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					                                                                     Investment Instructions (Minimum $250)*
                                                           A. Transfer $__________________ from:
                                                           (Select one)
Dollar Cost Averaging Form
                                                           i) Asset Allocation Funds
Instructions:                                                      O Class Money Market PCA 001 to PCA____________________
Complete this form for Dollar Cost Averaging in your               Fund Name__________________________________________
SEI Investments Canada Company Account. Please
fill out a separate application for each account number.           P Class Money Market PCA 9201 to PCA____________________
Forward completed form to:                                        Fund Name__________________________________________

By mail or courier:                                                F Class Money Market PCA 301 to PCA_____________________
                                                                  Fund Name__________________________________________
International Financial Data Services (IFDS)
Attention: SEI Client Service                              (Enter Fund Code and Fund Name for the target Asset Allocation Fund)
30 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1
Toronto, ON M5C 3G9                                        ii) Portfolios

OR By Fax: 1-866-733-9555                                          P Class Money Market PCA 9201 to PCA201
                                                                  Portfolio Name_________________________________________
          Dealer Information [Please Print]
                                                           (Enter Fund Code and Portfolio Name for the target Portfolio)

                                                           * Please note that program minimums apply of $5,000 for Asset Allocation Funds and
Dealer Firm Name                                           $50,000 for Portfolios for the account. The Money Market Fund and target Fund or
                                                           Portfolio must be the same class.

Dealer Number                                              B. SEI Investor Application & Agreement
                                                                   SEI Investor & Agreement Form Submitted if Required.
Rep Code
                                                           C. Frequency (Select one)
Dealer Telephone Number

                                                               Bi-Weekly          Monthly         Quarterly     Semi-Annually        Annually
Investor’s Account Number at the Dealer

                                                           D. Start Date:________/_________/_________ (Day/Month/Year)

                                                           Note: Fees for O Class investors will be charged to the fund of the
        Investor Information [Please Print]
                                                           Manager's selection in accordance with the Investor Application and
                                                           Agreement Form.

Name                                                       You may only hold the Money Market Fund and target Portfolio or Asset
                                                           Allocation fund in the account.

Social Insurance Number                                            Signature

SEI Account Number                                         Client Signature (if applicable)

                                                           Advisor Signature

                                                           Head Office Signature Guarantee (if applicable)


Form # DCA-06/09-E                                                                                                         End of Form

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