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									                                                                                                                                July, August, September 2006
                                                                                                                                           COBA Newsletter
                                                                                                                                            Volume V Issue 3

“ P A T R O L L I N G                 T H E           T O U G H E S T                    P R E C I N C T S                     I N      N E W            Y O R K ”

 90 Year-Old Retired Correction Officer Returns to
  Rikers for a Street Signing Ceremony, Honoring
               New York City’s Boldest

Pictured above: Joe Lasala, who retired from the Department of Correction in 1978, presides over the August 9th street signing ceremony, renaming
Hazen Street, “The Boldest Way”. He was joined by COBA President Norman Seabrook, the COBA Executive Board, Commissioner Martin Horn,
City Council Members Peter Vallone Jr. and Hiram Monserrate and State Senator George Ornato.

President’s Message             p.2    Line-of-Duty Injury                    p.5   Monroe College Bachelor Program at          COBA’s 10th Annual Golf Outing   p.9
                                      Settlement Update                             DOC Academy                        p. 6
Legislative Update              p.3                                                                                             Pictures from Rye Playland       p.10
                                      Upcoming COBA Events--                  p.5   COBA Health Corner                 p.7-8
9-11 and Your Health            p.4   2006 COBA Awards Dinner Dance
                                      Benefiting the Widows’ and Children’s         COBA Executive Board Attends
Killer of NYC CO Sentenced to         Fund                                          Funeral for Slain Maryland State
20 Years to Life                p.4                                                 Correction Officer                 p.8
President’s Message
Dear Brother and Sister Officers:

The Executive Board and I enjoyed seeing many of you and your family members at our recent family
day outing at Rye Playland. The day was a complete success, with the re-uniting of old friends and
fellow officers, and the bonding between families.

Highlighted below, are several important topics that I would like to briefly bring to your attention.
Each of these topics is discussed in greater detail in this edition of COBA News.

9/11 and Your Health
As you know, we recently sent you a letter informing you of new policies and procedures put in place
by the City and State of New York, regarding the after-effects of 9-11 and your health. We hope that
you will take advantage of it, document it, and pursue it, if necessary. The COBA will continue to
keep you apprised of the relevant resources available to you and your families.

Legislative Update
I’m pleased to inform you that Governor George E. Pataki has signed into law, several pieces of
important legislation, which addresses some of the issues that concern the members of this organization
who took part in the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero. In addition to lobbying for this
legislation, we have also called on the City Council to allocate the necessary funding to assist the first
responders in getting access to better health care.

Golf Outing Raises Nearly $60,000 for the COBA Scholarship Fund!!
On August 28th, the COBA held our 10th Annual Golf Outing at the Inwood Country Club. Thanks to
the generosity of many supporters, we successfully raised nearly $60,000 on behalf of the scholarship
fund. On behalf of the entire COBA, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who came out in
support of this worthy cause.

November 7th is Election Day
In closing, the Executive Board and I would like to remind you that Election Day is November 7th. If
you have not yet registered to vote, it is imperative that you do, so your voice can be heard!
Remember, you CAN make a difference! We will be informing you of the COBA’s endorsements in the
races for Governor and Attorney General shortly.

May God continue to bless you.


Norman Seabrook

                                              COBA LEGISLATIVE UPDATE

                                 By: William Kwasnicki
                                 COBA Legislative Chairman

On August 14, 2006, Governor George E. Pataki signed into law several
important pieces of legislation that the COBA lobbied for, pertaining to
Correction Officers who participated in the rescue and recovery efforts at
Ground Zero. A brief overview of each new law is outlined below:

• Legislation (S.8348): Alters the 2-year deadline for certain claims by
  directing the Workers’ Compensation Board to apply the standards of                  Pictured above far right, COBA President Norman Seabrook attends the 9-11 bill
  “Occupational Diseases” for claimants who have developed illnesses over              signing ceremony at Ground Zero.
  time as a result of their services during the rescue, recovery and clean-up
  operations following the September 11th attacks. There is no statute of               the federal government to provide benefits to volunteers to pay for medical
  limitations for claims submitted by individuals who volunteered at the                treatment during the period in which a claimant’s workers’ compensation
  various rescue and recovery WTC sites.                                                case is being controverted by the insurer.

