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									                                                                                               Business Office
                                                                                          4 Ag Admin Building
   OSU Financials Access Request Form                                                         2120 Fyffe Road
                                                                                          Columbus OH 43210
                                                                                           Fax (614) 688-0529

Attention all new PeopleSoft or PREP users: Before submitting this form you are required by OIT to complete an online
training session on "Data Use and Security" and/or PREP Training. Please navigate to the links provided below to view
instructions on how to access and complete the online training(s) in Carmen.

User Information
  Name:                                                                       Org Number:

  Employee ID:                                                            Office Address:

  Phone Number:

  Email Address:

  Existing PeopleSoft User ID (If applicable):
Access Information (Check all that apply)
                 Invoice Approver                  Responsible for approving blanket order invoices and invoices greater than $1k in
                                                   Online Data Use and Security training required for new PeopleSoft users:
                                                   Invoice Approver training video: http://clickvideo.ag.ohio-

                 PREP Initiator                    Initiator access for Payment Request Panel in PeopleSoft to enter OSP Reimbursements
                                                   and Extension local checking account & personal reimbursements.
                                                   PREP Training Required: http://oit.osu.edu/hrfin/financialschedule.html#PREP
                                                   Extenstion PREP Training video: http://osuebusiness.ag.ohio-
                                                   Data Use & Security training required for new PeopleSoft Users:

                 eReports Access                   Access to financials reporting system for monthly reports and reconciliation.

                 Remove User Access Removes access if user has left the University, left the department for which they had
                                                   access or should no longer have access to approve invoices or initate PREP entries.

User Certification
                 By initialing in the space provided, I certify that I have completed all applicable manditory tranings for the
                 area(s) I am requesting access.

Access Authorization
    Org Authorizer
        Signature:                                                                                        Date:

Additional Information
  How to submit 1. Submit this form to the Business Office by faxing to 614-688-0529.
                   2. Wait for an e-mail from the Bus. Office or from the OSU Office of Information Tech. (OIT) that gives you access.
      this form    3. Complete any necessary information in the New User Packet from OIT (if applicable).
                          4. Call 614-688-HELP if you do not know your password or if it is not included in your New User Packet (if applicable).
                          5. Access the system by going to the Business Office Web site: http://osuebusiness.ag.ohio-state.edu and navigating to the
                          PeopleSoft Procurement System through the the "LINKS" option on the left side of the page.

                          Please email Cindy Buxton (buxton.65@cfaes.osu.edu) with any questions regarding this form

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