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									In the French Basque dialect, the word
ona (o’-na) signifies all things good.
our name is our philosophy
        At ona, our primary goal is to offer the
        absolute highest level of lasting beauty and
        health achievable for each individual client. As
        a full service medical day spa, ona focuses
        on customized services and results oriented
        treatments combining today’s latest technology
        with ancient traditional wellness practices.
        Situated in the historic Spanish Kitchen building
        above the world famous Privé Salon, ona spa
        offers innovative, state of the art treatments in
        a soothing and relaxing environment.

hours of operation
        Monday                               10am - 6pm
        Tuesday-Saturday                     10am - 8pm
        Sunday                               11am - 7pm

valet parking available

gift certificates
         Available for any occasion by phone, mail
         and online.
Through ona’s in-depth consultation process, our talented and
experienced aestheticians design customized facial treatments,
so that each client will achieve their most beautiful face ever.

ona mini
      ona focus
      The perfect treatment for the person on the go designed to
      address the most visible signs of aging around the eyes and
      lips. Environ’s Sonophoresis® low-frequency ultrasound infuses
      vitamins, antioxidants and muscle-relaxing peptides 4,000 times
      more deeply into the skin. In just 30-minutes, your skin will be
      glowing, fine lines and wrinkles will appear diminished revealing a
      visible improvement in the overall skin tone and clarity.   30 min

      ona glow
      Prepare for your special event by creating flawless skin before
      your make-up application. Ultrasound combined with pure oxygen
      produces glowing, radiant skin in no time flat.         30 min

      ona micro beauty flash
      A quick and instant brightener; this 30-minute treatment uses our
      state of the art microdermabrasion technology to remove dead
      skin cells and reveal your true radiant skin from beneath! This
      is a great addition to, or a quick “pick me up” between facials.
      However you decide to have it, microdermabrasion will awaken
      your skin and increase its productivity.                  30 min

ona signature
      ona fresh
      A deep cleansing, yet gentle facial, which helps the skin recover
      from dehydration, fine lines, breakouts or sun damage. Removes
      impurities while normalizing and nourishing the skin. Improves
      texture and tone. Tailored to your skin type.              50 min

      ona acne eraser
      An extremely effective clarifying treatment that rids the skin of
      unsightly blackheads and other problem impactions to control
      the bacteria that leads to infectious breakouts. Our special pore
      extraction technique developed by ona’s esthetics director will
                amaze you with its efficiency and reduced discomfort.
                               ona estheticians thoroughly understand
                                     the causes and corrections for
                                          most common acne conditions
                                             and will help you banish
                                                stubborn blemishes with
                                                  the right corrective
                                                    approach. 50 min
ona O2
A detoxifying and oxygenating treatment combining a newly
developed protein enzyme peel with an inhalation of pure oxygen,
maximizing the absorption of healing proteins and collagen
through the skin. Increases cellular activity by stimulating skin cell
regeneration, making any skin type more luminous.             75 min

ona glycolic
This intense skin refining treatment causes dry, dead skin cells
to be rapidly released. Unclogs pores and greatly improves
texture and complexion, giving your skin a smoother, more evenly
glowing tone.                                            75 min

ona intensive microdermabrasion
A forced crystal skin resurfacing treatment that produces an
incredibly smooth texture to immediately make you appear years
younger. This comfortable yet profoundly effective procedure has
become the “gold standard” of aesthetic exfoliating treatments,
one you’ll request again and again. Combined with our deeply
hydrating ona fresh facial your skin will surprise you with how
beautiful it looks!                                       75 min

ona microdermabrasion hand renewal
A perfect addition to your microdermabrasion facial. The hands
are deeply exfoliated, brightened and rehydrated to produce an
immediate improvement in appearance.                    20 min

ona sonic dermabrasion
This treatment uses a particle-free ultrasonic elastic wave
technology to remove the superficial layer of the skin while
simultaneously regenerating the deeper layers. Hydrates tissues,
increases circulation, diminishes blemishes and discoloration and
helps decrease visible wrinkles.                           75 min

ona platinum
The ultimate anti-aging facial treatment! Enjoy the outstanding
effects of a fresh, more youthful complexion. Using Babor’s
products, this facial combats fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration,
and decreased elasticity. This multi-step lifting treatment
incorporates special masks for the face and eyes, collagen-
boosting fluids, and finishes with ultra-rich eye and face
moisturizers. A sprinkle of micronized pure platinum powder leaves
your skin looking incredibly illuminated. Experience a noticeable
increase in skin moisture, firmness and elasticity.         75 min

