                                                                          the volume and radioactive content of
                                             Implementing Procedures (10 CFR Part
the Sheraton City Centre Hotel located                                                    the S3G and D1G Prototype reactor
                                             1021). The Final Environmental Impact
at 1143 New Hampshire Avenue, NW,            Statement and its supporting references      plant low-level waste fall within the
Washington, DC.                              are available to the public at the           projections of Naval Reactors’ waste
                                             Saratoga Springs Public Library in           provided to the Savannah River Site,
Sterling Henry, White House Initiative       Saratoga Springs and the Schenectady         which are included in the Savannah
on Historically Black Colleges and           County Public Library in Schenectady,        River Site Waste Management Final
Universities, U.S. Department of             New York. The Final Environmental            Environmental Impact Statement, dated
Education, 600 Independence Avenue,          Impact Statement is also available by        July 1995. For the purposes of providing
SW, the Portals Building, Suite 605,         mail upon request.                           an upper bound in transportation
Washington, DC 20202–5120.                                                                related risk analyses, transportation of
                                             SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
Telephone: (202) 708–8667.                                                                low-level radioactive waste to the
                                             Background                                   Hanford Site in Washington State is also
President’s Board of Advisors on               The S3G and D1G Prototype reactor          evaluated. There are no current plans to
Historically Black Colleges and              plants are located on the Kesselring Site    ship low-level radioactive wastes from
Universities was established under           near West Milton, New York,                  S3G and D1G Prototype reactor plant
Executive Order 12876 of November 1,         approximately 17 miles north of              dismantlement activities to the Hanford
1993. The Board is established to advise     Schenectady. The S3G and D1G                 Site. In the event that shipment of these
on the financial stability of Historically   Prototype reactor plants first started       wastes to Hanford Site becomes
Black Colleges and Universities, to issue    operation in 1958 and 1962,                  necessary, waste disposal plans and
an annual report to the President on         respectively, and served for more than       activities would comply with all
HBCU participation in Federal                30 years as facilities for testing reactor   applicable State and Federal statutes
programs, and to advise the Secretary of     plant components and equipment and           and regulations.

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