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					                       HIGHLANDER Series Character Names
People who make appearances in The Dark Highlander Book 5:

Dageus MacKeltar: Day-gis, with a hard G; Twin Brother of Drustan; Half Brother of Ian &
Robert; While trying to save his twin Brother he used ‘dark magic’ and now he has only 1 Good
Conscience and 13 Bad ones

Chloe (Nee Zanders) MacKeltar: Clo-e; Antiquities student; works at The Cloisters

Adam Black: The Dark Fae

Aoibheal: Ah-veel (Not Irish-Gaelic but an older language unique to the Fae) – Queen of the
Fairy; Tuatha Dé Danaan

Katherine O’Malley: Criminal Attorney; Dageus’s lover

Simon Barton-Drew: Master of Druid Sect of Daghar

Giles Jones:

Tom: Co-Curator

Evan MacGregor: Chloe’s Grandfather

Drustan MacKeltar: Drus-tin, U like drum, Drrustan, like the word rust, as pronounced by
PG, Gwen & later MacKeltar’s; Drew-stan, as pronounced by Silvan, Nell & Dageus;
Dageus’s Twin Brother; Half Brother of Ian & Robert

Gwendolyn “Gwen” (Nee Cassidy) MacKeltar: Drustan’s Wife; 6 Months pregnant


Silvan MacKeltar: Father of 2 sets of twins: Drustan and Dageus, and Ian and Robert

Nell MacKeltar: Wife of Silvan MacKeltar; Mother of twins Ian & Robert in the year 1518

Ian MacKeltar: Twin Son of Silvan & Nell MacKeltar; Half-Brother to Drustan & Dageus

Robert MacKeltar: Twin Son of Silvan & Nell MacKeltar; Half-Brother to Drustan & Dageus

Hugh Barton-Drew: Simon’s Son

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