Under the current Workers’ Compensation Law, a worker who is injured on                You can view the complete text of this legislation by entering the
the job as the result of a specific, identifiable workplace incident must file a       following bill numbers: S.8348, A.11255-A, and A.10731-A, in the New
workers’ compensation claim within 2 years of the date of the accident.                York State Assembly website address at http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/
Workers’ who develop illnesses as a result of exposure to harmful elements
directly related to their employment are classified as having sustained an
occupational illness. The deadline for “Occupational Disease” cases extends
to 2 years from the time in which the claimant knew or should have known
that the condition is related to his or her employment.
                                                                                       COBA Calls on New York City Council to
• Legislation (A.11255-A): Permits the families of eligible public employees
  who participated in the rescue, recovery and cleanup efforts and who die
                                                                                        Introduce Legislation to Help Municipal
  of a disease covered by the presumptions law the Governor signed last year           Workers Involved in the 9-11 Rescue and
  to apply for accidental death benefits.
                                                                                            Recovery Efforts at Ground Zero
• Legislation (A.10731-A) Eliminates the statute of limitations to permit
  those involved in the World Trade Center rescue, recovery and cleanup                                                       On September 14, 2006, COBA
  operations who retired and later became disabled from illnesses related to                                                  President Norman Seabrook and
  their service, to have their retirement status re-categorized as accidental                                                 Legislative Chairman William
  disability. This re-classification would provide line-of-duty _ benefits                                                    Kwasnicki, along with leaders of other
  provided they file a sworn affidavit of their participation in the WTC                                                      uniformed municipal unions, testified
  operations by June 14, 2007. Additionally, this legislation calls on                                                        before the City Council’s Committee
  workers’ compensation insurers and self insured employers to exercise an                                                    on Civil Service and Labor, and asked
  option created and enacted as part of Governor Pataki’s 1996 Workers’                President Norman Seabrook and          the City Council to provide funding
  Compensation reforms, which enabled insurers to expeditiously pay for                Legislative Chairman William           to assist 9-11 first responders in
                                                                                       Kwasnicki testifying before the City
  medical treatment without prejudicing their right to further litigate a              Council’s Commitee on Civil Service    getting access to better medical care.
  claim or admitting liability to the claim. This legislation also directs the         and Labor
  Workers’ Compensation Board to expand the use of the MD-1 program                                                       “In the aftermath of September 11,
  created in 2002. The program utilizes Orders of the Chair to address                 2001, there was no blueprint to turn to and no polices or procedures in
  insurers’ failure to act in a timely fashion as required by law. The measure         place to direct us on what to do next,” said COBA President Norman
  will ensure swifter access to medical care for claimants who have not                Seabrook, in his testimony before the City Council.
  received authorization for non-emergency health care procedures, such as
  MRI’s and surgery. Insurers are expected to provide authorizations or                “Knowing that a first responder gave his or her life to save someone else’s
  denials within 30 days of a request for medical treatment. This provision            life, you can understand. But watching someone who participated in the
  will direct the Chair to authorize procedures when a claimant is left to             Ground Zero recovery efforts, dying right before your eyes, you cannot
  languish for more than 30 days without a response from the insurer. This             understand, especially knowing that there are medical resources available
  legislation also provides immediate relief for workers injured at Ground             to prevent this. All that is simply needed is allocating the necessary funds
  Zero or related activities by using a portion of the $50 million grant from          to help these individuals care for their 9-11 heath-related problems.”

                                                 9-11 AND YOUR HEALTH
                                                                                    • Federal funding has enabled Mt. Sinai to provide all WTC participants
                                                                                      with medical screenings with no out-of-pocket-expense to the patient.
                                                                                      Insurance or Workers Compensation may be billed where appropriate.
                                                                                      Hospitalization is not currently covered.

