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                      Growing Older with Wisdom and Grace

                              as a
                        This	five-session	workshop	explores	the	terrain	of	the	spiritual	journey	of	aging.	It	is	a	forum,	a	
                        process	and	a	community	for	those	who	want	to	age	with	greater	wisdom	and	grace.	
                        The	path	for	the	"third-half"	of	life	has	its	own	mile-markers	and	guides.	It	has	its	own	special	
                        needs	and	fruitful	gifts.	Doing	the	work	of	this	stage	of	life	requires	a	journey	to	discover	deep	
                        longings	and	motivations.	It	is	a	rich	and	holy	journey.	

                                               Articulating purpose and meaning in the aging journey
                                 Meeting the challenges of diminishment through enhanced self-understanding
                                          Attending to the needs of the self while aging in mind and body
                                                         Addressing grief, regrets, and letting go
                                                          Embracing compassion and gratitude

•	   Five	Monday	Sessions:11:00	a.m.	to	12:30	p.m.	—	September	10,	17,	24,	October	1,	8,	2012
•	   Facilitators:	Jane	Ann	Comerford	CSJ,	Phyllis	Fitzgerald	and	Maddie	Reno
•	   Location:	Passionist	Earth	and	Spirit	Center
•	   Cost:	$50	paid	in	advance;	$60	at	the	door.	Some	scholarships	are	available	upon	request.	
•	   Text:	"The	Gift	of	Years:	Growing	Older	Gracefully"	by	Joan	Chittister	
	    (20%	discount	available	at	Carmichael	Bookstores	upon	request.)
•	   For	more	information,	email	info@earthandspiritcenter.org	or	call	502.452.2749.

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