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									Debate:Should gay marriage be allowed?

 What is the main problem of this case?
   The main problem is when there are two side that are refused gay marriage
   and allowed gay marriage.affirmative have some reson for this case,and
   opposite too.

 Why affirmative allowed the marriage of gay?

   Because there has been discrimination in this country. For instance, racism
   was considered normal for a long time. However, although people might think
   that there is no discrimination going on in America today, there is prejudice
   against the homosexual population. The discrimination is that they are
   denied their free right to, well, equal rights. The right of being married. One
   of this country's fundimental principals was to have everyone come here and
   be equals. Although that promise wasn't nessicerally held up (slaves are still
   people, yet they were still imprisoned for many years after this country was
   founded), do we need to fight another war in order to try to get homosexual
   marrage allowed (a very long strech, but you get the point). Discrimination
   was tolerated at one point in America.

 What is the affirmative opinion about heterosexual
 marriage?is it possible to gay?

   homosexuals can marry those of opposite gender, but, if gay marriage is
   legalized, heterosexuals will be able to marry people of the same gender, so
   everyone will still have equal rights. If gay marriage doesn't hurt anybody,
   why shouldn't it be allowed?
   what is biblical standard of marriage?based on opposite

   Actually, the Biblical standard for marriage is "One man, and as many wives
   and concubines as he can afford". You need to start getting all huffy about
   how abandoning this Godly standard has hurt our country

Debate:Was the European colonization of the
Americas good for the native people?
  what is the effect for native?

   many people were killed, smallpox killed of more than half of the native
   population, and people starve, the dead layed in the streets of their once
   clean cities, and people were tripping over their own intestines at Toxcatl.
   Also, in America, Wounded Knee Creek killed many Souix, Slavery was
   common, and the government ripped off the Ojibwe with promised food. The
   Navajos were also forced to march hundreds of deadly miles from their
   home. Also in South America, people were worked to death in the silver

  Can you mentioned the good efect of this colonization?

   Yes, it was definitely good for the natives. Look at how they lived before
   Europeans came to America. They lived in tepees and were practically naked
   all the time. Wouldn't you want help if you were in that situation? Thanks to
   our colonial ancestors, native people now have a much higher quality of life
   due to casinos, yet are still able to maintain some of their old ways on their
   reservations. It is the duty of civilized peoples to raise their inferiors up
   from savagery.

Debate:Women in the Military?
    Do you agrre if women be a soldier?why?

   Yes, One of the objections is that women don't have the upper body
   strength to lug an overloaded pack into combat. Well, this is the 21st
   Century, and no one should be lugging the kinds of packs they've made them
   lug around since World War One. Someone's got to lay that misguided
   tradition to rest. We've got Stryker brigades and uparmored humvees, you
   live in your vehicle and get out now and then to lay some hurt on the enemy.
   And you get women ready for that part by making the same physical test
   requirements for both genders. Same kind of pushups, same time on the 2.5
   miles. Any woman who can't do what a man does, physically, washes out.

Debate:Should students learn a foreign language?
   What is the advantages for student when they learn
   foreign language?

   languages that are more sought after in the business and government
   spheres. Spanish can be helpful if you work at McDonalds in New Mexico,
   but other than that, your limited. German and especially Mandarin are the
   other two languages of big business besides English. Farsi and Arabic are
   important languages right now for anyone looking into careers in government,
   military, and espionage.
    What is the effect of being bilingual?

     In my opinion, being bilingual is just a boon really. There's always going to be
    SOMEONE who knows the language, so really, unless we come across some
    sort of shortage on translators, we really don't have a problem. Plus, English
    is pretty much the lingua franca these days. If you go almost anywhere
    worth going on this rock, you can probably get by just knowing English
    ("Getting by" in not really the best way to travel though, so its best to
    invest in some sort of guide if you can). I would however advise against
    French. Its rather case specific in it's use, and like Spanish, some English
    and Italian, it's Latin based, meaning that the words share common roots.
    This makes Spanish, French, and Italian somewhat easier to learn for English
    speaking students. Thus, people who speak these as a second language are
    more "dime a dozen." Non Latin based languages, especially the Asia and
    Middle Eastern languages, are much harder for English speaking students to
    learn. This means that people who aren't from those regions, who know those
    languages, are in higher demand. Also, jobs that tend to require those
    specific skills tend to be much more high profile careers.

Debate:Are alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine
gateway drugs?

What is the simply relation between drugs and alcohol?
   most people drink alcohol (some more than others) and most of them
   probably started in their teens, yet most people do not became heavy drug
   users as they get older, it's as simple as that

   is it true if many people said marijuana is a gateway

   Marijuana is not a gateway drug in any sense of the word. If you smoke/have
   been smoking marijuana for a while, you will not eventually start heroine,
   cocaine, meth, etc. The whole myth of it being a gateway drug is just that: A
   myth, mostly created by the government during the "Just say no" period of
   the Drug War. In addition, marijuana is not lethal (Unless you smoke a couple
   THOUSAND.), and it does not kill braincells. These are, once again, just
   myths/lies/fibs/etc created by the government. Simple, really.

   What is the effect of alcohol?

   Alcohol causes violence, reckless behavior, etc., in ways that even the
   strongest opiates cannot. It is not as addictive as many other drugs, but
   addiction to it is among the most damaging addictions to health, both
   physical and mental, and the most resistant to cure. (This may be only
   because it is so widely available.) Moreover, there is a substantial youth
   culture centered around drinking. If the worst thing that could be said
   about this culture was that it brought youth to other drugs, that would be
   an improvement.

Debate:Should marijuana be legalized?
   What would happened if cannabis being legalize?
   Cannabis would become less dangerous if the government could regulate it.
   If say, you traded the right to drive for the right to smoke pot, there
   should be fewer accidents caused by marijuana intoxication. If it's legal, the
   government can set a limit on how much is too much, like blood alcohol
   content. Lives of government officials would be saved from the war on drugs.
   Money would move away from the black market and places like Columbia. Plus,
   the government could tax it for extra revenue.

   The way I see it marijuana is just as-or less dangerous than
   alcohol or tobacco products and they're legalized so why not
   marijuana too?

   I'm not sure what my opinion on this matter is, but one serious issue that
   does need to be considered is that marijuana use at an early age has long-
   term effects on the brain. Legalizing marijuana may make it more likely for
   children in that younger age bracket to gain access to pot.

Debate:Propaganda in childrens' television
   Why in childerns tv shows it must be selective?

   Because in childern tv it Show realistic war in a childrens' program, and get accused
   of traumatising them - thus programs are forced to take either the 'world peace'
   route of having all the characters oppose the war, or the 'toy soldiers' route where
   there is plenty of fighting, glory and patriotism but it's all really dumbed down and
   sanitised so much even the enemy doesn't die, and the good guys have a brilliently
   fun time playing with the guns and saving the country. Could you find some examples
   for me?
What is the advantages of watching television program
for childrens?

Childrens can learn something from the tv shows,they can learn about
nature,animals,sains from tv shows such as national geographic and the other tv

Tv program always gave the bad effect,can you explain
it,explain it briefly!

When childern watching television program it can be dangerous for childeren,they
always learn from the first actions, they always save the action in they brain, so if
they watching violance tv shows, adults tv shows, it can be fatal for
childern.because they will follow that in their live.

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