                                                                                    • For more information, to register, or to update your records with Mount
                                                                                      Sinai, call the toll free WTC Medical Monitoring Program Hotline at
                                                                                      1-888-702-0630 or visit their website at www.wtcexams.org

                                                                                    The City of New York’s WTC
                                                                                    Environmental Health Center at Bellevue
                                                                                    • On September 5, 2006, the City of New York announced that The
                                                                                      Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) will establish the WTC
A recent study released by the Mount Sinai Medical Center, which has                  Environmental Health Center at Bellevue Hospital/NYU to expand
provided medical screenings for first responders who worked at Ground                 comprehensive medical and mental health screening, evaluation and
Zero following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, has found that            treatment services to a broader range of individuals with suspected World
70% of World Trade Center responders had a new or worsened respiratory                Trade Center-related health problems particularly residents, uninsured
symptom that developed during or after their time working at Ground Zero.             individuals, undocumented immigrants, and all others in need of care
Additionally, the study showed that severe respiratory conditions including           who are not currently receiving services.
pneumonia were significantly more common in the six months after 9-11
than in six months prior to 9-11.                                                   • The Health Center’s services will include a complete physical examination
                                                                                      with focus on specific tests associated with common WTC-associated
The COBA has continuously given you updated information regarding the                 symptoms, a formalized WTC-related disease clinical diagnosis and
relevant resources available to you and we will continue to do so.                    medical and mental health treatment. To ensure the broadest possible
Accordingly, we are informing you of new policies and procedures that have            coverage, the new Center will serve any individuals who were exposed to
been recently put in place by the City and State of New York in regards to            WTC dust or fumes, including residents of Manhattan or Brooklyn,
the after-effects of 9-11 and your health. We hope that you take advantage            office workers, City employees and volunteers, and individuals involved
of the information provided below:                                                    in debris removal and clean-up. The Center is scheduled to open in
                                                                                      January 2007.

The World Trade Center Medical                                                      Lawsuits Which Are Being Pursued
Monitoring Program at Mount Sinai                                                   By Some First Responders
                                                                                    • COBA’s attorneys at Koehler & Isaacs LLP will give you an update on
                                                                                      lawsuits they are aware of which have been undertaken by other
• The World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program is designed to
                                                                                      emergency workers who worked at the various 9/11 sites during or
  monitor your health whether or not you are currently experiencing any
                                                                                      immediately after the terrorist attacks. To receive an update on these
  symptoms. Even if you are not sick now, these examinations can serve to
                                                                                      lawsuits, email Michael Skelly at mskelly@koehler-isaacs.com
  provide early detection for illnesses that might develop in the future.

On September 12, 2006, the cold blooded killer of New York City                     “Officer Barker never had a chance to defend himself,” said Norman
Correction Officer Scott Barker, was sentenced to prison for twenty years to        Seabrook, president of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association.
life by Bronx State Supreme Court Judge Caesar Cirigliano.                          “He will be remembered forever as one of the very best of New York’s
Officer Scott Barker, who was assigned to the Wards Island Annex to the
Rose M. Singer Center, was savagely slashed in the throat on February 23,           “On behalf of the men and women of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent
1990, while off duty in the Bronx. He was twenty-six years old. Detectives          Association, I commend the detectives from the Bronx Homicide Task Force
from the Bronx Homicide Task force, re-investigated what was then a “cold           and the prosecutors from the Bronx District Attorney’s office. We are truly
case” in 1998, after witnesses from the night of the attack came forward with       grateful for their relentless efforts to track down and convict this callous
key information. Prosecutors from the Bronx District Attorney’s office were         thug. Justice has been served.”
able to secure the indictment of the assailant, Robert Nazario, in 2001.

