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					Why do small canals and rivers break and cause flood during raining season. If one
observes this natural occurrence, a strong corporate management lesson can be learned
from the above. The holding capacity of the canals and rivers only when match with the
volume and pressure of the water flows into them, smooth flow of the river and canal
can be expected. If the volume of water is more than the holding capacity of the canal
and river, they would break and the result would be flood. The flood does no good to

In the corporate world, people do have many problems that are purely related to the
growth and business interest of the organization. The corporate hierarchy usually shifts
such problems to others and tries to save their skin. In most instances, the seniors
conveniently shift the problems onto the juniors and try to blame them for the above
chaos. Unfortunately, they are actually allowing the problems to spread and grow.

At any stage, the speed of the problem has to be minimized only then a solution is
possible to the problem. The corporate leaders should remember the fact of how floods
are occurring in nature during rainy season. The top man in the hierarchy should bear
the brunt first. If the heavy flow of rain water is passed through a small canal or river,
naturally they would break and cause greater damage. The seniors should remember
this fundamental truth.

If they pass the problems onto the juniors, they are only attempting to cause damage
and not remedy or solution to the problem. When the stake of the corporate is high
and the efforts & investments are based on some anticipation and expectation, failures
do happen rarely. When a project fails, the top people in the hierarchy should take the
responsibility first only then the gravity of the failure can be managed.

Seniors should be always kept close to the origin of the problem and only the dilutions
of the problems should be allowed to reach the people below the order. Only when the
‘graded and gradual’ spread of the problems are facilitated, people coming together
with ownership and spirit to work to resolve such problems can be achieved.

When the flow of water during rainy season is facilitate through a wide canal or a river,
instead of destruction due to flood, richness and luxury of diverse life would occur. The
even and gradual spread of water would make large area of soil wet and fertile.

It is not the problems that actually affects the corporate but only the lack of
management insight and wisdom in managing the problems that affects the corporate
ecosystem badly.

Whenever there is problem, most corporate employees love to disown the
responsibility and try to pass the buck onto others. This behaviour is seen more with
senior people. If these employees observe nature and think a while about how the
flood is occurring during rainy season, they can learn the art of managing and resolving
wide range of problems in the corporate world.

 The HR function should learn several management insights from nature and must
create its relevance and utility for the total and complete welfare of the corporate.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

Learn more from the management book – Jungle wisdom for corporate management –
lessons from the university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S

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