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					                 Company Grade Officers’ Council
             Quarterly Activity Report & Awards package

Base Name: Spangdahlem AB, Germany                                                              2011 Q4
 CGOC President:                   Lt Travis Rush
 CGOC Advisor:                    Col David Julazadeh                                           2011 Q3
 Webpage Address:                 __________
 Facebook page Address:           __________
 Date of Elections:               December 2011

 When do you have normal meetings?                          Third Thursday of the month @ 1130
 How many CGOs attend your regular meetings?                5-10

 CGOs             Professional          Community                       Base     Recruiting /    Social
Assigned                                                Fundraising
                  Development             Service                      Support    Retention     Activities
    #         A        P     H      A      P        H   A       $        A            A         A       P
  305         2       42     42     0       0       0   0       0         1           1         0       0

 Professional Development:
 - Mentoring session w/ Col Julazadeh, 52d FW Vice Commander
 - Education Center spoke with us regarding the GI Bill, tuition assistance and upcoming
   courses/degree programs available
 - Working on Professional Development Series sponsored by Sq/CC with additional buy in from

 Community Service/Fundraising: none

 - CGOC held two meetings at the O Lounge. Excellent attendance.
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  - Met with Col Julazadeh, new CGOC Leadership Advisor, regarding recruiting and involvement in
    wing activities
  - Welcome info provided to incoming members at Newcomers’ Orientation and during inbrief with
    Commander (PowerPoint slide w/ contact info)

  Base Support:
  - Encouraged all to participate in Thanksgiving Luncheon

  Social Activities:
  - No interest was shown in joint Ramstein/Spangdahlem Social Event

Spread the Word
  Best Practices:

  News articles, press releases, or base announcements (hyperlinks):

  Photos (hyperlinks and captions/descriptions):

  - Identify one representative/Sq to spread the CGOC message. People often avoid email messages
    but someone approaching them directly may make a difference
  - Vary meeting times in hopes of catching more people.
  - Involve the pilots in planning/events. That may give them more motivation to participate in events.

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 Fill in your base/council information
  -- Be sure to include the name of your base within the first blue section divider. It is often (mistakenly) left blank.
  -- Date of Elections is the date on which the current CGOC was elected.
  -- Provide an accurate count of CGOs assigned to your base.

 Fill in the appropriate quarter for which the report is being written.
  -- Ex: 2011 Q3 (for 3rd Quarter of 2011)

 Statistics:
  -- Legend
     -- A - Activities; Total count of activities sponsored by your CGOC for the given category
     -- P - People; Total number of CGO-attendees at all activities for the given category
     -- H - Hours; Total sum of man-hours: People*Hours (summed for each activity in the given category)
     -- $ - Money raised; Total amount collected for future CGOC activities/projects, charity donation, etc.
  -- Provide numbers only; enter 0 when no activity was accomplished in a given category.
  -- Round amount of money down to nearest whole dollar.

 Accomplishments:
  -- Only include accomplishments that occurred or culminated in this reporting period.
  -- All accomplishments should be a reflection of what CGOs did on behalf of the CGOC.
  -- Provide as many bullet-style comments (per category). Be descriptive. These detailed bullets should generally be
     longer than one line. The emphasis should be on describing the actions, results, and impacts, of your CGOC’s
  -- Community service hours may be counted when your CGOC sponsors, advertises, or executes an event to which CGOs
     dedicated time and energy. Do not include time and energy devoted by individual CGOs to events that are not
     accomplished primarily as a CGOC project (i.e. the project is the primary responsibility of another organization like
     AADD). Of course, if the CGOC recruits volunteers to fully staff the AADD following an event, this activity could be
     counted as a CGOC activity. Use your best judgment.
  -- No limit to the number of bullets in a given section

 Spread the Word:
  -- Provide details regarding best practices that may be useful to other councils. What you do, why you do it, and how it
     has helped your council are important in this section.
  -- When providing photos, please provide a description of the activity, people, etc. In your description, refer to the photo
     by the filename, so descriptions can be associated with the correct photos.

 Advisories/Comments/Questions/Suggestions/Other:
  -- Direct these notes toward your Regional and Air Force CGO Councils.
  -- Indicate special circumstances occurring at your base that limit the ability of your CGOC to be more active. This could
     include recent elections/council changeover, base inspections, deployment/ops tempo, or other events. Perhaps your
     CGOC faces some unique limitations or restrictions.

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