Councils on the lobby list by lanyuehua


									Organisation                                              Company employed                    Lobbying central government?
Barking & Dagenham Council                                                                    No
                                                          Grayling Political Strategy; Citigate Public Affairs; Connect
Blackpool Council                                         Heathcroft Communications           No
Caerphilly County Council                                 Positif                             No
Cardiff County Council                                    Positif                             No
City of London                                            Sovereign Strategy                  No

Croydon Council                                           Luther Pendragon                 No
Essex County Council                                      Four Communications              No

Exeter City Council                                                                         No
                                                          Connect Public Affairs; Luther Pendragon
Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive          Connect Public Affairs            No

Haringey Council                                          Luther Pendragon                 No
Hertfordshire County Council                              PPS Group                        No

Hull City Council                                         The Public Affairs Company       No

                                                           London council tax in parts of London)
Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (park authority funded by levy onCommunications Agency No

Leicestershire County Council                             PPS Group                        No
Lincolnshire County Council                               PPS Group                        No
Local Government Yorkshire & Humber                       Connect Public Affairs           No

Luton Borough Council                                     Connect                          No
Newham Council                                            Connect                          No
Newport City Council / Newport Transport                  Positif                          No

Nottingham City Council                                   FD-LLM                           No

Oldham Council                                            Bell Pottinger North             No

South Gloucestershire Council                             PPS Group                        No
South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive             Connect                          No
Transport for London                                      Communique                       No
Vale of Glamorgan Council                                 Positif                          No

West Lancashire District Council                          PPS Group                        No
West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive              The Public Affairs Company       No
Southwark Council                                         Luther Pendragon                 No
County Councils Network                                   Bellenden Public Affairs         No
National Federation of ALMOs                                The Public Affairs Company        Unknown
Shropshire County Council                                   Weber Shandwick Public Affairs Unknown
"Cumbria councils"                                          Connect                           Unsure
Camden Council                                              Connect                           Unsure
Cheshire County Council                                                                       Unsure
                                                            Politics International; Euro RSCG Apex Communications
Doncaster Council                                           Connect                           Unsure
Greenwich Borough Council                                   Citigate Public Affairs           Unsure
Halton Borough Council                                      Politics International; Connect Unsure
Havering Council                                            Connect Public Affairs            Unsure
Leeds City Council                                          Connect Public Affairs            Unsure
Local Government Management Board (now IDeA)                Connect                           Unsure
Merthyr Tydfil Council                                      Positif                           Unsure
Milton Keynes Council                                       Grayling Political Strategy       Unsure
South Lakeland District Council                             Connect                           Unsure
                                                            Fishburn Hedges
West Midlands Metropolitan Authorities / West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority          Unsure
                                                            Golden Arrow Communications Unsure
West of England Partnership consisting of unitary authorities of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South

Cumbria County Council                                      Euro RSCG Apex CommunicationsYes

Devon County Council                                                                         Yes
                                                            Bellenden Public Affairs; Weber Shandwick Public Affairs

Hounslow Borough Council                                    FD-LLM                           Yes

London Assembly                                             Connect                          Yes

Norfolk County Council                                                                       Yes
                                                            Bellenden Public Affairs; Weber Shandwick Public Affairs

Norfolk District Councils                                   Freshwater                       Yes

North West Leicestershire District Council                  Euro RSCG Apex CommunicationsYes

North Yorkshire County Council                                                              Yes
                                                            The Public Affairs Company; PPS Group

Norwich City Council                                        Connect Public Affairs           Yes
Oxford City Council                                         FD-LLM                           Yes
Penwith District Council                                    Atherton Associates              Yes

Preston City Council                                        Connect                          Yes

Sunderland City Council                                     Weber Shandwick Public Affairs Yes

Surrey County Council / South East Strategic Leaders Group Grayling Political Strategy       Yes

Swindon Council                                             Connect Public Affairs           Yes
Telford & Wrekin Council                                                                         Yes
                                                             Grayling Political Strategy; Citigate Public Affairs

