Advantages+and+Disadvantages by lanyuehua


									    (I made cards out of these for group work. I took off the name of each source of energy
    so that each group could research and find out which source of energy their card
  1. Fossil Fuels- coal, oil, and natural gas (nonrenewable
      Advantages                              Disadvantages

Easy to find                             Causes pollution

Inexpensive                              Can cause respiratory illness
                                         and acid rain

                                        Cause global warming

  2. Nuclear Energy (nonrenewable resource)
      Advantages                              Disadvantages

Produces almost no                      Can be very dangerous
air pollution

Generating electricity
using nuclear energy
helps make the supply
of fossil fuels last longer

No release of green-
house gases

  3. Hydroelectricity (renewable resource)

      Advantages               Disadvantages

Mostly pollution           Dams disrupt the lifecycle of
free                       aquatic animals

Electricity can be prod-   Dams are expensive to build
uced at a constant rate

                           Depends on availability
                           of fast flowing streams or

  4. Solar Energy- (renewable resource)
      Advantages               Disadvantages

No pollution                Expensive to build solar power

Inexhaustible               Can be unreliable unless you
                            are in a very sunny climate

                            Does not work at night
  5. Geothermal Energy (renewable resource)

      Advantages              Disadvantages

Inexhaustible              Not many places where you
                           can build a geothermal power
                           power station
No pollution

Does not contribute
to the greenhouse effect

Does not require
structures such as solar
panels or windmills to
collect energy
  6. Wind Energy (renewable resource)
     Advantages             Disadvantages

Inexhaustible resource   Expensive to maintain

No pollution             Only areas of the world with
                         lots of wind are suitable for
                         power generation

Does not contribute      The wind is not always
the greenhouse effect    predictable- some days have
                         no wind

                         Can kill birds

                         Can be noisy

                         Many people do not like
                         the way wind towers look in
                         their yard.

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