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battery by lanyuehua


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                                                     ADVANTAGES OF ZEBRA BATTERIES

ZEBRA                                                                              OTHER SYSTEMS

High energy density >110Wh/kg                                 →             Lead acid ~30Wh/kg, NiMH ~50Wh/kg

The above figure is for a complete system                     →             Some other systems require packaging, cooling & management systems

Capacity independent of discharge rate                        →             Lead acid can reduce by >40% at high rates

Performance completely independent of temperature             →             Most other systems performance affected at high and low temperatures

100% coulombic efficiency, accurate charge capacity           →             Other systems require charge equalising, capacity not accurately known

No self discharge, high voltage batteries in use ~600V                      & they require electronic overvoltage protection NiMH, LiIon, Lead acid

Cells fail to short circuit, batteries continue to operate with →           Other systems have cells that fail to open circuit, so cell failure

cell failures                                                               stops whole battery working.

Cells maintenance free, fully sealed, no gassing              →             Some other systems require maintenance and are not sealed

Indefinite, maintenance free, storage life at ambient temperature     →     Some other systems require regular maintenance in storage

Demonstrated calendar life >12 years                          →             Some systems have a limited calendar life

Demonstrated cycle life to 100% capacity >2000 nameplate cycles →           Some systems can only be cycled to ~80% or cycle life is reduced

Demonstrated >60,000 miles in a road vehicle with no maintenance

Normal charge ~7h, can fast charge ~50% capacity in ~40 mins

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