Why MySQL Is Used With PHP by saufeeazman


									MySQL is one of three popular database management systems. Other popular
systems are Oracle and SQL Server. MySQL is widely used with PHP
applications. We are not only referring to the applications developed
using core PHP, but also implying the content management systems like
Drupal and Joomla that are PHP based. Let us discuss four reasons why
MySQL is used with PHP

1. MySQL is economical just like PHP

PHP is absolutely free to use. Even the content management systems like
Drupal and Joomla don't require a fee to use. This has produced a lot of
fans for these systems. Any developer who chooses a free web programming
technology would naturally prefer a database management system that is
free to use. At the same time, the programmer would not be willing to
compromise on the features. MySQL provides the right kind of balance. It
is free but filled with features. It is comparable to other good
relational database systems in market.

2. Hosting companies love MySQL

Since many freelancers are adapting to PHP for the ease of programming
and reduced costs, they are looking for PHP support from hosting
companies. Hosting companies have responded very well by introducing
several economical packages for PHP, Drupal and Joomla hosting. Since
developers, individuals and business owners who choose PHP technology
often are cost sensitive, they do not want any other database system
other than MySQL. This has forced the companies to support MySQL hosting
along with PHP hosting. Moreover, providing MySQL along with PHP reduces
the costs for the hosting companies as well.

3. Content Management Systems have ready made APIs to use with MySQL

Content management systems like Drupal and Joomla provide a lot of
programming interfaces (functions) to be used by programmers. There are
plenty of functions that can be used for advanced programming provided
the database is MySQL. A programmer may not enjoy using the functions if
the database used is Oracle or SQL Server. He has to write his own
functions to use with other databases.

4. Code to execute MySQL commands from PHP is easy to learn and

Whenever a server side language like PHP or J2EE is used with a database,
certain interface commands have to be used to execute and capture results
of SQL queries. PHP has a rich library with easy to use commands when the
database used is MySQL. The commands are very much readable and easy to

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