ona ultimate environ
A clinical facial treatment designed to fight free radicals and repair
the most damaged skin. After dead cells are removed with a
glycolic/lactic acid peel, a reparative algae mask infuses the skin
with the highest concentrations of vitamins A and C available.
All formulas used in ona ultimate are customized to meet your
particular skin needs and contain no fragrances or preservatives.
The ultimate gift to your skin!                                75 min

ona ultimate environ®+
Combines the ona ultimate environ® treatment with elastin/collagen
enhancing Iontophoresis® pulsator. Helps to promote vitamin and
oxygen penetration of the skin for more tone and vitality! 75 min
      ona oscar
      A celebrity favorite, this treatment is nothing short of an Oscar!
      After receiving our fabulous microdermabrasion treatment,
      your highly skilled esthetician will quench your skin with a blend
      of pure vitamin C, to enhance skin brightness. Using the latest
      Iontophoresis® technology your skin will be infused with active
      antioxidants that are penetrated 10,000 times deeper! Finished
      with pure oxygen to awaken and rejuvenate, you’ll be glowing and
      ready for the red carpet. This is an exceptional treatment that will
      turn heads in your direction!                               75 min

      ona dramatic skin peel (TCA 15% and vitamin A)
      The results from this ultra-refining skin peeling treatment are nothing
      less than sensational! Deep layers of sun and environmentally
      damaged skin are progressively lifted and removed, revealing a
      far smoother and brighter facial appearance. You will experience
      significant skin peeling for several days following the treatment,
      however, there is no down time. This is the peel for those who
      want truly dramatic, compliment-producing results!              75 min

face plus
      Enrich your experience with ona spa’s a-la-carte indulgences.
      Add an indulgence to any service for a truly customized treatment

      ona ultrasonic touch
      ona pure oxygen inhalation
      ona glycolic touch
      ona brow tint
      ona lash tint
      ona lash perm
      eye mask
      eye brighting treatment

ona uses only the finest quality, non-irritating European
waxing cream for facial or body waxing. See our price list for
complete listing.

Relax and rejuvenate while enjoying a cup of tea, or order lunch
as you receive ona’s exquisite hand and foot treatments. See our
price list for complete listing.
medical aesthetics
All ona medical aesthetics enhancement procedures have been
perfected by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Frileck.
A consultation with one of Dr. Frileck’s personally trained
registered nurses will be necessary to prepare your skin for the
treatment you select. A topical anesthetic can be applied for any
treatment at your request.

      botox / dysport
      With this facial enhancement, you will soften crow’s feet around the
      eyes, along with frown and forehead lines. Botox / Dysport may
      also be used to relieve symptoms of hyperhydrosis (excessive
      sweating) under the arms. Please consult our registered nurse for
      other desired areas.

      Enhance your lips and watch your laugh and smoker lines
      disappear. Consult with our registered nurse to choose the filler
      best suited to your cosmetic needs.
      restylane | perlane | juvederm ultra xc | juverderm ultra plus
      xc (no skin test required)

      photofacial rejuvenation: face
      Corrects sun damage, irregular pigmentation, dilated capillaries,
      enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. The revolutionary
      Harmony laser system (the next generation of intense pulsed light
      technology) erases damage and signs of aging without disrupting
      the skin’s delicate surface, leaving it significantly smoother, clearer
      and revitalized. For best results we recommend the ona sonic
      dermabrasion facial prior to the procedure.

      photofacial rejuvenation: other areas
      Produces a more youthful appearance by removing age spots
      and improving the skin’s texture on neck, décolleté, hands,
      arms, and back.

      laser hair removal
      Bare it all with ona’s exclusive laser hair removal treatments. We invite
      you to come in for a complimentary consultation and test patch.

      ona cosmelan® depigmentation
      The brightening cosmetic treatment of choice designed to eliminate
      hyperpigmentation, melasma and brown spots. It also rejuvenates
      the skin, restoring its luminosity and smoothness. Effective for all
                        skin types. Sun friendly, can be performed any
                                  time of the year. Cosmelan does not
                                        contain TCA or hydroquinone.
                                            Results are typically seen in
                                               1-4 weeks. Come in for
                                                 a free evaluation with
                                                   one of our registered
                                                     nurses or certified
ona spa’s carefully developed, custom designed body treatments
incorporate an extremely effective combination of expert
techniques and all-natural products. Let ona spa’s uniquely
trainer therapists rebalance your body’s energy!

