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					                         Amber Necklaces

Amber is a warm beautiful stone, not like other gemstones made of
minerals, however from fossils of resin. It has a very rich history
among different cultures and it got signifying symbols that is
marked along different ages. Some referred to amber as the tears
of god, others believed it is a place where souls can rest in, others
used amber to safeguard their children from kidnapping, some
others used it to renew love fidelity and others used amber to keep
evil spirits away. Talisman of luck, eternal life and youth,
happiness and success are among other symbols people believed
amber signifies. Amber is great in jewelry especially necklaces, the
necklace made of amber beads or amber pendant is always
holding warm feelings to the wearer and this is because of its great
warm colors and shades. Amber varies in color from black
brownish-red, orange, green, yellow and cream to white. Amber is
great in beaded necklaces, great in pendants and great in
combination with metals like antique silver, sterling silver and gold.
You will find classy and modern styles of amber necklaces,
different shapes, sizes and lengths that can suit and match your
style and personality. See our amber necklaces collection for you.


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