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					When selecting a destination for a family vacation, you may consider
things such as what you want to do and what attractions are in the area.
However, if you are traveling with teens who are more interested in
activities where they can use their cell phones, it may not be possible
to select a location that makes everyone happy. With a few helpful tips,
you can improve the potential outcome of your experience. All you need to
do is to plan your trip around everyone s desires.

Include Them In The Planning

The biggest step you can take when it comes to planning such a family
vacation is to include the kids in the planning process. This is
something you can do with virtually any age group. The goal is to ensure
that every member gets to do something that is interesting to him or her.
Encourage teens to learn about the destination selected online. By
looking at various tour guides, they can determine which attractions are
interesting. Ask for a list of things they want to do.

Encourage Something New To Everyone

Next, encourage everyone to participate in some type of activity that is
going to be new to everyone. For example, if you are going to a beach
location, go snorkeling. If you are going to a wooded area for a hike,
find a location with zip lining activities. It does not have to be
something daring either. For example, you can select an activity that
allows everyone to learn about the history of a location. It is a good
idea to do this, because it ensures that everyone is doing something new
together. It is a great bonding experience, too.

Putting The Phones Down

One of the biggest concerns families have is to worry about is getting
kids to put down their cell phones and to engage in the trip. You may
want to force this, but you may just want to find ways to get the kids
interested, too. For example, you can encourage them to leave the cell
behind while you go on a hike together. Throughout the hike, discuss the
things going on with each other. Allow these experiences to be more than
just sightseeing but also opportunities for everyone to open up to each
other. Sometimes, doing one-on-one things with one child at a time can
help this to happen.

While teens may be hesitant to engage in activities on trips, the right
planning can help to make it possible. A family vacation that focuses on
everyone involved can be well worth the experience. Of course, you will
need to select a location that has interesting aspects for everyone who
is involved. Look for out-of-the-way locations that interest everyone

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