ona signature
      ona polish
      Transform sandpaper-like skin into silk with ona’s unique exfoliating
      sugar body polishes. Made fresh daily at ona, our non-irritating
      body polishes combine pure cane sugar with therapeutic oils to
      smooth, soothe and moisturize your body to perfection. Choose
      from blue chamomile, essential citrus, green cypress/ginger, or
      aloe vera sugar polish. Achieve total relaxation with a final rinse
      under our vichy shower.                                      30 min
      ona chocolate and rose
      Imagine the sweet aroma of chocolate and rose swept over your
      entire body to nurture, calm and soothe your skin and emotions.
      A full body exfoliation from organic cocoa powder and aloe is
      followed by a cozy jasmine and rose essential oil wrap while you
      are fed an organic chocolate. Glowing, yummy chocolate scented
      delicious skin will call out to be touched!             50 min
      ona slim cryothermie
      This European cellulite reduction treatment comprises five steps to
      reshape, tone and firm your thighs, tummy, hips and arms as well
      as virtually eliminate the appearance of cellulite. The cryothermie
      unlocks fatty deposits, facilitates fat burning, shrinks adiposities
      and accelerate the elimination of cellular wastes. Your body will be
      ready for that bikini or little black dress!                60 min
      ona tan
      An beautiful organic customized airbrushed tan. Odorless, never
      orange-looking, quick-drying, non sticky with an even golden,
      long-lasting coverage. By contouring your hips and thighs with
      extra bronzer we can create an optical illusion that will make you
      look 10 pounds thinner! For best results, ona recommends having
      an ona aloe body polish prior to your tanning session.      15 min
      ona rainforest massage
      Experience total indulgence as you lay under a flowing 7-head
      vichy shower while stress and tension are melted away with a
      soothing massage using organic coconut, Tahitian vanilla and
      tropical flower essential oils. Then, you’ll be expertly massaged
      with hot stones to completely de-stress and eliminate any left over
      tension. This gentle rainfall of water stimulates meridian points
      on your body and profoundly relaxes your nervous system.
      Finally, you will experience a warm water shirodhara stimulating
      your 3rd eye point that completely eliminates stress and
      cranial tension. The treatment is completed with a deeply
      healing neck, shoulder and head massage—an exotic Balinese
                              vacation yet close to home!!!      60 min
                                      As the rainforest treatment will
                                         thoroughly dampen the hair
                                            we suggest scheduling a
                                              professional blow dry
                                                 at Privé Salon right
                                                   below ona Spa.
An ona massage is more than a relaxing experience— it is a
total perspective for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our
exceptionally skilled team of therapists guide their work with
you to produce the maximum restorative benefits for a stress
and pain-free body. When the body is at ease, the mind follows.
In our Balinese retreat you’ll feel cared for in an entirely new,
personal and unforgettable way.

ona massage
      ona fix
      The ultimate “quick fix.” This tension-relief massage focuses on
      areas that mistreat you the most—back, neck and shoulders.
      Perfect for reducing accumulated stress.               30/50 min
      ona smooth
      The quintessential spa massage. The long slow strokes of our full-
      body Swedish massage relax your tired, tension filled muscles,
      stimulate your circulation and leave you in utter bliss. 65/80 min
      ona deep
      For those preferring a firmer touch that focuses on deep muscle
      tissue. ona’s experienced massage therapists work slowly and
      patiently to achieve muscular release at the superficial layers
      before going deeper. Extremely relaxing and therapeutic. 65 min
      ona prenatal
      This soothing full body massage can be adapted to any stage of
      your pregnancy. Eases aching back and leg muscles, improves
      circulation, and provides comfort during this time of change. Relax
      yourself and your baby-to-be.                               80 min
      ona stoned
      Melt into an altered state as smooth heated basalt stones and
      therapeutic bindi oil glide over your tired, sore muscles, achieving
      deep and soothing results without deep pressure.             80 min
      After this four-handed tandem Balinese massage you’ll have to be
      peeled off the table. Choreographed like an ancient dance, two
      massage therapists rhythmically massage away all your body’s
      tension to bring you to a state of deep, hypnotic relaxation. 60 min
      ona nirvana
      Exclusive to ona, this 2-hour session is the ultimate in relaxation
      and therapeutic massage. Combining trigger point therapy, deep
      tissue, Swedish, ona reflex and abdominal massage all tension,
      and stress will be released. This luxurious indulgence will have you
      walking on cloud 9.                                          120 min
      beauty balance scalp treatment
      Enjoy a full mind, beauty, and spirit experience with this unique
      session. Oils are applied to the scalp and hair followed by a
      thorough and soothing scalp massage using authentic Indian
      friction techniques that get the blood flowing, relieve stress, and
      open your crown Chakra. Hot towels are wrapped around the
      head to allow the oils to penetrate while you indulge in a luscious
      mini hand and foot massage along with a hot stone shoulder and
      neck massage. The treatment ends at Ona’s downstairs salon,
      Privé, where you will receive a wash and blowout by the talented
      and experienced stylists.                                    90 min

