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									                  Refreshing in The Palace
Refreshing in the palace, ‘Participation Form Co Reduce Congestion'

Seeing Pulkam traditions, holiday tradition utilizing vacation days our society has
become routine, the impact definitely "LOSS" but keep the spirit because it is the best
option for itul friends, take very wisely so physically tired too tired entar hate might
actually sick and not kampoeng or vacation home hepi yes

Other people another story, this time after the Eid holiday I silahturahmi activities with
relatives, friends neighbors office to say "Happy Eid 1433 H" I decided myself to try
refreshing a day before entering the office with family, coincidentally also the eldest son
of the city of flowers pulkam for the semester holidays.

Playing Together SeramaKu

Mornings are cleaning house, cleaning a small garden behind the house, watering the
flowers and plants, feeding fowl among others : chicken serama, kampoeng chicken,
rooster, make additional coconut bonsai to add a beautyful home. Really delicious taste to
do all these activities, there are tremendous fresh energy flowing throughout the body
feels, and I feel like there's energy surrounds heaven palace though simple and small :),
this drop in energy to the body and feels different than usual. Refresh for a moment, feel
the pleasure of your body's energy flow so delicious and extraordinary, indeed if we take
action with a heart full of smiles happy and wise man said "it would be wide open heart"
and the nature of any energy into the body so we feel.

Brooms activity is complete and while enjoying the flow of energy, I love my pet
chicken, especially chicken serama who is growing a lot and some of the choices made
serama        chicken        coop        so        comfortable         and         healthy.
Also happened to be next to the house there is a small river to flow across the rice fields,
it adds to the pleasure of refreshing atmosphere in the Palace, we can fishing with family,
eating together next to the garden contains a small stream. Btw my brother who got stuck
in traffic on the streets keep the spirit yes he he he ... keep smiling to be healthy and
survive to its goal.

This is the story of my holiday to Refreshing in the palace which has given fresh energy
to enter the first day to the office later and also contributed to Participate Reduce road
breakdown. Well So this moment was not lost, I am all share in writing, which may be
writing like this could be useful, and that is not like there are not think , since this is
just to share, in hopes of getting the energy paradise friend like me to whom are pulkam
jammed and hit the streets. Keep spirit Friends!!!

'Happy Idul Fitri 1433 H' for the friends that I have not visited

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