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   Eva Bochová, Kvarta
      Start of Advent Season
• Advent begins on the 1st Sunday of Advent, a Sunday between
  27th November and 3rd December. End of the Advent is Christmas
  Eve sunset.
• We call Sundays iron, bronze, silver and gold.
• Before the start of Advent, people in the Czech Republic make
  Advent wreath with four candles. Every Sunday they light one
  candle. And on Christmas Eve they usually light all.
• Children have usually Advent calendar with 24 patches, there they
  have some sweets or chocolate. They use the calendar to count
  down days of Advent to Christmas Day.


                                           Advent wreath
                 Advent calendars
 What‘s happening in Advent
• Advent isn’t just about this. It is season when people prepare to
• They decorate their home, buy presents for their families and
  friends and bake cookies and Christmas cake, decorate Christmas
  tree and send Christmas cards.
• Between start of Advent and Christmas people in the Czech
  Republic celebrate other days like St. Barbara’s Day or St.
  Nicholas’s Day.


     Christmas cookies                     Christmas cake (Vánočka)
    St. Barbara’s Day and St.
          Nicholas’s Day
• St. Barbara’s Day is on 4th December. Children put their socks on
  bed or window and in the morning they find there some sweets,
  chocolate, fruit or other gifts. If children were tiresome, they find
  potatoes or coal in socks.
• St. Nicholas’s Day is on 5th December. Some people dress up like
  Nicholas, angel and devil. Then they go to families. Children must
  sing some song or say some poem. Than they get some gifts.
  Gifts are usually same like on St. Barbara’s Day.

                        Socks           Nicholas, angel
                                        and devil
                 Christmas day
• On Christmas day (24th December) we observe the customs.
  When we don‘t eat all day it is said that we will see a gold pig. In
  every family there is the same food for dinner, fish or pea sup,
  potato salad and carp. Under plates we put scales from carp or
  money, that means that next year we will not be poor. After
  dinner we go to Christmas tree and there are presents from
  Ježíšek (little Jesus). At midnight some people are going to
• On 26th and 27th December we usually visit grandparents, other
  family members or friends.

                                  Gold pig

                                        Christmas tree
               New Year's Eve
• 31st December we celebrate New Year's Eve (Silvestr). Some
  people stay at home and invite friends or family. Than they
  usually watch TV or just talk for example „how was Christmas?“.
  And some people go to restaurant with friends and they dance,
  drink alcohol and make fun.
• At midnight we have fireworks, drink champagne and wish „Happy
  New Year“.
• Before this day we send cards or text messages like before


                           New Year card
            Start of New Year
• 1st January we observe some customs like on Christmas day. We
  eat lentils or peas because next year we will be have lot of
  money. And we don’t eat chicken meat because our luck will fly
  away from us. In this day we abide by motto “As on the New Year
  so all year round.”
• In this day we have bank holiday because 1st January 1993 is
  date of formation of the Czech Republic

         Czech flag            Czech money
                    Three Kings
• On 6th December we celebrate Three Kings. Children go to houses
  in neighbourhoods dressed like little kings. And they sing songs
  and take some money for charity from people.
• Than they write sacred chalk writing on the doors K†M†B† first
  letters from names of legendary kings.

          Sign on door

             Children dressed like kings

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