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					 Ohio State Fair 4-H Non-Livestock Results
Activity: Science Day
Date: Saturday, July 30, 2011
Class               Name                     County       Award
J-1                 Amella Durliat           Hancock      Clock
From Airedales      Lauryn Ruble             Erie         Outstanding
To Zebras           Sierra Bachman           Brown        Outstanding
                    Regan Wilson             Muskingum    Outstanding
                    Morgan Henschen          Auglaize     Outstanding
                    Veronica Bagley          Medina       Outstanding
                    Zoe Zuress               Guernsey     Outstanding
                    Mindy Barr               Pickaway     Outstanding
                    Sierra Scott             Clermont     Outstanding
                    Lynsey Randolph          Ashtabula    Outstanding
                    Sarah Mills              Fairfield    Outstanding
                    Josie Fornara            Coshocton    Outstanding
J-2                 Brittaney Allen          Guernsey     Clock
All Systems Go      Angelica Heggen          Greene       Outstanding
                    Izabella Timmons         Ross         Outstanding
                    Lydia Schaffer           Hancock      Outstanding
                    Joshua Recker            Sandusky     Outstanding
                    Morgan Kessler           Union        Outstanding
                    Ashley Tobe              Mercer       Outstanding
                    Natalie Pickett          Marion       Outstanding
                    Jenna Hotchkiss          Licking      Outstanding
                    Mariah Carey             Morrow       Outstanding
                    Alexandria Powers        Highland     Outstanding
J-3                 Tyler Fields             Marion       Clock
On the Cutting      Sarah Speck              Lorain       Outstanding
Edge                Jacob Norwich            Morrow       Outstanding
                    Grace Ankrom             Tuscarawas   Outstanding
                    Kate McGovern            Ashland      Outstanding
                    Sarah Kathman            Hamilton     Outstanding
                    Abigail DeWitt           Brown        Outstanding
                    Cassie Tuttle            Montgomery   Outstanding
                    Danielle Thieman         Fulton       Outstanding
                    Lisa Hoenie              Mercer       Outstanding
Overall Vet         Tyler Fields             Marion
Science Project
J-4                 Pete Siebert             Warren       Clock
Rockets Away        Nathan Purk              Ottawa       Outstanding
Estes, Junior       Jacqueline Huthison      Greene       Outstanding
                    Michael Balsman          Clark        Outstanding
                    Caleb Luthman            Mercer       Outstanding
                    Garrett Engle            Clermont     Outstanding
                    Thomas Kurek             Crawford     Outstanding
                    Michael Gillen           Fulton       Outstanding
                  Joshua Mack        Union        Outstanding
J-5               Aaron Benson       Fairfield    Clock
Self Determined   AJ Greenslade      Fayette      Outstanding
Rocketry Senior   Evan Bell          Allen        Outstanding
                  William Lentz      Montgomery   Outstanding
                  Alex Lamberjack    Wyandot      Outstanding
J-6               David Baden        Henry        Clock
Science Fun       Cassy Edwards      Guernsey     Outstanding
With Flight, Jr   Quinton Waits      Fayette      Outstanding
                  Rachel Brooks      Meigs        Outstanding
J-7               Jared Gandelot     Morrow       Clock
Self Determined
Airplanes, Sr
J-8               Kylee Torok        Jefferson    Clock
Rockets Away      Jessica Townsend   Butler       Outstanding
Bottle Rockets    Clara Walton       Montgomery   Outstanding
Junior            Hannah Sponaugle   Wood         Outstanding
                  Gavin Posey        Licking      Outstanding
                  Brad Giere         Mercer       Outstanding
                  Josh Sommers       Ashtabula    Outstanding
                  Jaret Mowrey       Hancock      Outstanding
J-9 Aerospace     Aaron Benson       Fairfield    Clock
Qualifier         AJ Greenslade      Fayette      Outstanding
J-10 Robotics     Caleb Atlee        Marion       Clock
Explorer Lego     Perry Antalek      Summit       Outstanding
RCX               James Popple       Hancock      Outstanding
J-11 Robotics     TJ Rataiczak       Noble        Clock
Probe Lego RCX
J-12              Nicholas Sweeney   Fairfield    Clock
Robotics 1:       Evan Hannon        Guernsey     Outstanding
NeXT              Noah Allen         Hardin       Outstanding
Technology        Samuel Baird       Holmes       Outstanding
                  Madison Pugh       Van Wert     Outstanding
                  Wayne Campbell     Hancock      Outstanding
                  Robert Nemec       Delaware     Outstanding
                  Jacob Amstutz      Ottawa       Outstanding
                  Kaleb Schwart      Perry        Outstanding
J-13              Wesley Atlee       Marion       Clock
Canine            Caleb Atlee        Marion       Clock
Companion         Wayne Campbell     Hancock      Outstanding
Challenge         Laura Campbell     Hancock      Outstanding

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