                       WHAT COBA MEMBERS NEED TO KNOW
                               By: Joey Bracco                                    consent form employees will be required to sign and return to the City in
                               COBA 2nd Vice President                            order to collect their refund. This consent form must be returned within
                                                                                  sixty (60) days from the date of the letter or that individual will be
                                The COBA has been informed that the               precluded from obtaining a refund. The deadline date will be printed in
                                City of New York has reached a settlement         the letter. Thus time will be of the essence. We urge all Correction Officers
                                with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)           who believe that they may be eligible for a refund and whose address has
                                involving FICA (i.e. Social Security &            changed to update their information.
                                Medicare) tax refunds to both the City and
                                eligible uniformed members of the City’s          OPA has obtained mailing addresses from the City’s Payroll Management
                                Correction Department. The years covered          System as well as other sources. If you believe that your address must be
                                by this settlement are 1989 through 2005.         changed complete the Change of Employee Address for LoDI FICA
Eligible uniformed members of the Department who were on authorized               Refund Claim form. The form can be sent to:
Line of Duty Injury (LoDI) leave at some point during the years 1989
through 2005 will likely be eligible for a refund of the FICA taxes paid on       The City of New York Office of Payroll Administration
LoDI payments received for a period of six months or less.                        FICA Refund Claim Unit
                                                                                  One Centre Street Room 200N
Please note that Line of Duty Injury payments received for a period of            New York, NY 10007
greater than six months have previously been deemed to be tax exempt
under a separate statutory provision and thus are not part of this refund.        It can be faxed to 212-669-3377

In order to collect a refund in connection with this settlement, eligible         Contact Information:
uniformed members must submit a signed consent form to the City                   To find answers to frequently asked questions concerning the Line of
allowing the City to collect the refund on the employees’ behalf. Once the        Duty Injury Refund Claim, go to the following website address:
IRS refunds the monies to the City, the City will then remit the money to
the eligible employees. In the absence of a signed consent form from an           http://www.nyc.gov/html/opa/html/faqs/lodi_faq.shtml
employee, that employee will not be able to participate in this settlement.
Moreover, that employee may be forever barred from collecting a refund            For inquiries regarding the FICA Refund Claim you can use any of the
of these amounts since his/her time for filing an individual refund claim         following options.
will likely have expired.
                                                                                  By mail:
The Office of Payroll Administration (OPA) is in the process of gathering         The City of New York Office of Payroll Administration
the data it needs to reach out to every affected employee. OPA anticipates        FICA Refund Claim Unit
that letters explaining the refund process and the years for which that           One Centre Street Room 200N
employee may be entitled to a FICA refund will be mailed out to each              New York, NY 10007
employee by the end of the year. Enclosed with this letter will be the            Telephone: (212) 669-2333

                   2006 COBA AWARDS RECIPIENTS
                                                                                              President’s Award
                                                                                              To be Announced

                                                       Chief of the Year                                      Captain of the Year
                                                       Carolyn Thomas - Chief of Department                   Christine Lewis - GMDC

                                                       Warden of the Year                                     Dedication and Commitment Award
                                                       Frank Squillante - GRVC                                George Okada – Warden - CJB

                                                       Deputy Warden of the Year                              Civilian of the Year
                                                       Cyril Dolly – EMTC                                     Rabbi Boruch Leibowitz – OBCC

                                                       Assistant Deputy Warden of the Year                    Special Recognition Award
                                                       Eliseo Perez – TD                                      Mark Cranston - Deputy Chief of Staff
                                                                                                              Scott Wilson – OBCC - Captain
                                                                                                              James Baker – GMDC - ADW
                                                                                                              DOC K-9 Unit

                             THE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE PROGRAM
                               WILL BE TAUGHT AT THE DOC ACADEMY
                                                                                    Does the Cohort Program accept prior college credits?

                                                                                    Going into the Cohort Program, Cohort students that are graduates of the
                                                                                    DOC Academy may be eligible for up to 21 credits. In addition, Cohort
                                                                                    students on an individual basis may be entitled to credits transferred from
                                                                                    other colleges, and equivalent college credits for Military Occupational
                                                                                    Specialty (MOS) training, DOC Academy Pre-Promotional training,
                                                                                    State and Federal Government Homeland and Safety & Security training,
                                                                                    and prior work experience.