ona body plus
      reflexology                                              15/30 min
      hot stones

ona couples
      Two people can experience any massage at the same time, side
      by side, in the comfort of our private couples suite. To use our
      beautiful outdoor shower, please inform us when scheduling
      your appointment.
ona’s approach to wellness respects the connection between
body and mind with a desired result being a balance between
the two. To achieve this we focus on the following disciplines for
the benefit of your well-being, health and vitality.

       ona re-connective healing
       ona’s specialized Reconnective Healing Practitioner provides
       healing frequencies that will recharge you on a physical,
       emotional, and spiritual level. The highly palpable energies that
       are initiated at the start of your session continue working with
       you long after your visit has ended. As you focus your attention
       inside your body you allow healing energy to travel through you.
       Healings can come in all forms. The best way to allow for a healing
       is to proceed in a state of no expectancy, without attachment to
       an outcome. Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing
       is unique. Often healings are reported instantly in a single
       session, while occasionally requiring longer to manifest—a few
       days, weeks or months for a healing to unfold. A series of three
       sessions is generally recommended.                          30 min

       ona radiance
       Enjoy an integrated wellness treatment combining two ancient
       healing traditions in one extraordinary experience: a full-body
       massage with a custom acupuncture session. ona radiance
       is designed to pinpoint internal deficiencies, toxins and other
       imbalances that may cause dull irritated skin, brittle hair, fatigue,
       insomnia, headaches, indigestion and a variety of other ailments.
       ona radiance starts with a health history overview and physical exam.
       Your session is completed with personalized recommendations of
       Chinese herbs, dietary and lifestyle modifications.          120 min

       alcat test
       A blood test for discovering your hidden food allergies (intolerance
       or sensitivity). By following a body correct diet you rapidly loose
       weight, reduce water retention, and gain energy. In addition, you
       can improve skin problems and other various ailments.
Discover ona acupuncture and the healing arts. Imagine mind,
body and spirit working in harmony as one. Imagine living
with inner peace, vibrant health, and energy. Discover this
ancient healing art fused with herbs, oils, healing stones and
vitality. Experience all of the elements in your life—wood,
water earth, metal air and fire—working together to enhance
your health. What you are imagining is now, and now is the
time to vitalize at ona.

      ona spirit
      inner peace: Want to relax and quietly focus? This treatment,
      featuring a 24kt acupuncture needle and combination of lotus oil
      and healing stones, will access your third eye, creating balance
      and clarity within.                                       60 min

      ona mind
      shut eye: This treatment, perfect for insomniacs, will help you get
      some sleep and return your body to its natural sleep cycle. Calm
      the mind and anxiety with the use of essential oils of lavender
      and myrrh as well as healing stones of malachite and amethyst
      to promote restful sleep.                                    60 min

      ona body
      detox: Eliminate toxins to restore harmony and clear meridians
      (energy pathways) in your body. This cleansing treatment will
      boost metabolism and build vital energy. Custom herbal formulas
      along with acupuncture, healing stones and essential oils help
      you detoxify.                                            60 min

      ona needleless acupuncture
      Not sure if you are ready to try traditional needles? Then this
      treatment is for you! Essential oils and Chinese herbal seeds are
      used to stimulate acupuncture points and activate your body to
      heal itself.                                               60 min

          For a more complete list of ona acupuncture services
              please refer to our website:




                                   ona policy
We require a credit card to secure an appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes early
to ensure that we can begin your treatment on time. 24 hours notice is required for
cancellations. Untimely cancellations will result in a charge equal to 50% of the cost
of the scheduled treatments. We are not responsible for client’s property left on the
premises. We do not accept checks. All sales are final.

          7373 beverly boulevard, los angeles, ca 90036
   p. 323.931.4442 | f. 323.931.9992 |

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