BOARD MEMBER NOMINATION FORM – FY 2010

                                Please complete this form and return it by email or mail to the attention of:
                                Chris Bassett
                                National Council for International Visitors
                                1420 K Street, NW, Suite 800
                                Washington, DC 20005
                                Nomination deadline: September 25, 2009

This document is available on the NCIV Website at

I. Candidate Information
       Home phone:________________________ Work phone:_______________________________________
       Home fax:__________________________ Work fax:_________________________________________
       Email address:_________________________________________________________________________

II. Summary of Qualifications
       Please attach a letter of recommendation with a concise summary of the candidate’s qualifications as they relate to the
       specific criteria listed on the following page under “NCIV Board Member Nomination Information.”

III. Candidate Résumé
         Please attach a copy of the candidate’s résumé including relevant employment, board, and volunteer experience.

IV. Time and Financial Commitment
        Is the candidate able to attend three meetings (totaling approximately 9 days) annually?
                 Yes____         No____
        Is the candidate willing to make a minimum annual financial contribution of $250 to NCIV as well as reach out to
        potential donors to secure further private funds?
                 Yes____         No____

V. Nominator Information
      Home phone:________________________Work phone:________________________________________
      Home fax:__________________________Work fax:__________________________________________
      Email address:_________________________________________________________________________

I, ____________________ do hereby nominate ___________________________ to be considered for service on the NCIV
Board of Directors. To the best of my knowledge, the above information is true and complete. I have discussed the
responsibilities of Board membership with the nominee and he/she is willing to accept these responsibilities if elected.

_________________________                 __________________________                      ________
(Signature of Nominator)                  (Printed Name of Nominator)                     (Date)

_________________________                 __________________________                      ________
(Signature of Board Officer)              (Printed Name of Board Officer)                 (Date)
NCIV Board Member Nomination Information – FY 2010

As NCIV approaches its 50th Anniversary, its Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is now seeking two
outstanding citizen diplomats to help guide the organization into its second half-century by serving on the NCIV Board of
Directors. The Nominating committee—led by Larry Chastang, former Board Chair—invites network member
organizations to nominate individuals who exemplify commitment to the ideals and advancement of citizen diplomacy.
This window for nominations is open until September 25, at which point the committee will review submissions and
recommend individuals for selection to the full Board at their Fall 2009 meeting.
The Board of Directors provides policy guidance and governance and raise private funds to strengthen and expand the
NCIV network’s impact. Their responsibilities also include: oversight of the public-private partnership between the U.S.
Department of State and the NCIV network; fiduciary responsibility for NCIV, including approval of NCIV’s annual budget;
and evaluation of NCIV’s president. Members serve for one to two three-year terms, meeting three times per year—twice in
Washington, DC, and once hosted by one of NCIV’s community member organizations, in site visits that deepen their
understanding of our diverse network.
The committee asks that members interested in nominating one of their colleagues consider the following criteria:

      Clear commitment to NCIV’s mission of promoting excellence in citizen diplomacy
      Demonstrated understanding of NCIV network member organization’s operational and programmatic activities
      Participation in network leadership at a national level (recommended)
      Experience in executive leadership of a nonprofit or for-profit organization and/or a thorough understanding of the
       responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit association board
      Willingness to make an annual financial contribution to NCIV and to help raise additional funds
The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee encourages nominations that contribute to an ethnically,
culturally, geographically diverse candidate pool, representing and strengthening the diversity of the network. For
Members joining the Board in 2010, the committee is particularly interested in candidates who have legal experience,
represent an all-volunteer CIV, and/or have advocacy and fundraising experience.
Nomination forms must be submitted and signed by an officer of an NCIV member organization. Nominations should also
include a candidate biography and resume that includes relevant employment, board, and volunteer experience. U.S.
Government employees are not eligible for nomination. Nomination forms and guidelines are available on the NCIV
website at NCIV welcomes questions and suggestions regarding the Board
nominations process; please direct these to Chris Bassett at or (toll-free) at 800-523-8101. All complete
nomination packets must be received by September 25, 2009, and can be emailed as attachments to or
physically mailed to:
Chris Bassett
National Council for International Visitors
1420 K Street NW
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005

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