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					                                    Form B- CHS Dragon Cheer Team Information and Policies

   This sports program is designed to achieve many goals including the following:
   -develop cheer skills including tumbling, stunting/pyramids, & jumps
   -encourage high academic achievement
   -serve as ambassadors in the community and school
   -develop leadership skills
   -support various athletic and other program at CHS
   -promote the overall goals of CHS

   In order to achieve these goals, cheerleaders in this program must adhere to a VERY high standard and commit to
   sacrificing an incredible amount of time and energy. Cheerleading is a team sport in which all team members rely on each
   other. The lack of commitment of any member will be a detriment to the entire team. With these goals in mind, the
   expectation is that the following procedures, policies, and expectations will become habits for every member.
   Cheerleading should be a fun & rewarding experience but failure to follow these guidelines can make it an unsuccessful
   and miserable one. Because the good of the squad and the reputation of the school must always come before the
   individual desires and needs of members, you and your parents are being asked to read an initial each section so that you
   know the standard for being a cheerleader exceeds that of most other sports and activities. You will be the most visible
   representative of our school- we want to display the best. If you cannot commit to behaviors and policies that represent
   the best of CHS this is not the right sport for you. Cheerleading is a privilege you will earn daily by your commitment to
   the school, the team, and the community.

   Tryouts and Squad organization: Tryouts will resemble the tryouts of other sports. Athletes will spend a week learning
   and performing cheer skills. Proper dress is required (hair pulled back, tshirt, sports bra, shorts, tennis shoes). The team
   will be chosen by the coach based on basic elements of cheer (cheer/dance, jumps, tumbling, pyramids/stunts, and
   leadership). Evaluations will occur throughout the week and will also include submitted forms and academic and
   attendance records. See Form F for grade and attendance requirements for tryouts. The squad may include up to 20
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   These are estimates and are designed to give you insight into yearly expenses:
 UCACamp (June12-15 @ ETSU)……………………………………………………………………………..$300
Transportation to camp………………………………………………………………………………………… $??
Camp Wear………………………………………………………………………………………………………$250
Letter Jacket……………………………………………………………………………………………………..$150

*Stunt clinics, workshops, and choreography sessions may be scheduled. Fees may be required and attendance is mandatory.
   $100 camp deposit is due on Tuesday April 3rd. Failure to pay will result in dismissal.


   Fund raising is an integral part of the Cheer Squad. All members are expected to take part in all fund raising activities. All
   parents/guardians will participate equally in the support of the group so that work is evenly distributed since funds raised
   will be used for the benefit of the entire squad.
Fund Raising Specifics – There will potentially be one individual fund-raiser available beginning immediately after
tryouts to help pay for camp, camp wear, and basic items. Any balance not paid for by this fund-raiser is the responsibility
of the squad member/parent to pay by the deadline set . If a parent wishes to not participate in this fund-raiser and
instead wishes to simply pay for the camp expenses, that is acceptable. However, beginning in summer and into the fall
the parents work together to host several events in order to raise monies for competition entry fees, uniforms, banquets,
pre-game activities, supplies, clothing items, seasonal needs, equipment, etc. Because the funds are used for the benefit
of ALL the members, ALL the members and their parents are expected to participate. Any failure of a squad member to
fulfill their financial obligations in a timely manner or participate in fundraising as required will result in their dismissal from
the squad. Please note -- no merchandise will be distributed until it is paid for. Additional/traditional fund raisers for the
squad include but are not limited to, UTK Orange and White Game , Mini-cheer Camp, Cheerleader Calendar
(must be finalized by August), and 2012 UTK Football Concessions (Home Games) . These activities are planned,
organized, and conducted by the squad and their parents for the benefit of the entire squad. Dates for these
events/activities will be discussed at the parent meeting on April 3rd.

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Required Attendance: Cheerleaders are expected to be on time and attend all cheer events including but not limited to
tryouts, study hall, spring practice, summer practice, summer camp, mini-camp, conditioning, scheduled community
events, and fund raising and games. Attendance means being there throughout the entire event. None of these are
optional. Unless you are sick or have an absence pre-approved by the coach you should be present. Going to work,
competitive cheerleading, other club activities, getting a driver’s license, birthday parties, are among the things that will
most likely not be approved absences. Cheerleading is a privilege and should be a priority. If you fail to attend any
cheer event without approval you will be dismissed from this squad.