Waverley Borough Council                                    Euro RSCG Apex CommunicationsYes
York City Council                                           The Public Affairs Company        Yes
Denbighshire Council                                        Positif
Enfield Council                                             Lexington
Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Council                        Four Communications
HSR UK (funded by Liverpool City Council, Manchester City Council, Leeds City Council, Cardiff City Council, Bristol City Council, Birm
Kent County Council                                         Westminster Advisers
Reading Borough Council                                     Lexington
Sheffield Council / Sheffield City Region                   Connect Public Affairs
                                                            Bellenden Public Affairs
Specialist Interest Group of Metropolitan Authorities outside of the South East
Suffolk County Council                                      Weber Shandwick Public Affairs
                                                            Connect Public
Thames Gateway London Partnership (13 councils) and Thames Gateway Parliamentary Group (funded by Thames Gateway public
Date(s)        Description of work                   £
               Staff training
          2009 Staff training                               £936

               Communications - school building
          2008 Consultation - waste strategy

          2009 Unitary bid                               £121,743

          2009 Improving children's services

          2010 Monitoring; communications

          2007 Communications - waste strategy             £5,500
               Communications - waste strategy
          2010 Staff training                              £2,235

          2010 Bid for city status                        £35,000
               Staff training                               £724

          2007 Profile building

          2009 Communications - court case                £10,354

          2008 Consultation - planning application
          2010 Monitoring
          2007 Communications - event
               Staff training

               Consultation - regeneration                £54,561
          2005 Monitoring
               Staff training; legal advice
               Unitary bid

         2000 Transport

         2006 Political consultancy

         2004 Transport; Unitary status
         2008 Regeneration
              Profile building              £20,000
before 1998

