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									                           ROBERT R. POPOLOW
                           (646) 233-3436

Dear Associate,

I am certain after reviewing the following introduction you will agree that I am introducing to you
an unusually diverse trainer who has been actively training others in New York and New Jersey
since the 1990s.

In addition to my uncommonly diverse training skills I am highly energetic, an extrovert, & above
all else strive to give others a more energetic, productive and fun life style. I am young enough in
heart and mind to still have unbridled energy & enthusiasm yet old enough to know what it means
to be professional and over the years have gained heightened skills in customer service and
training others.

I am offering the following categories of services.

Personal Training
Couples Training
Group Training
On call personal Training
Periodic specialized seminars
Regularly scheduled specialized classes
On Call Group class substitute
Demo Classes to peak interest

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to working with you.


Robert R. Popolow
                           ROBERT R. POPOLOW
                           (646) 233-3436

The following is a list of what I currently teach and if you keep scrolling down you will see my
outdoor athletic skills as well.

Conditioning                                        Combat Related
Abdominals Conditioning                             Boxing
Aerobic Boxing                                      Fencing
Aerobic Kickboxing                                  Japanese & Chinese Pole & Spear Fighting
Aqua Tai Chi                                        Japanese Sword Fighting
Aqua Kickboxing                                     Mixed Martial Arts
Balance                                             Muay Thai Kickboxing
Butt Conditioning                                   Philippine Stick Fighting
Core Development                                    Pole or spear against Bladed weapons or
Boot Camp-Military Style                            sticks
Flexi-ball / Stability Ball                         Sai Against pole, sticks and bladed weapons.
Flexibility / Stretching for performance            Sai Fighting – Actual application
enhancement, mobility & longevity                   Traditional Kung Fu
Jump Rope Aerobics                                  Weapon of Choice-You pick any weapon and
Leg Conditioning                                    I'll choose my favorite counter weapon and
Medicine Ball Training                              we'll train them to perfection.
Meditation - Breathing improvement, focal
exercises, biofeedback, visualization, self
healing & Stress Management
Quad Band Training
Running for speed, distance, marathons &
Tai Chi - For Balance, health improvement,
energy enhancement
Two Person Stretching
Weight training - Endurance, toning & fast
Yoga - Flexibility, meditative & strengthening

Bio-mechanics                                       Nutrition / Health
Gait Analysis                                       Nutrition
Mechanics of energy conservation                    Vegetarianism
Postural Improvement                                Weight Gain
                                                    Weight Loss
Social / Recreational                               Sports / Recreational
Backpacking trips                                   Bicycling for Speed, distance or Mountain
Beach athletic anything goes day.                   Rock Climbing Indoor or Outdoor
Canoeing Outing                                     Rollerblading - Basics, safety & power blading
Hiking Trips                                        Salsa Dancing for individuals or couples
Horseback riding - Instruction, Day trips &         Tennis boot camp-intense tennis training drills.
Weekend distance rides                              Swimming for conditioning, competition,
Mountain Biking Trips                               adolescent, challenged.
Park athletic anything goes day.
Rock Climbing Adventure day - Indoor or

                        ROBERT R. POPOLOW
                        (646) 233-3436

The following is a little about my history.

I started studying martial arts in 1974 and studied avidly (3 to 7 hours a day 5 to 7 days
a week) until 1992. From about 13 years of age until 1990 I was an assistant / instructor
in martial arts. From 1988 to 1991 I was a personal trainer in New York and for 3 years
co-owed three Martial arts / Exercise schools in NY. I had taught multiple classes a day
of up to 15 people per class both kids and adults in Martial arts, chi gung, tai chi, body
toning & yoga and even gave group lecture classes on health related topics & stress

I studied to be a registered Dietician and minored in sports medicine and massage
therapy but during this time period I was a US Marine Reserve and was called to the
Gulf War. After completing 9 months in Kuwait and returning to NY and my schools had
lost all their clients. Technology was booming at this time and I had studied
communications technology in the military thus decided to ride the technology wave. I
continued teaching exercise privately and computers simultaneously from 1991 till
Present day.

Since 2005 I have taken multiple certification courses, which the NYSC gyms
recommended in order to progress within their business in NJ. In 2010 I moved back to
NY City and have a day time technology career and wish to continue training others in a
gym setting.

References & testimonials for my ability as a trainer are available upon request.

Thank you for your time.


Robert R. Popolow
                        ROBERT R. POPOLOW
                        (646) 233-3436

History & Credentials

1973   Began Training
       Kanzen Gogu Ryu - Black Belt Sensai Fare – Long Island, NY 5 years

       Hung Ga southern Chinese 5 animal long fist system - very power oriented. Si Fu
       Yee and Michael Mangenielo Manhattan, NY & Amityville Long Island - 2 years

       Judo – George Harris 8th Degree Black belt head of the National Judo
       Association - 1.5 years

       Ages 13 to 21 I was team competitive in Cross country, track, swimming, tennis,
       football & soccer

1983-1988 – College Education
      W.V.W.C. – Environmental Science Major - 1 Year
      U.C. Berkeley – Registered Dietician & Sports Medicine – 4 Years
      Holistic Health Center in Great Neck, LI, NY - Massage Therapy 1.5 years
      Tai Chi Chuan, Young Style & Choy lay Fut Kung Fu – 4 Years

1984 – 1990 - Personal trainer in Martial Arts, Tai Chi, body toning & yoga.
       Wing Tsun /Chun Trapping hands Bruce lee’s foundation style. Gained an
       instructor’s certificate – Under Christopher P. Ward Disciple of Grandmaster
       Leung Ting - 5 Years
       Simultaneously Philippine stick fighting - Black Belt – Under Christopher P. Ward
       – Rene Latosa System - 5 years
       Tai Chi & Chuan, Young Style & Chi Gung - William C.C. Chen - 1 Year

1988 – 1992 - Marine Reserves
       Was activated for the Gulf War Communications Specialist, ground assault React
       squad & injured ambulation.

