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									            Department of Health and Human Services

                      Statement of Duties

    Title: Director, Aeromedical and Medical   Job                          Effective
          Retrieval Services                   Number: 519826               Date: September 2010
    Group: Ambulance Tasmania                  Organisational Unit:    Ambulance Tasmania
    Section: Aero Medical and Medical
                                               Location: 12 Brisbane Street, Hobart
    Retrieval Services Division State wide
    Award: Salaried Medical Practitioners
                                               Stream: Specialist Medical Practitioner
    (AMA Tasmania/DHHS) Agreement
    Level: Commensurate with years of
                                               Job Status: Full Time
    Reports to: Chief Executive Officer        Number of Subordinates: 20-30

Focus of Duties:

•       The Director, Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval Services is a member of the
        Service executive and is required to lead and manage the provision of high
        quality contractual and operational performance of Aeromedical and Medical
        Retrieval Services in Tasmania.

•       The position will also take a lead role in the development of business plans and
        identify and implement innovative reforms and approaches to service delivery to
        achieve financial and operational outcomes that meet the strategic directions of
        Ambulance Tasmania based on the analysis of future demographic changes, the
        needs of the patient and community and developing different service delivery

1.      Provide leadership and management of the physical, financial and human
        resources of the A&MRS to meet community service requirements.

2.      Manage Ambulance Services within the designated A&MRS to ensure optimal
        resource allocation (eg vehicles/assets; rostering; crewing) to achieve business
        objectives and agreed response times in the provision of high quality patient care
        to the community in accordance with best practice.

3.      Manage patient safety and clinical quality initiatives and performance with
        particular attention to State-wide and Department of Health and Human Services
        Tasmania directions and innovative service delivery models and clinical practice
        opportunities to enhance local or regional services aligned to community needs.
4.   Plan, manage and evaluate financial budgets and financial activity to meet
     operational performance targets and business outcomes.

5.   Manage and implement human resources policies and practices.

6.   Provide accurate and timely advice to the Chief Executive Officer on the financial
     / operational performance of the A&MRS.

7.   Ensure the operational efficiency of the “Computer Aided Dispatch” (CAD) system
     and databases as they apply to aero-medical and medical retrievals and identify
     and recommend technological and process improvements.

8.   Undertake industrial consultations and negotiations with unions and other key
     stakeholders on industrial reforms.

9.   Contribute to the development and implement policy across the full range of
     operational ambulance services.

10. Assist in the development of business plans to achieve strategic operational

11. Manage the preparation, maintenance, performance and review of contracts and
    contract conditions within Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval Services.

12. Manage and validate all divisional expenditure including fixed and variable
    contract payments up to ($20M pa).

13. Lead the administration of contracts to ensure services by providers are compliant
    and paid in accordance with contracts.

14. Identify and effectively manage issues relating to the work performance of staff

     •    Performance management.
     •    Performance planning, development and review processes.
     •    Implement actions to minimise the risk of unacceptable behaviours.
     •    Ensuring unacceptable behaviours such as bullying; harassment and
          victimisation are identified at as early a stage as possible and responded to
          and effectively managed.
     •    Monitor and ensure compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.
     •    Constructively manage workplace and interpersonal conflict.
     •    Undertake timely investigation, effective resolution and monitoring of staff
          concerns and grievances in accordance with the relevant Ambulance Service

15. Undertake Retrieval Consultant and Retrieval Specialist duties if required.

16. The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties, not specifically mentioned in
    this document, that are within the capacity, qualifications and experience
    normally expected from persons occupying jobs at this classification level.

Particular challenges for the position include:

 -   Implementing Communications Centre reforms and ensuring that the
     Communications Centre promptly handles competing demands for patient care
        services, and effectively interfaces with A&MRS and Area Health Service
        resources to provide on-time, patient transport and pre-hospital care services.

    -   Planning for and maintaining adequate cost effective staffing levels to meet
        community needs within an industry sensitive environment.

    -   Developing a high level of interaction with relevant health and emergency service
        agencies and with the community in order to cultivate dynamic and innovative
        whole of health service provision.

    -   Identifying opportunities for effecting service delivery, structural and functional
        reform to meet business and Government expectations.

    -   Foster and support a teams based work environment with a learning culture
        based on measurable achievement of outcomes and continuous improvement.

    -   Demonstrating improved business performance            through   astute   financial
        management and resource utilisation.

    -   Translating strategic direction into practical and measurable operational

    -   Fostering and supporting a culture of performance              measurement     and
        improvement in patient safety and clinical quality


    -   The Director, Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval Services will liaise closely with
        the Chief Executive Officer and other managers to provide accurate, timely
        information and advice concerning operational matters. A fundamental
        requirement of this position will be the development of an effective
        communications network across the incumbent’s A&MRS of responsibility.

    -   A key responsibility of the position is to maintain close professional
        communications with contractors often in a difficult media and political

    -   The Director, Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval Services will, when required,
        consult with the Chief Executive, Directors, unions, other emergency services,
        health care providers and community groups and possess highly competent
        written and verbal communication skills.

