How the Two-way Baby Monitor Benefits You and Your Baby by newdavidnainggolan


									How the Two-way Baby Monitor Benefits You and Your Baby

A baby monitor is a device that is used to check on the baby even if the
watcher is not inside the same room. It is extremely helpful; especially
to parents who cannot possibly stay by their baby’s side at all times.
The most common type used is the audio monitor. This type receives and
transmits sounds produced by the baby to a parent unit so moms or dads
could hear the activities of the baby and know if there are any problems
while they are at a certain distance.

Lately, additional features have been placed to these audio monitors,
wherein parents could now talk back to their baby. This new feature has
proven to be very beneficial to many of today’s parents. These two-way
baby monitors not only provide parents with a means to check on their
baby, but a means for parent-child bonding as well.

What is the difference between the two-way monitor and one-way monitor?

One-way monitors from the name itself, basically only transmit sound
through a single channel wherein parents can hear the sounds that their
baby makes from the other end. However, the much-improved two-way
monitors can allow parents to talk back to their child with their own
portable transmitter. Parents who have children with separation anxiety
often prefer this type of monitor, as hearing a familiar voice could
usually calm the child.

What are the major benefits of getting a two-way monitor?

With the new feature of these monitors, parents are not only able to
provide for the safety of their children by being able to hear possible
problems from a distance, but they are also given the chance to solve
certain problems or bond more with their child by talking through the
portable parent unit.

Being able to talk back through the portable transmitter can be very
beneficial for parents who have kids with separation anxiety. A familiar
voice from the transmitter could be enough to calm a child’s anxiety
tantrums or pacify worries. And thus, parents who often find themselves
caught up in the middle of work, can now simply talk to the child and
calm him down without physically being next to him.

The talkback feature can also help maintain the bond of the parent and
child, despite the parent being at a certain distance. Parents could sing
their lullabies or read stories while they do the laundry or while they
clean the house. Even at a distance, parents are empowered to interact
with their child through the device. And children, upon recognizing the
familiar voice of their parents are given the assurance that they are
watched and are in a safe place, which can be soothing to them.

The main priority of most parents who have baby monitors is basically the
safety of their children. But if one can provide safety and connect with
his or her child without having to compromise work through a simple
gadget, then life would certainly be much easier.
It does not only place the parents at ease, but much more, it decreases
the anxiety on the child and assures him of a safe and secure
environment. In providing safety for the child, sometimes it isn’t enough
to lend an ear, but a familiar voice can certainly make all the
difference in the world.

With two-way monitors benefiting both the parent and the child, it
becomes the key to hitting two birds with one stone for a lot families.

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