1988 – 1991 – Co-owed three Martial arts schools.
       When retuned from the Gulf war my teacher and partner Christopher P. Ward let
       them close down due to his publishing business going well. As a result I went into
       technology as a new career.

       Kendo Japanese Sword - 1 year
       Traditional European Fencing – Ramone Martinez - 1 year

1990 to 1999 - Discontinued formal training but continue training others privately.
       Worked out moderately to compensate for a marriage and having a child and
       gaining a technology career.
                         ROBERT R. POPOLOW
                         (646) 233-3436

1991 – 2005 Network Administrator for Fortune 500 companies.

1999 – 2005 Muay Thai Kick boxing - Blue Mikado System NY - 2.5 years
            Muay Thai Kickboxing – Eastern Sun Martial Arts 2 Years

2002 to Today – Private & Group Training in Sports and total body conditioning
seminars, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Fencing & Medieval heavy steel

2002 to 2005 New York Sports Clubs New Jersey
             Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Training, & Group Exclusive Instructor.
             Actively teaching in multiple locations; Kickboxing Aerobics & Practical,
             Boxing Aerobics & Practical, Boot Camp, Total body conditioning, Abs,
             Stretching, Yoga & Aqua Aerobics.


Primary Certifications
CPR & AED Certified

Certifications through New York Sports Clubs in NJ
Exercise Foundations Part 1 & 2
For three years went to the TSI Summits
Club Abs
Club Kick
Club Yoga
Club Strength & Stretch
Corp Training
Medicine Ball
Mobility Improvement for athletes and elderly
Outdoor running
Outdoor Sports
Quad Band Courses
Stretch Dynamics
                         ROBERT R. POPOLOW
                         (646) 233-3436

Other Misc Experience
Participated in Tennis Camps in Boston and private country clubs.
Private and group instructed in Tennis, Martial Arts (See Below Combat Section) Salsa
Dancing & Fencing.
Participated & was coached in high school and college in competitive tennis, swimming,
track & cross country running, wrestling, football, volleyball & soccer.
Yearly take a self rescue and rescue of others full day rock climbing class.
Trained by Jenny Craig and worked for them for 2 years doing Weight Loss Counseling

Combat Certifications / Experience
Philippine Stick fighting Trainers Certificate - Black Belt (5 Years)
Wing Tsun Trainers Certificate - 5 Years
Black Belt in Kanzen Gogyru Karate - 5 Years
Tai Chi - 12 Years
Hung Ga Kung Fu 2 Years
Judo 2 Years
Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu 2 Years
Kendo Japanese Sword Fighting 2 years
Muay Thai Kickboxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 4 years

Other Accomplishments

People and Groups I have trained
Group classes for multiple New York Sports Clubs in New Jersey
Personal Training for multiple New York Sports Clubs in New Jersey
Pre Pro Athletes
Young affluent competitive academic athletes
State Troopers
Police Dept Baton Use, Handcuffing & Restraint
6 year olds up to 74 year olds in basic conditioning.
Assisted in the Special Olympics
Taught handicapped swimming.
Specialized conditioning for Models and Actors
Classes in Tai Chi in Central Park during the summer
Frequent participant in volunteer active activities for NY Cares
                        ROBERT R. POPOLOW
                        (646) 233-3436

Miscellaneous other accomplishments.

4 min 24 sec mile track records in high school
15 to 21 ran 5 Marathons 3:14 for the first than 2:37 the rest. Top in age group
At 16 Climbed 11 hours to the summit of Mount Rainier, WA
From 13 to 17 Mountain Climbed, back packed, rock climbed, bike hiked, canoed and
kayaked through much of the US with an adventure group called Explorer Post 1.
Tom Brown wilderness survival course completion
Multiple outward bound course completion
In free time studied Herbology, Edible plants & Climatology

I started studying martial arts in 1974 (8 Years Old) and studied avidly (3 to 7 hours a
day 5 to 7 days a week) until 1992.
From about 13 years of age until 1990 I was an assistant / instructor in martial arts.
From 1988 -1991 I co-owed three Martial arts / Exercise schools in Queens NY. I had
taught multiple classes a day of up to 15 people per class both kids and adults in Martial
arts, chi gung, tai chi, body toning & yoga and even gave group lecture classes on health
related topics & stress management.

Other Avid Hobbies

Dance – Studied Salsa for a few years and can teach up to intermediate level for
both men and women. Also do some Swing, Ballroom and Hustle.
Fencing – Have studied for a couple of years on and off.
Heavy Steel Combat – Renaissance Style sword work.
Lead climber in outdoor rock climbing trained in rescue of others and self-rescue. Took 2
10-hour sessions and over 60 outdoor up to 4 pitch climbs. Rating 5.4 to 5.9. Lead climb
5.4 to 5.6. – 3 years
Rollerblading – 10 years
Mountain Biking

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