         2007 Road pricing

         2008 Unitary bid                   £20,000

               Unitary bid

               Heathrow expansion

         2007 GLA Act 2007                  £30,000

               Unitary bid; economy          £7,000

               Unitary bid

         2007 Housing                        £2,000

         2007 Unitary bid; waste strategy   £22,000

         2010 unitary
         2007 Unitary bid

         2007 Unitary bid

         2010 Profile building

         2010 Meetings

         2010 Housing funding
2009 Housing funding   £57,000
2000 Economy
Extra info/comment
“In the past Barking and Dagenham Council has employed firms such as Grayling PR and Citigate on a temporary consultancy bas
The company were employed to help arrange meetings between representatives of Blackpool Council and Central
Lobbyists were employed, but for training purposes.
Places on workshops run by Positif on subjects including catering and transport. Spent £351 in 2008 and £585 in 2009.
They provided advice on publicexternaland public for lobbying purposes. Even when weand did not the important
The council has never used an affairs company policy matters, but not as "lobbyists" undertook lobby central
Fair Deal exercise, we used in-house resources. However, periodically, we do seek outside assistance for specialist
tasks where either we don't have the right level of expertise ourselves or it would not represent good value for
money to establish a permanent role. We engaged Luther Pendragon, a respected communications consultancy, to
Any publicCity Council spokesman said: "ExeterbeenCouncil has ain-house as in-house PR team. To provide support
An Exeter affairs work undertaken by ECC has City undertaken very small part of Communications (one example
on workloads during the four year unitary process the Council used Connect PA in 2007 and Lutherpendragon in
2009. The total cost of this was £121,743.97. These organisations provided specialist marketing and PR support,
including messaging and engagement with stakeholders, particularly on informing and involving our local community
in the unitary debate through both the media and online methods. This was a hugely important issue for the City
and it was vitally important that as many people as possible knew what was being proposed and how it would affect
We do use connect but not for actual lobbying. If weto lobby anyone. Mr Pickles’ at conferecne they would helpfacts
Haringey Council has never used Luther Pendragon were staging a fringe event department did not check the with
with us. Luther Pendragon provides a range of services and we have never used their lobbying arm. They were
contracted to help improve communications between organisations responsible for safeguarding children. This was
after the Baby P case and was designed to ensure no breakdown in communications in future, as this had been
Cannot not employed to or no as to whether we have used the company by Hertfordshire County Council during
PPS wasgive a straight yes lobby central government. They were employed as we are in dispute of this and are
awaiting further details from The Public Affairs Company. We have no record in the past 10 years of using The Public
Affairs Company (and if we had it would be recorded on our finance system). However, that company has us on their
website as working with them. On speaking with them they said we had used their services once in the late 1990s
but we do not for lobbying andto make it clear, absolutely not for reluctant of central government or anything akin to
Yes it was use LCA, but I need it was not a high amount but was lobbying to discuss it with me further saying that
that. Lee Valley Regional Park Authority does not lobby. Because we cover a very large area (from the Thames,
through east and north London out to Essex and Hertfordshire) and have a large range of interest areas (sport,
leisure, the Olympics, environment, heritage, wildlife among many others) we use them to gather intelligence and
information Council vast number of agendas which are of interest and has not paid PPS us. any other companyfor this.
The County on the does not use tax-payers' money for lobbying to us or could affect or We also use them for
We worked with PPS on a short term basis in 2007, at a cost of £5,500 to produce an effective communications
strategy to help residents minimise their waste and recycle wherever possible. This has had the benefit of reducing
We have never used them for lobbying but employed them to do stakeholder engagement and consultation on our
We impact of central government on expertise and contacts to help us in our bid for city status. We have set aside
The are using this specialist company'slocal government
a small budget of around £35,000 to add to the £15,000 already provided by private donations. A wide range of key
community leaders, private sector businesses, faith groups, young people, voluntary sector organisations and
Recently, members of staff attended three training courses, to the value of £724, which were organised through the
Contract was between Newport Transport, aemploy the services of Positif but not since 2008. It was not for
With reference to your query below, we did private company, and FD-LLM
lobbying purposes. We employed them in a public affairs capacity as our eyes and ears in Whitehall and
This was done because of the complex nature of the case and the challenges it presented. Representatives accurate
Westminster at a time when Nottingham was receiving a lot of negative publicity in the press. They helped of the
firm regularly attended court when it was in session and advised the Council. "The firm cost the Council £10,354,
including VAT, for its services. "Bell Pottinger was employed by the Council because we were unable to resource this
They were used to organise, administrate and facilitate all public consultation as part of a planning application
process for a new secondary school. Because it is a completely new secondary, of about £25m in value, it’s classed
as a major site and a considerable amount of consultation needed to be undertaken.
A monitoring contract for for six passenger executives in the country
Promotion of the Tour De France's London stage
The Council did not employ this legislation that would affect service delivery
Place on workshop on assembly firm for any form of political lobbying. The firm was employed to undertake a
consultation exercise with local residents and other partner agencies with regards to the redevelopment of
Skelmersdale Town Centre, which is situated within West Lancashire Borough Council boundaries, this development
We used them 5 years ago and we used them for monitoring of legislation, not lobbying.
No we weren't [using the company to lobby central government]. We employed the firm for communications support around a comp
Use of company was "historic"
Our predecessor authority, Shropshire County Council, did use a public affairs firm in relation to the formation of the
Carlisle City Council and Cumbria CC have no record of contract
We havent worked with them since 2000 and that was to do with Thameslink. Could have been consultation or
Lobbyists were possibly employed to resist the transition into a unitary council. However, no hard facts were to be
We have only used them a handful of times in last ten years, but not since 2006; and certainly not during this
The council is currently checking its records.

