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					                                                                                                Mallory Veet

                                                                                            October 22, 2009

                                       Exercise for Pregnant Women

         Many women who are pregnant either do not exercise or exercise incorrectly. Doing either of
these can cause complications while giving birth or after birth. Those that choose to exercise often end
up going too far when it comes to exercising during pregnancy. They start doing their aerobics and
pushing it too far, not realizing that, in doing so, they are raising their heartbeats to an extreme level
that is dangerous for the baby, causing them to overheat. When you are pregnant, your heart rate
should not exceed 140 beats per minute. That last statement is what pregnant women who do not
exercise think about. What they are not thinking about is the risks that they are putting their child in by
not participating in any exercises. By exercising correctly, both the women and the child will live a
healthier life.

         Kids Health believes that low weights are good to use, whereas, net wellness believes that if you
are going to exercise, you should do exercises without any weight-bearings. Kids Health also believes
that exercise during pregnancy will help relieve any backaches, reduce constipation, help prevent any
wear and tear of joints, and relieves stress so that you are able to sleep better at night. However, net
wellness believes that pregnant women who exercise suffer from too many complications and believe it
is beneficial that pregnant women live a sedentary lifestyle. According to net wellness, pregnant women
who exercise are more likely to suffer from ruptured membranes, premature labor, incompetent cervix,
unexplained bleeding, and gain the chance of having a multiple pregnancy. These complications may
occur; however, these complications can occur whether or not you are exercising. If you exercise
correctly and use the safe precautions, your risks for any of those complications are reduced.

         Essortment, kids health and net wellness all agree on one thing; that if you are going to exercise
while you are pregnant, that you must make sure that you drink plenty of water. It is important that you
maintain hydration because it is dangerous for the baby if you lose a lot of fluids from your body without
replacing them. They also all agree that it is unsafe to be lying flat on your back while exercising
because by doing so you are putting too much pressure on your organs which, in turn, puts too much
pressure on your child. WebMD and net wellness both agreed that the exercises that would be the
safest for the mother-to-be and the growing fetus are swimming, walking, stationary cycling, elliptical
machines and low-impact aerobics.

        Overall, there was a pretty good amount of controversy between the articles about whether or
not exercise is really healthy for pregnant women and their growing fetus. Even the articles that do
agree that they should, they disagree on what exercises they should be doing. I will have to do more
research and further my investigation on what the best exercises are to ensure the safety, health, and
overall well-being of pregnant women and their child.
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