                                                                                    What is the maximum number of prior college or equivalent
                                                                                    college credits that Monroe will allow?

                                                                                    The maximum number of allowable college or equivalent credits is 90
                                                                                    credits. Allowable credits are evaluated on a student-by-student basis using
                                                                                    official transcripts from other colleges attended, DOC Academy
                                                                                    transcripts, and other Cohort student provided information that will be
                                                                                    required by Monroe Admissions to determine allowable credits.
Staff members from Monroe College at COBA’s Annual Rye Playland Family Outing
                                                                                    Are Cohort Program students entitled to the Monroe Law
                                                                                    Enforcement Officers Grant?
The Monroe College School of Criminal Justice and the staff of the Dept.
of Corrections Academy collaborated on the development of a Criminal                The Law Enforcement Officers Grant is available to all active, retired, and
Justice Bachelor of Science Cohort Program that will be taught by                   disabled uniform member of the DOC, as well as civilian DOC employed
Monroe’s faculty at the Academy’s Middle Village location. The                      personnel. The grant is awarded automatically based on proof of DOC
development of the fully accredited Cohort Program resulted from the                employment and is granted at the rate of $375 per semester for Cohort
need to provide convenient access to college courses with a program that            Program students studying part-time (six credits per semester); a tuition
would be sensitive to the various tours of duty that Correction Officers            savings of $1,125 over a three semester year.
work throughout the year. The Cohort Program brings the College to the
Officers at a convenient location that is familiar to each Officer, and             Can Cohort Program students enroll in Distance Learning
provides for tour of duty changes that frequently occur.                            courses to “fast track” acquiring the Degree?

What is a Cohort Program?                                                           Cohort students have the opportunity and are encouraged to take
                                                                                    Distance Learning (DL) classes coincident with the Cohort Program
A Cohort Program is an educational program that’s specifically designed             courses to help accelerate acquiring the CJ Bachelor of Science Degree.
to meet the specific needs of a target group of students that have                  Cohort students that are enrolled in a minimum of two DL courses that
something in common with each other. In this instance, the Cohort                   are taken coincident with the two Cohort Program courses given per
Program is designed to meet the needs of the Officers to have college               semester are entitled to a Law Enforcement Officers Grant of $750 per
courses taught in a convenient location while allowing them to work their           semester for full-time students (twelve or more credits per semester); a
assigned tours of duty and not miss any classes.                                    tuition savings of $2,250 over a three semester year.

How does the Cohort Program help with changes in tours of duty?                     When does the Cohort Program start?
The Cohort Program is structured so that two (2) three-credit classes will
be given during the week. The classes will be given on Tuesdays and                 The DOC Cohort Program is scheduled to start the first week in January
Thursdays of each week; a three-hour class will be given in the morning             2007 and registration is currently underway.
from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and then repeated in the evening of the same
day from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Cohort students will have the option to                How do I apply to become a Cohort program student?
attend either session depending on their assigned tours of duty.
                                                                                    To apply to the DOC Cohort Program, please contact Martin Cintron,
What number of credits must a Cohort student complete to                            Director, Distance Learning Admissions at 718-933-6700, or
be eligible for a CJ Bachelor of Science Degree?                                    mcintron@monroecollege.edu. You can also apply directly via Monroe’s
                                                                                    online application at http://www.monroecollege.edu. Monroe College
A Cohort student must successfully complete 120 credits (40 classes; each           application folders can also be picked up at the DOC Academy from the
class is three credits) to be eligible for the degree.                              office of the Academy Academic Director.

                                                COBA HEALTH CORNER
                                 Can Martial Arts Improve Your                    COBA News: Why is karate and practicing martial arts, a
                                 Health? Two DOC Masters Say                      healthy form of exercise for Correction Officers? Why
                                 “Yes!”                                           should they learn self-defense techniques?

