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Mr. or Mrs. Investor

Venture Capital Contributed to a RRSP

All returns shown are based on the VCC tax credit, plus the enhanced return if the s
The VCC tax credit parallels the RRSP contribution period. This is a risk investment
should review The Offering Memorandum and Risk Acknowledgement form, before
VCC Products are distributed under BC securities regulation Multilateral 45-10

Purchase over $25,000 receive a 10% share Bonus. The Bonus does not increase the BC T

 **** The Green Boxes      Require data entry, use the TAB key or Mouse to move to

Marginal Tax Bracket                      31.15%     See chart bottom of page, % must be en

       Step 1                         Money Invested >            $25,000.00

                             Shares     Bonus Shs              Total Shares
                             33,333        3,333                    36,667

Profit From Price Increase >            11,666.67

       Step 2                    Mr. or Mrs. Investor             Contributes The Ne

Advantages of Contributing a "VCC" to a RRSP

Provincial Tax Credit of 30%, in the current tax filing year >

                                        RRSP Tax Reduction                      >

                               ******* Total Income Tax Refund                  >
       Step 3                 Tax
The paper profit or gain from the share price increase is taxable as a capital gain in
individual sells the investment to their RRSP.

Taxable Profit              11,666.67       50% Tax as a capital gain
                                           Tax owing in the next tax year >

Capital Returned on RRSP Money Invested

                           No VCC    7,787.50
                           With VCC 17,104.58 < Allows for tax payable in the

The advantages using a VCC vs. a regular contribution to a RRSP is

       Step 4               68.42%       < % of the original invested money re

                                      MARGINAL TAX RATES - 2007
             Combined Federal & Provincial Tax Rates for 2007 (includes surtaxes w
Marginal Rate                  @            @           @               @
Taxable Income of >          40,000       50,000      60,000          70,000
British Columbia             31.15%       31.15%      31.15%          37.70%

 hanced return if the share price increases.
 is is a risk investment. Purchasers
 gement form, before investing..

s not increase the BC Tax Credit.

y or Mouse to move to them

 om of page, % must be enter as a decimal e.g. .3115

                           $0.75          < Price

                           $1.00          < Increase

 Contributes The New VCC Value to RRSP



 e as a capital gain in the tax year that the


or tax payable in the Next Tax Year

tion to a RRSP is >                        $20,983.75

 invested money returned to investor

ATES - 2007
  (includes surtaxes where applicable)
                           @                    over
                     80,000 - 90,000          103,000
                          39.70%               43.70%

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