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The Website of J.K Thomas, Singer Songwriter


The website of a close freind and exceptional singer Songwriter

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									My longtime friend from my hometown of Kingstree,
S.C., J.K. Thomas has his own Website.
While JK’s music has never strayed too far from the
country and bluegrass music he learned from his
parents, who were talented musicians themselves, his
music is also an eclectic mixture of influences from
Elvis, the Beatles, Mark Farner and Grand Funk, Eric
Clapton, Hank Wiliams and Hank Jr, Wilie Nelson and
most particular Neil Young and Crosby Stills and Nash.
He combines a great voice and musicianship with lyrics
about the places and people that influenced his life.

I hope you will take a minute to check out his website.
Again, the website is

You can hear samples of his original music on the
After a long career of playing at restaurants and clubs,
J.K now confines his playing to front porches and
backyards, and enjoying life at his family home in the
woods near Black River, which has been such an
important part of his life.

I think you will enjoy his songs.

Bill McIntosh

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