                                 Recently, COBA News interviewed two              Master Chuy: Ever since I was a kid I believed in rigorous exercise.
                                 instructors from the Correction                  That’s why I got into martial arts. For a CO especially, when you work
                                 Academy, Correction Officer Tony Chuy            inside the jails, sometimes you have to face violent inmates and it’s good
                                 and Correction Officer Ron Cook, who             to know a few types of self-defense techniques. Also, statistics show that
                                 teach physical training and self-defense         a Correction Officer’s job is very stressful. Every day, we face different
                                 courses. Outside of their duties at the          types of threats, resulting in increased stress levels. That’s why it’s good
                                 academy, they teach traditional Chinese          to work out and to keep yourself healthy over a long period of time. It
  Master Tony Chuy               and Japanese martial arts at their               is very important to keep yourself physically fit. And that’s the reason
                                 respective martial arts schools. In the          why
interviews below, Officers Chuy and Cook share their insights on the              I encourage every officer to learn some form of self-defense.
benefits of practicing martial arts as a means of improving one’s health
and physical fitness.                                                             COBA News: Do these classes and self-defense techniques that you
                                                                                  teach at the Praying Mantis school, prepare your students to reach their
Master Tony Chuy, a seventeen-year veteran of the Department of                   optimal fitness level?
Correction, began his martial arts training at the age of 14 in Hong
Kong, where he studied under Grandmaster Lam Hay who taught                       Master Chuy: Yes. Everybody over here, some of them have no
Northern Eagle Claw and Choy Lee Fut styles. He later studied the                 background in martial arts at all, some of them have very little
Praying Mantis system and became a disciple of that system. In 1982,              background, some of them have learned from another style of martial
Master Chuy established the Praying Mantis Art Institute in New York              arts. I take everybody. As long as they are willing to learn, I’m willing
City, where he currently teaches traditional style Chinese Gung-Fu,               to teach them.
which has been around for hundreds of years.
                                                                                  COBA News: What’s the process for enrolling in your
COBA News: Master Chuy, please tell us about the Praying
Mantis school.                                                                    Master Chuy: People can enroll at the beginning of each month, when
                                                                                  we start a new class. I have to interview each person who walks in.
Master Chuy: I’ve been teaching martial arts for twenty-five years now.           They have to fill out an application form. I want to ask them why they
We teach fifteen classes a week. Each class runs for approximately 45             want to learn martial arts. I want to make sure the person doesn’t want
minutes to one hour. Usually the classes begin at 5:30, 6:45, and 8:00            to learn martial arts for the wrong reason.
in the evening, Monday through Thursday and on Saturday. There are
about ten students in each class. Most students come three days a week            COBA News: Do you teach children and if so, how could
for two months at a time. Each student gets an introductory class,                they benefit from participating in martial arts?
where their skill levels are assessed. We teach all skill levels including,
beginner, basic, intermediate, advanced, and instructor/expert levels.            Master Chuy: I only teach children ages twelve and older and they can
We have a ranking system, not a belt system. In order to move up in               receive the same physical benefits that adults can.
rank, each student must pass both a physical and a written test.
                                                                                  For more information about the Praying Mantis Martial Arts Institute
COBA News: Why do most people sign up for martial arts                            Inc, call 212-889-9030.
classes at your school?
                                                                                  Praying Mantis is located at 12 East 32nd Street, 6th Floor
Master Chuy: They are looking to improve their physical fitness. And              New York, New York 10016.
most of them really want to learn some type of self-defense so they can
                                                                                  Website address: www.NorthernMantis.com
defend himself or herself.

