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									Ok, if you're reading this then the chances are you've never hired a band
for an event, or even worse, you have hired one and it turned out to be a
complete disaster. Whichever of these applies to you, there's no doubt
you want to avoid music hiring failure at all costs. So, to help you out
a little, here are a few top tips...

Choose versatility

It doesn't matter if you're a one trick pony and only listen to rock and
roll, because different people have different music tastes. Therefore,
you should always pick a band that isn't afraid to wander across genres.
You're unlikely to find a band that does it all, but if you can find one
who will happily mix a bit of rock and roll with some country and jazz
for good measure, or at least mix a few genres, then you'll have a much
better chance of pleasing everybody.

Choose established

Before you even pick up that phone to book your band you need to consider
how much you really know about them. Just because they say they sound
like The Beatles doesn't mean that they don't sound like a dog being
dragged through a cattery. Any good band will have a website where you
can listen to their tracks and watch videos of their previous
performances. If they don't have a website or anywhere where you can
access their music, then it's probably best to avoid them and save your

Choose professionals

If you've ever been to see a few bands play in your time then it's more
than likely you've seen some of the 'professional' behaviour of these
musicians. It's no myth than certain bands and groups can be anything but
professional, and the last thing you want is four drunks and a drug
addict crashing your wedding or event. That's why you should always look
for testimonials or past experiences. If the band has a website and
they're a good band, then they'll have plenty of reviews. If they don't
have any reviews at all then it's worth asking yourself why that is the

Choose experience

Finally, you should always try and choose a band that is comfortable
playing at the type of event you have organised. A band may look great in
the pub through blurred eyes on a Friday night, but that's not to say
they will be just as good at your wedding ceremony. Many bands state what
events they specialise in, giving you the peace of mind that you're
making the right choice.

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