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									Tying the knot - 10 Tips

Getting married is one of life most glamorous experience. You would want to cherish it as long as life
would last. In fact, it is the best experience a couple can have. Every would-be married couple wants a
beautiful and perfect wedding day to be remembered.

You can go about in tying the knot 10 simple ways. Many things would have to be done first prior to the
wedding. When planning, make yourself freely space out so you could have time for relaxation, room for
fixing feasible things, and planning a little ahead of time. This allows you to keep stress at bay although
there is tendency to be tense and excited. Getting a group of your close and reliable friends will really
help to lighten and enliven your whole experience here. Many a couple wedding success is attributed to
friends’ help.

Before walking down the aisle, here are some easy to follow 10 tips that you want to consider.

1. Write down details of your plans. Planning process may be tedious but enjoy it as much as you can, for
it is going to make life easier for you and helping you to cope with any contingency much more readily
should it arises. Divide work into teams. That allows you to liaise with each team helper appropriately and
timely. Give yourself months and months to organize. Regular checks have to be there to see that all are
in ordered such as wedding invitation format and researching the different styles of invitation printing. In
other words, plan ahead, and plan feasibly without going overboard. Compromise where you can.

2. For the wedding day, the bride should have with her a bag, pack ready for the ceremony and
reception; for the purpose of assuming her staying overnight for a couple of days.

3. Planning to leave for honeymoon immediately should be as far as possible avoided. This is because
both could be very much exhausted right after the wedding. Take some time to bask in the quiet place
and enjoy the privacy that both of you are entitled to. Sleep in late, open gifts and do take a slow pace.
Just wait a few days. Rest sufficiently before you pack and take off on your honeymoon.

4. Check to see if the date clashes with any other locally huge and important events because traffic
pattern interference around the wedding reception or location could arise where such events take place.
Sometimes, it would be a problem getting guests to come on time if it is the holiday season because of
difficulty in making air travel or transportation.

5. On taking care of your relatives or friends who are flying in, do check with local hotels for group rates.
It could be great savings for you where you could get group discount rates.

6. Check with vendors to ensure all the details in the contract such as florists, DJ, caterers, bakery, and
bands are done specifically in writing and do ensure procedures are followed. In addition, ask for
additional costs if necessary on possible charges to you such as travelling, sales tax, a

7. When planning the ceremony, you should certainly personalize it the way you want it to be.
Keeping it to within three or four voice solos, extended memorized speeches and poems, or singing songs
to each other would certainly suffice.
Have a rehearsal for the one who is going to recite a poem or selection during the ceremony to check on
any mispronounced words and clarity.

8. When negotiating with your photographer on wedding photography package, specify to him your
request for efficient photo-taking schedule. Put into the printed schedule when and where the photo
sessions are taking place before and after the ceremony. This would avoid the hassle of rounding up
everybody who are supposed to be in the photo-taking session but are scattered all over the venue.

9. Understand that this wedding is the coming together of two families. In the event of any different
background, culture, or religion, an understandable approach would do perfectly well with emphasis on
celebrating each side’s uniqueness, love for bride, groom and things in common, and so forth.
10. All in all when planning for your big day, it makes sense to always remind yourself what you want
and how you want things done. Although it is no easy task planning a wedding and sourcing all the
relevant items but with a little enthusiasm and determination to put the right planning coupled with right
timing in placed, all should work out well.

Getting the wedding engagement ring that fits you best would be great. This should make your cherish
day a memorable one for as long as you would live.

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