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					Lincoln                                                 High School
COURSE TITLE              Aerobics Dance

GRADE                     9- 12

COURSE DESCRIPTION This program combines the health and figure benefits of jogging with
(main focus)       the fun of dancing. The course is challenging for experienced
                   students and non-dancers. The classes are progressive with a new
                   routine introduced weekly.
                   The routine must demonstrate the components of fitness:
                   cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance,
                   flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, speed and power within
                   continuous rhythmic movement patterns. The choreographies are set
                   to motivating contemporary music (Latin and Caribbean rhythms,
                   hip-hop, funk, street, Jazz-Broadway and much more).

COURSE GOALS              Students will:
(5-7 overarching goals)       Identify physical activities that contribute to the improvement
                                 of specific fitness components
                              Follow the teacher’s directions throughout the aerobic
                              Develop and improve cardiovascular endurance
                              Increase flexibility, muscular endurance and strength
                              Develop basic aerobic dance patterns
                              Recognize the positive feelings that result from physical
                                 activity and participation individually and with others

UNIT THEMES/TOPICS        All the topics are developed along the year
(include approximate      Dance patterns/styles (hip-hop, salsa, jazz, tango, street, etc)
duration in weeks)        Contraindicated exercises and alternatives
                          Stretching/ flexibility techniques- muscle and range of motion
                          Phases in a cardiovascular program
                          High and low impact aerobics
                          Components of physical fitness
                          Physical fitness and wellness
                          Principles of weight control
                          Body composition assessment
                          Principle of nutrition
LEARNING TARGETS                 Identify types of music appropriate to various dance styles
Concepts & Skills: 10-15          and list their characteristics
major content learnings.         Describe the effect of the beats per minute and music volume
Measurable statements of         Understand the basic physiological principles associated with
what the students should          aerobic dance exercise
know & understand                Identify and describe risk factors associated with an exercise
(Declarative Knowledge)           program
and be able to do                Describe the benefits and the significance of participation in a
(Procedural Knowledge)            lifetime fitness and wellness program
                                 Demonstrate the correct exercises to develop different groups
                                  of muscles
                                 Perform a choreography depending on rhythms and styles
                                 Assess and interpret body composition using measurement
                                  techniques and recommend ideal weight according to body
                                  fat percentage
                                 Define, assess and interpret muscular endurance and strength
                                 Define, assess and interpret muscular flexibility as it relates
                                  to adequate fitness and preventative health care

RESOURCES                  Fitness Center, PE equipment, music, steps (platforms), dyna bands,
(key resources)            dumbbells, mats, stability balls, figure-8 resistance tubing.

                           “Fitness for all” and sound tracks vol. I & II (Corbin- Lindsey) Ed.
                           Human Kinetics

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