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					                          West Adams Preparatory High School

                                     11th Grade EAP Test

                                   Friday, March 25, 2011
Test Background

The EAP test is a written essay assignment that is an opportunity for 11th grade students to obtain
information about their readiness for college-level English. Students who demonstrate readiness
are exempt from taking the California State University (CSU) as well as California Community
College (CCC) English and mathematics placement tests upon admission to the CSU or
participating CCC. To participate in the EAP, students must complete the CST grade 11 ELA
test, take the additional 15 multiple choice questions at the end of the test and complete this EAP
essay. In addition, students can participate in the EAP math by completing the CST Algebra II
or High School Summative Mathematics test and the additional 15 multiple-choice test questions
at the end of the test.

Test Administration

The EAP test will be given on Friday, March 25th during the 11th grade English classes. The test
is a 45-minute, timed writing assignment that will be administered by a proctor. A proctor will
arrive to your classroom with testing materials for your students. Though it is an optional test,
we want to give every West Adams student the opportunity (and preparation) to pursue a college
education should they choose.

Test Schedule

The EAP will be administered according to the attached schedule. Consideration has been given
to the importance of minimal disruption to the instructional program. The distribution and actual
test is anticipated to take about one hour. Once testing is complete, collect all testing materials
and continue with your planned instructional activities. Someone will return to your classroom
to count and collect test documents.

Absent Students

Students who are absent for EAP testing, will receive a summons on Monday, March 28th during
1st block to report to an alternate testing location to complete the essay.


If you have questions or concerns about the test, please do not hesitate to contact Janice Barnes,
Testing Coordinator. Thank you in advance for all that you do for the West Adams community.
           West Adams Preparatory High School

                        11th Grade EAP Test

                       Friday, March 25, 2011

Block             Teacher                 Room
          Guardado                S-226
Block 1   Mazzei                  N-206
          Levy                    N-236
          Galindo                 N-238

          Barnes, E.              N-205
Block 2   Shapiro                 N-238

          Requa                   N-319
Block 3   Levy                    N-236
          Bailey                  N-213
          Oviedo                  N-322

          Enszer                  N-306
Block 4   Bailey                  N-213
          Yamane                  N-235
          Oviedo                  N-322

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