 It is difficult to combine cheerleading with other sports, afternoon jobs, or other activities. The squad depends upon each
individual’s 100% commitment and dedication to the squad. The cheerleader must talk with the coach before becoming
involved in another sport, school activity, or accepting an afternoon job. This does not mean that it is impossible to do
this. It only means that being a cheerleader is very time demanding. A squad member must be capable of fulfilling all
duties and maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Expect to be in study hall and to practice most days beginning
April 2 until we leave for camp June 12th. Practice will continue 3 days per week the last 2 weeks of June. No practice will
occur July 1-15th. Practice resumes almost daily July 16th and will continue until school begins.

Specific time requirements

1. All squad members are required to attend all squad activities, functions, practices, and games properly prepared and
   dressed .
2. When any other activity is in conflict with a squad activity, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the coach in
   advance of the date in conflict regarding the nature of the conflict. This notification should take place at the earliest
   time possible in order to be able to manage the squad activity without compromising the squad.
3. A member cannot be absent from a game/activity without being excused by the coach.
4. A member must be at school for the entire day on game day in order to participate that night unless excused by the
5. A member may not work an afternoon job or participate in another sport (school or independent) without first
   discussing the impact of that activity upon their obligation to the squad with the coach. Any school sponsored WBL
   student must have a job or an employer who understands and will work with the demanding and sometimes
   unpredictable squad’s schedule. It is not acceptable to be late to practice or miss event due to a job.
6. Through the spring and summer, a conditioning program of running, lifting weights, and aerobics will be scheduled.
7. Beginning in mid-July, practices are held at the high school or other sites that might be available. The early portion of
     the month of June should be reserved for practices and camp preparation.
8. When school starts, practices will be held after school daily. Practice may be called at other times to prepare for pep
     rallies, special games, competitions, or other activities. In most cases, 24-hour notice will be given if the schedule is
     changed, but attendance is required.
9. Competitions will require additional practices that will be determined by gym availability and other factors.
10. If a squad member has detention, in-school suspension, or out-of-school suspension on a day that a squad activity falls
     (practice, game, etc.), the member will not be allowed to participate in that activity/event but will be expected to notify
     the coach in advance. It will be at the coach’s discretion to determine the discipline that will be enforced. If a member
     is suspended from school, the member could risk being dismissed from the squad for the remainder of the school year
     depending upon the severity of the infraction.
11. Unsportsmanlike conduct by a member of the spirit squad will not be tolerated. Any member participating in any form
     or fashion of unsportsmanlike conduct will be dismissed from the squad.
12. It is the member’s responsibility to maintain 93% attendance. No one will be allowed to try-out who has not maintained
     93% attendance for the previous & current semester. Any member not maintaining 93% attendance will be dismissed
     from the squad.
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Uniforms will be issued to each squad member. The uniform is the property of the squad but becomes the squad member’s
responsibility to retain and maintain. Once issued, any damage or loss will be assessed to the individual the uniform was issued to.
Switching of uniforms is discouraged. Uniforms must be returned clean, odor free, and in good repair.
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Practices are to be given quality time and are mandatory for a quality squad. A member must exercise dedication and discipline to “stay
focused on the task at hand” during any practice. Should a squad member’s presence become detrimental to the productiveness of any
practice, that member will be asked to leave and may be dismissed. Practice is not a time to cry, complain or argue.

