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									Understanding how Social Services carries out Assessments and Care
             Provision : Fair Access to Care Services.

Fair Access to Care (FACS) was introduced in April 2003 and is a requirement to
review and revise eligibility criteria for adult social services in line with a new
national framework.

Social Services Departments are unable to provide some types of support to
individuals when their needs fall below the eligibility criteria. When a social work
practitioner first sees or speaks to an individual they carry out a brief assessment
to see if the individual meets their eligibility criteria (to see if their needs require
social services input).

Where the needs are not eligible the individual will be told, wherever possible, who
can provide services, and on occasions the individual may have to pay for these

As a general guide Social Services would arrange support:

•   if the individual can’t get out of his / her bed or chair or move around without
•   if the individual find it difficult to look after him / herself because he / she can’t
    prepare meals and drinks
•   or wash properly and need help to manage these essential tasks.
•   if the individual is at substantial risk because their main carers (relatives, friends
    or neighbours who provide a lot of help) cannot continue to provide help without
•   for carers who are putting their own health and welfare at risk because of their
    caring tasks.
•   if individuals are at risk because they are suffering from severe dementia or
•   if the individual has been subjected to physical, sexual, psychological or
    financial abuse, or if there are good reasons to suspect he / she might be at risk
    of this happening.

If the individual has, or are within easy reach of, willing and able support networks (
such as relatives, friends or neighbours) or can make arrangements with voluntary
organisations, we do not regard the individual as being at risk.

We would not normally provide support for
• cleaning (other than hygienic cleaning)
• shopping
• collecting pensions
• collecting prescriptions
• ironing or other household tasks
• bathing if you can manage a shower or strip wash.
       Key Factors
       Central to an              Critical Risk                      Substantial Risk                                                              Moderate Risk                             Low Risk
        Individual’s           to Independence                       to Independence                                                              to Independence                        to Independence
   Health & Safety      Life is, or will be threatened;          Abuse or neglect has
   including freedom    and/or                                   occurred or will occur.
   from harm, abuse     significant health problems
   and neglect.         have developed or will
                        develop; and/or
                        serious abuse or neglect
                        has occurred or will occur.
   Autonomy and         There is, or will be, little or          There is, or will be, only
   freedom to make      no choice and control over               partial choice and control
   choices.             vital aspects of the                     over the immediate
                        immediate environment.                   environment.
   Ability to manage    There is, or will be, an                 There is, or will be, an                                                    There is, or will be, an              There is, or will be, an

                                                                                                     THRESHOLD OF ELIGIBILITY FOR SERVICES
   personal and other   inability to carry out vital             inability to carry out the                                                  inability to carry out                inability to carry out one or
   daily routines.      personal care or domestic                majority of personal care                                                   several personal care or              two personal care or
                        routines.                                or domestic routines.                                                       domestic routines.                    domestic routines.

   Involvement in       Vital involvement in work,               Involvement in many                                                         Involvement in several                Involvement in one or two
   family and wider     education or learning cannot             aspects of work,                                                            aspects of work,                      aspects of work, education
   community life       or will not be sustained.                education or learning                                                       education or learning                 or learning cannot or will
   including paid and   --------------------------------------   cannot or will not be                                                       cannot or will not be                 not be sustained.
   unpaid work,         Vital social support systems             sustained.                                                                  sustained.                            ------------------------------------
   learning,            and relationships cannot or              ---------------------------------                                           -----------------------------------   One or two social support
   volunteering,        will not be sustained.                   The majority of social                                                      Several social support                systems and relationships
   leisure and          --------------------------------------   support systems and                                                         systems and relationships             cannot or will not be
   hobbies.             Vital family and other social            relationships cannot or                                                     cannot or will not be                 sustained.
                        roles and responsibilities               will not be sustained.                                                      sustained.                            ------------------------------------
                        cannot or will not be                    ---------------------------------                                           ----------------------------------    One or two family and other
                        undertaken.                              The majority of family                                                      Several family and other              social roles &
                                                                 and other social roles &                                                    social roles &                        responsibilities cannot or
                                                                 responsibilities cannot or                                                  responsibilities cannot or            will not be undertaken.
                                                                 will not be undertaken.                                                     will not be undertaken.

The assessment of risk is based on maintaining an individual’s independence over time. A person is only eligible for adult social care
services where needs are identified above the threshold and they need help to meet those needs. This eligibility criteria framework is
also applicable to carers.

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