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					Let's face it. We all dream about labels, one day, knocking on our door
and begging to sign us. So we work extra hard thinking that one day
someone will notice our hard work. We work extra hard everyday and tell
our peers that one day, maybe one day a major label will find us. Sorry
to break it to you, but this will never happen. It is evident that a lot
of music artists do not have the knowledge to succeed. This a major

The truth is, labels want to see artists sell records on their own before
even thinking about signing them. Once a label sees an artist can sell
10,000 units on their own, this immediately catches their attention.
Unfortunately, not many artists are aware of this knowledge and continue
to be misguided by false beliefs so they continue to download beats off
SoundClick thinking they will get their big break.

In fact, this is detrimental to their career and will only hurt their
image. As an artist, you have to prove yourself and gain respect from
people already established in the music industry. Downloading beats for
free is a sign that you're just trying to get in for free, but it doesn't
work like that. Labels want to see you purchase quality beats and have
the right paper work behind exclusives you purchase. This is called an

As an artist you should look at yourself as an entrepreneur. You produce
music, and sell it. How else are you going to invest in your brand?
Although, if exclusives are more than your budget, leasing is another
good way to buy cheap and gain high profits. Let's say a lease costs 50
bucks, you can easily make a song and sell the single on iTunes for a
dollar. This my friend, is the key to success in the music industry where
you can buy the Bentleys and big houses you dream about. No more long
nights staying up late for no reason. Gaining knowledge will relieve a
lot of the stress from you career. If you can't obtain the right
knowledge, ask Google. Seriously though, Google is an online library
where tons and tons of knowledge exists. However, I recommend buying
books about the music industry so you can get a better understanding of
how everything works. never jump into something without having knowledge
the to help you succeed in that field.

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