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					With the release of many exceptional new android tablets, it is no surprise that
consumers have begun to compare Androids to iPads. Everyone wants to know the
same thing. Who would win in an android tablet vs. iPad throw-down? Let’s take a
look at some of the functions and features of both devices and see who is still
standing at the end.

First, let’s look at basic design properties. Android tablets are generally heavier than
the iPad. The Toshiba Thrive, for example, is 1.6 pounds, while the iPad 2 weighs in
at 1.3 pounds. The iPad is also significantly thinner than the android tablet. Again,
using the Toshiba Thrive as a comparison, the distinction is clear. The iPad 2 is 0.34
inches thick, while the Toshiba Thrive is 0.62 inches thick. If this were a cage fight,
they wouldn’t even be in the same class.

Next, let’s examine the iPad vs. android tablet in an operating system arena. While
the iOS hasn’t changed much over the years, the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS has
improved by leaps and bounds. Much like iOS, Honeycomb has a great user-
interface. Honeycomb, however, has some cool new features like the ability to scroll
through multiple documents straight from the desktop. The iPad’s iOS is still great,
but Honeycomb is winning this race.

Now, let’s consider applications. In the android tablet vs. iPad battle, the iPad has a
clear advantage. There is a vast gap between the amount of apps available for the
iPad vs. the android. Currently, Honeycomb is extremely limited in its application
selection, while iPad has a seemingly never-ending supply. This gives the iPad a leg
up, but with time, Honeycomb has the potential to make great strides in their
application development.

Lastly, and for some, most importantly, is the android tablet vs. iPad competition for
affordability. The cost of androids and iPods is pretty equivalent. Android tablets
range in price from $400-$800 as do iPads. Both vary depending upon models and

So, who won the war? The answer is up to each user. For users looking for a slick,
advanced and trusted product, the iPad might be their champion. For users wanting
a forward-thinking multitasking feature, the android tablet could prove be their
victor. At the end of the day, it is all about personal preference. Do you want an
Apple or a Windows tablet? Are you a Mac or PC?

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