                              COBA HEALTH CORNER CONTINUED
                                  Master Ronald Cook is a 4th degree              tell my students in class is that they have to be more conscientious about
                                  black belt in the Ronin Shotokan Karate-        their health, especially Correction Officers, because of the stressful
                                  Do Association founded by the late              environments that they work in. I know a lot of officers that aren’t
                                  Master Thomas LaPuppet. He also holds           eating correctly, they aren’t exercising, and they aren’t even going to their
                                  a 6th degree blackbelt from the New             doctors regularly. So they don’t know what’s going on with their bodies.
                                  Breed Martial Arts Association and is the
                                  head instructor of Zanshin Dojo which           COBA News: If you could communicate a message to
                                  is located in Flushing Meadows, Corona          Correction Officers about their health what would you tell
                                  Park in Queens N.Y.
                                  COBA News: Master Cook,                         Master Cook: I would say, eat right, drink lots of water, and get a lot of
                                  please tell us about your martial               strenuous exercise.
Master Ronald Cook                arts school.
                                                                                  COBA News: Why are the karate classes you teach, good
Master Cook: At Zanshin Dojo, we teach adults, both beginners and                 forms of exercise for Correction Officers and their children?
advanced, as well as children ages seven and up. Kids and adults are in
the same class, and the class size can range from approximately five to           Master Cook: Because karate covers everything from improving your
fifteen students. Classes are divided by rank, not by age. There are ten          agility to improving your cardio fitness and everything that has to do
ranks going up to the blackbelt level. There are three classes that meet          with coordination. There are so many benefits from learning karate and
each week all year round.                                                         if you’re a competitive person, you can go on to compete in tournaments
                                                                                  as well.
COBA News: Why should Correction Officers and their
children enroll in your classes? What’s the benefit for them?                     COBA News: How can one enroll in your school?
Master Cook: Children can benefit from these classes by learning                  Master Cook:
discipline, improving their self-confidence and their self-esteem. But
their parents need to participate also. At my school, something I always          Just call 718-595-0335 and we’ll send you an application to enroll.

    MARYLAND TRAGEDY SERVES AS A                                                    A MESSAGE FROM THE FAMILY OF
                                                                                       THE LATE LAMONT ROSS

                                                                                  Correction Officer Lamont Ross
Maryland State CO David McGuinn
                                                                                  “We extend our heartfelt thanks to COBA President Norman Seabrook,
On August 3, 2006, the COBA Executive Board, along with thousands of              the entire COBA Executive Board, and COBA Chaplain Elder Harrison
Correction Officers and representatives of law enforcement agencies from          Stukes, for your outpouring of love and continued support during the
around the country, attended funeral services for Maryland State                  untimely death of our loved one, Lamont L. Ross. Your prayers, visits,
Correction Officer David McGuinn, who was brutally stabbed to death               calls and acts of kindness will always be remembered. You are really a
by an inmate at the Maryland House of Correction. He was 41 years old.            blessing and may God forever bless each of you.”

This tragedy serves as an important reminder for all Correction Officers          ---Retired Correction Officer Alfreda Ross and Family
to wear their protective vests at all times.

  COBA’S 10TH ANNUAL GOLF                                                                 AFRICAN-AMERICAN
   OUTING RAISES NEARLY                                                                      DAY PARADE
    $60,000 FOR THE COBA
The sun was shining down on the fairways of the Inwood Country Club
on August 28, 2006, providing the perfect day for COBA’s 10th Annual
Golf Classic. Over 160 golfers, including many brother and sisters from
labor unions throughout the State of New York, attended the tournament
which raised approximately $60,000 on behalf of the COBA Scholarship
Fund. Retired Correction Officers Arthur Freunscht, Alaric Krigger, and                     Above middle: COBA Corresponding Secretary Al Blake
Joseph Garofola won the top three raffle prizes.

Since its creation in 1996, the COBA Scholarship Fund has awarded over
$240,000 in scholarships (the most awarded in the history of the COBA).
As in previous years, Correction Officers who are attending college will be
eligible for the scholarships, as well as Correction Officers’ children. The
scholarships will be awarded to children from age 4 through age 18,
(through 23 for those attending college). No age limit will be applied to
Correction Officers who are also college students, although proof of
current college attendance will be required of all those over 18 years of age
who apply.