We did use this firm in 2007/8 for some wide ranging public affairs work on a regeneration project; not sure of
We have used Connect Communications to work with us to help organise conferences and other events, particularly
This Board has not existed for more than 10 years; It’s a predecessor organisation to the IDeA, which came into being in 1998. It s
The council is currently checking its records.
Some time ago
If company was used, it was a "number of years ago" and the person responsible could not be tracked down.
Stakeholder enagagment; press work
In 2007/8 Cumbria used to advise paid Euro hire a room in the Houses of Parliament for an event
The company were County Council on how to RSCG Apex Communications a fee of £20,000 for work that it did on
helping the county council prepare a bid to form a unitary authority for the whole of Cumbria. This was a one-off
piece of work in a specialist area uses public affairs consultants or lobbyists. a national, regional and local level. The
Devon County Council no longer involving bespoke stakeholder relations at These services have been used in the
past to help to challenge the previous Government’s wasteful and unlawful proposals over local government
reorganisation in lobby firm to lobby central government around two yearsa £40with success atto the public purse
We did employ a the county. The defeat of these plans actually resulted in ago, million saving the Heathrow
Airport expansion plans. Please see here for more information
The London Assembly employed Connect PA in 2006/7. They were employed the only time we have used lobby .This isto assist the Assembly duringathe
drafting and passage of the GLA Act 2007 which amended the powers and responsibilities of the Mayor of London
and the London Assembly (who together constitute the Greater London Authority). I have attached the paper
approved by the Assembly's Business Council, said: "Norfolk County Council has previously sought specialist public
Daniel Cox, Leader of Norfolk County Management and Appointments Committee which authorised the expenditure
affairs help to challenge the previous Government's wasteful and unlawful proposals for local government
These were exceptional us navigate the Whitehall maze to help promote Norfolk economic interests nationally.
reorganisation and help circumstances and Freshwater were hired to help co-ordinate the efforts and activities of
the five District and Borough Councils involved in Keep Norfolk Local to convince ministers not to go ahead with a
highly wastefulEuro RSGCto create a unitary Norfolk. Fortunately them £2,000 in October 2007 for work theysaying
We have used proposal Apex Communications once. We paid the government listened to what we were did as
part of our Housing Transfer project. I understand it was to approach the then housing minister during the process
of the Yorkshire County of our housing stock that housing last six-yearor other body.
North possible transfer Council can confirm to a it in the association period it has paid a total of £22,000 to two
consultancy companies for help with two high profile initiatives. In 2004, along with other local authorities, it paid
£7,103 to the Public Affairs Company for help with a bid to promote regional government reform – at a time when
the county council was looking to achieve unitary status to improve local government effectiveness and efficiency. In
2007 theCity Council did paidemploy the services of Connect Communications betweenwaste strategy. This strategy
Norwich county council not £15,944.75 to the PPS group for help with its high profile 1 March and 31 May 2010.
The outgoing government invited local authorities to bid to become unitary councils and as part of that process we
employed this company on a one-off basis. The council no longer employs its services.
We did use a public affairs firm to lobby Central Government, but it was back in 2007 for the unitary bid. We haven't
We used a lobbyist for £3000 on one issue; the transition into afor unitary status coming out of the 2006 Local
It was a specific one-off situation dealing with the council’s bid unitary council. An independent poll showed that 82% of the popu
Government White Paper. Connect were employed to assist the council with its unitary bid given the tight time
scales in which it had to be submitted. To thesaid: Weour knowledge we haveto support our public affairs work -
Deborah Lewin, Director of Communications best of use Weber Shandwick never used lobbyists before. These
their role is primarily about helping us build our profile and influence at a national level; they have undertaken work
to gauge perceptions of the city with a range of people connected to Westminster and Whitehall and in October are
assisting us in organising the launch week for our Economic Masterplan for the city with a parliamentary launch and
associated seminars planned. We pay them for the work they do for us for example their work for the Economic
Susie Kemp, assistant chief us £5,000. We consider this excellent value for money when you consider the low
Masterplan launch will cost executive, Surrey CC, said the company were paid "a small amount of money" to set up a
day of meetings between SESL's chair and key figures in the new government because SESL's "tiny" two-man team
did not have the capacity. "We wouldn't choose to spend it period We have the information we need of the contract.
Yes, however the consultancy is currently serving its notice again. - SBC has issued early termination and we can do
The contract was to assist the council secure the investment needed to deliver Swindon’s challenging growth
agenda. Swindon had a very challenging housing trajectory to meet under the draft Regional Spatial Strategy and
Waverley DC would not normally use an outside organisation, but decided to because it was on behalf of 70 councils
to raise issue of "fair and local housing financing" and because the group wanted to take advantage of the
company's expertise on what was an important issue for residents. Approximately 38 councils shared the £57,000
We used this company in the year 2000 for inward investment work, to encourage civil servants to move to York. It
on a temporary consultancy basis. They have provided information and advice to assist us when applying for grants and investment from central gover

8 and £585 in 2009.

nications support around a complex regeneration project.
ich came into being in 1998. It seems that they are listed by Connect as being a previous customer from ages ago rather than anything more recent.

oll showed that 82% of the population was against this transition. The council wanted to bring this issue to parliament and arrange a meeting between
g for grants and investment from central government, and were not used to directly lobby ministers or arrange meetings with them. These consultants w
ages ago rather than anything more recent.

o parliament and arrange a meeting between our chairman and a minister . We wrote 3 times but failed to receive a response, so we used a lobbyist to
ange meetings with them. These consultants were engaged for short periods as when they were needed. Barking and Dagenham has since stopped re
to receive a response, so we used a lobbyist to arrange a meeting with a minister, which we received in 2 weeks. At the time the council had 'no in-hou
Barking and Dagenham has since stopped recruiting consultants for this kind of work.”
weeks. At the time the council had 'no in-house Press Office'.

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