Scope of Work Performed:

•       The Director, Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval Services (A&MRS) will ensure
        the efficient and effective management of the aero-medical and medical retrieval
        component of the Communications Centre and its interface with sector resourcing
        to meet community needs and expectations. This will include continuous
        improvement in service delivery by identifying and implementing systems and
        workplace reform. It also includes performance monitoring and achievement of
        key performance targets to achieve continuous improvement to service delivery.
•       The position holds significant discretion and is responsible for key interaction with
        health and community interests within the A&MRS and for ensuring appropriate
        systems are in place to manage day to day operational decision making, resource
        and budget allocations.

•       The position also plays a major role in effecting structural and functional reform
        of retrieval services through the deployment of financial, staffing and industrial
        programmes and initiatives to meet government and community service delivery
        expectations and meeting the identified strategies in the Resourcing and
        Performance Agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services

•       The position will lead programmes and projects that improve business
        performance and will exercise extensive human resource, operational and
        financial authorities to enable timely decision-making on all aspects of A&MRS
        ambulance operations.

•       The position leads tendering processes including development, implementation,
        evaluation and monitoring of tenders. Consistent with this function this position
        leads the financial administration and operational reporting of awarded contracts
        ensuring that services delivered by providers’ meets project and business
        requirements in compliance with best practice and government policy.

•       The position will also be required to support the Ambulance Tasmania Medical
        Retrieval consultant and retrieval specialist rosters from time to time.

•       This position also has a key role in managing the states immediate and ongoing
        emergency response to a major incident

Pre-employment Conditions:

    Essential Qualifications:
    Evidence of the following must be provided prior to appointment to the job:

    •   Specialist or limited registration with the Medical Board of Australia in a relevant

    Pre-employment Checks:
    The Commissioner has determined that the person nominated for this job is to satisfy
    a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, on promotion or

    The following checks are to be conducted:

    1. Conviction checks in the following areas:
        a) Crimes of Violence
        b) Sex related offences
        c) Serious drug offences
     d) Crimes involving dishonesty

 2. Identification check
 3. Disciplinary action in previous employment check.

Selection Criteria:

1.   Significant experience and record within an operational service delivery area.

2.   Hold critical care qualifications recognised by Australasian Medical Colleges.

3.   Detailed understanding of business planning and ability to translate strategies
     into operational outcomes.

4.   Demonstrated understanding of Tasmania Health’s future directions and their
     implications for the delivery and potential development of ambulance services.

5.   Proven experience in the management of change and to position an organisation
     to achieve long term objectives.

6.   Experience and/or capacity to plan and manage large and complex budgets at a
     senior level.

7.   Demonstrated record of achievement in the management and co-ordination of
     resource intensive services across multiple business streams.

8.   Appropriate Academic Qualifications in a health or management related discipline.

9.   Highly developed written communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

10. Proven ability to handle complex negotiations.

11. Outstanding conceptual and analytical skills with a demonstrated capacity to
    manage competing priorities.

12. Strong leadership and performance management capabilities with demonstrated
    people management skills, including providing staff support, staff development,
    performance management and the early identification of unacceptable workplace

Working Environment:

The Department of Health and Human Services is committed to providing the highest
levels of healthcare and services, and values equity, diversity, initiative, flexibility,
creativity, teamwork, conduct, occupational health and safety and the capacity to
make a difference.

The minimum responsibilities required of officers and employees of the State Service
are contained in sections 7(1), 8 and 9 of the State Service Act 2000.
The State Service Act 2000 and the Commissioner’s Directions (employment directives)
can    be   found     on    the   State  Service     Commissioner’s   website     at

This job may exercise delegations in accordance with a range of Acts, Regulations,
Awards, administrative authorities and functional arrangements mandated by Statutory
office holders including the Secretary of the Department. The relevant Organisational
Unit Manager can provide details to the occupant of delegations applicable to this job.

DHHS is a smoke free work environment. Smoking is prohibited in all State
Government workplaces including vehicles and vessels.

Health Care Workers with the Department of Health and Human Services are
expected to comply with the Agency’s Hepatitis B Policy and the Tasmanian Code of
Practice for Health Care Workers.

The Agency’s policy classifies the levels of risk to employees, who have a risk of
exposure to Hepatitis B higher than the normal population, as either:

Category 2.     Employees whose employment arrangements and duties place them
                at a higher than normal population risk of exposure to blood or body

Category 3.     Employees who are, or potentially will be, directly involved in the
                conduct of exposure prone procedures.

For employees who occupy jobs classified as Category 2 level of risk it is strongly
recommended that the occupant either demonstrate current immunity or previous
seroconversion to Hepatitis B or demonstrate immunity following vaccination.

For employees who occupy jobs classified as Category 3 level of risk the occupant
will be required to either demonstrate current immunity or previous seroconversion
to Hepatitis B or demonstrate immunity following vaccination.


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