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Safety Rules (These rules apply to all practices and when in uniform)

       NO   jewelry of any kind. (TSSAA rule)
       NO   loose fitting clothing—shirt must tucked in.
       NO   loose hair or ‘hard’ hair barrettes. (TSSAA rule)
       NO   stunts or tumbling unless appropriately supervised.
       NO   smoking at any time while in uniform. (Will result in dismissal from squad.)
       NO   chewing gum or candy during any cheerleading activity or when in uniform.
       NO   visitors or spectators during practice.
       NO   long fingernails (must not extend beyond end of finger tips) or polish. (TSSAA rule)


A cheerleader should try at all times to display a positive attitude. It is imperative when dealing with faculty, staff, other
students, and the public, that each cheerleader works diligently at maintaining a pleasant and positive attitude.
Inappropriate conduct with members of the opposite sex is strictly prohibited. Parents/guardians will be contacted and
the cheerleader will sit out that or the next squad activity. Additional events will warrant dismissal. It should never
become necessary for a squad member to be suspended or be subjected to disciplinary action. Spirit Squad members are
school ambassadors and should be proud of that stature. Should disciplinary action occur, appropriate action will be
taken at the discretion of the coach. Faculty and Coach Evaluations are used as part of the overall score during tryouts.
Candidates should be mindful of their previous behaviors and the impact of those behaviors upon these evaluations. Any
candidate with an active (current year) disciplinary record will not be considered for the squad. Anytime a parent is
concerned about the discipline of the squad they are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the coach. However,
please be mindful of circumstances that may have led up to the disciplinary actions. When the coach has severe
concerns, they will be discussed with the squad member, a school administrator, and the coach present. Handling
discipline on the squad is the coach’s responsibility.


Demerit System: We don’t use one. I have no desire as a coach to keep a record of what you do wrong as my
  intention is for you to do exactly what you are supposed to do. Why would I expect anything else? If you are the
  kind of person who is going to be late to events, miss events, have a bad attitude, cause problems in class or in the
  community then you are pursuing the wrong sport. A coach may sit you out or dismiss you from the squad if your
  performance, behavior, or attitude does not meet the squad standard at any time. No need to keep score.
  Cheerleading is a privilege. If you realize that you behave accordingly. Demerit systems tend to become power
  struggles or threats and my desire as your coach is to love, support and encourage you. We will not be people who
  have problems, we will be people who solve them. If we have a problem that does not get solved you will be
  dismissed. People who are not problem solvers are not good representatives of CHS.



Spirit Squad members may be dismissed from the squad at the discretion of the coach for such actions deemed
inappropriate for those who have been selected as leaders of their school and representative of their school in the
community, or for actions which are deemed as destructive to the development of the squad or its integrity. Such actions
would include but would not be limited to: smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, use of drugs, inappropriate conduct
with members of the opposite sex, cheating/plagiarism on class assignments, excessive absences >3 in a 9 weeks, or
ANY public behavior that would reflect badly on the squad, the student body, or the school. Facebook and Twitter are
considered public. Members WILL risk dismissal for not following safety procedures in the performance of squad
activities. Stunting and tumbling should always be performed with appropriate supervision. The safety of the individual
and other members of the squad should be a priority. Members who do not maintain an attitude of cooperation toward
squad goals or squad members may also be dismissed if their behavior is determined to be detrimental to the squad.

To remain on the squad, a member must:

        1. Attend study hall on all required days. Study Hall will be quiet study. If you can’t study you
        will be dismissed.
        2. Have made a passing grade in all classes & maintain 93% attendance during that semester.
        Due to the time commitment required of squad members, candidates who struggle to maintain a
        minimum of a “C” in all courses will not be considered for the squad.
        3. Grades will be checked weekly and any grade below a “C” will result in being placed on
             Academic supervision.
        4.    A mid-term grade below a “C” will require uniforms be turned in until the 9 weeks grades
        are issued. A passing grade will allow uniforms to be returned. A failing grade results in
        dismissal per ACS Athletic Grade Policy.

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In conclusion, I, as your coach, will NEVER ask you to do more or commit more than I commit to this
    program. We CANNOT meet our goals if we do not commit to the policies, procedures and
    guidelines listed in this information packet and developed throughout the year for the good of the
    squad and the school. If you cannot commit to and fully adhere to these you will be dismissed from
    the squad. This is not personal, it is about making the best team we can make. If you want to be in
    this program the desire to be the best must become a habit. Success is fun and getting these things
    right will bring us lots of success!


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