                                                                                                                                          Photos by: Ralph E. Smith

                                                                                    WEST INDIAN DAY PARADE
       Pictured above: COBA Retiree Consultant Vinny Coppola and family

                                               Pictured left to right, DC 9         Pictured above from left to right, COBA 2nd Vice President Joey Bracco,
                                               Seceretary Treasurer/Business         President Norman Seabrook, and Financial Secretary Chandra Lasonde
                                             Manager Joe Ramaglia with COBA
                                                 attorney Richard Koehler

         Pictured above far right, COBA Sergeant-at-Arms Steve Robinson

                                                                                                                                          Photos by: Ralph E. Smith


                    Photos by: Ralph E. Smith

                                                          Discount Mortgages
                                                      For COBA Members and their families
                    • No Application Fee • No Commitment Fee• No Processing Fee • No Document Prep Fee
                    • Reduced Attorney Fee • No Courier Fee • Reduced Title Charges • No Underwriting Fee

                                                   We have all the following programs available:
                                     • FHA/VA, SONYMA, FannieMae, FreddieMac - Direct Lender
                                     • Refinances, Second Mortgages and Equity Lines
                                     • Second Home, Investment Properties and Relocation Mortgages
                                     • No Income Verification and No Income / No Asset Verification
                                     • Zero point loans available on most programs
                                     • Officer Next Door Program

                                                      First West Mortgage Bankers, Ltd.
                                            Contact: Richard Tschernia, Executive Vice-President
                               1-800-462-8178 • www.1stwmortgage.com
                                                                                                 Below are just a few of some of their more recent cases:

                                                                                                 • $14.5 million settlement for the families of two clients killed
                                                                                                   in an auto accident.

               KOEHLER & ISAACS LLP                                                              • $8 million settlement on behalf of the family of a client killed
                                                                                                   in an auto accident.
                               ATTORNEYS AT LAW
                                                                                                 • $5.5 million verdict for the family of a client who died in a
               61 BROADWAY, 25TH FLOOR                                                             motor vehicle accident.
              NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10006
           (917) 551-1300 • www.koehler-isaacs.com                                               • $4 million settlement for an individual injured as a result of
                                                                                                   medical malpractice.
                                                                                                 • $3.75 million settlement on behalf of a client who was
      FAMILY MEMBER HAVE BEEN                                                                      seriously injured.
  Have you or a member of your family been recently injured at work, or in an automobile,        • $3 million settlement with a structure worth in excess of
subway, or bus accident? Have you been injured due to medical malpractice or negligence
                               on the part of a hospital?
                                                                                                 • $10 million on behalf of the family of a Correction Officer,
If you or a family member are injured in an accident and require immediate legal                   who died as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
representation, call the law firm of Koehler & Isaacs LLP at 917-551-1300 and
you will be put immediately in contact with attorneys working with the firm who                  • $1.5 million settlement in a medical malpractice case where a
will be ready to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no charge
unless you win your case or the case is settled by the firm.                                       woman died after giving birth to a child.

The attorneys who will handle your case have a proven track record of securing                   • $1 million settlement on behalf of the family of a client, who
substantial monetary settlements and/or verdicts on behalf of their clients and
                                                                                                   died as a result of medical malpractice.
their families.

Contribute to the COBA Widows and Children’s Fund by buying as many 2006 COBA Cards as you can. All
proceeds from the sale are earmarked for the COBA Widows and Children’s Fund. The cost is $1 per card. Orders
should include additional funds to cover postage: 37 cents for one to three cards, 78 cents for four to ten cards and
$1.56 for eleven to twenty cards.
                                                                            CORRECTION OFFICERS’ BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION, INC.

Make checks payable to                                                         “Patrolling the Toughest Precincts in New York”

COBA Widows and Children’s Fund
335 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013 (212) 274–8000.

Please complete coupon below:                                            Protecting You While
                                                                         The Sun Rises & Sets
                                                                                                                       Norman Seabrook

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         State: _____________ Zip: ____________                     Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association
         What do you want on card?: ______                          Contact Elizabeth Castro (212) 274-8000

                  COBA                                                                                          Presorted Standard
                  335 Broadway, 5th Floor
                  New York, NY 10013
                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
                  “Patrolling The Toughest Precincts In New York”                                                     PAID
                                                                                                                  NEW YORK, NY
                                                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 2418

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