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Mobile Monopoly 2.0 Reviews and 5 Bonuses
August 26, 2012 By Joseph Mai Leave a Comment (Edit)

                           2 Years Later… It’s finally 2.0 time

This is a video coaching membership designed to teach from basics to advanced techniques of
wireless advertising using mobile devices as the medium of contact for your target customers. A
young entrepreneur named Adam Horwits created it. Adam has been being a full time Internet
marketer since he was 20, when he came up wit this idea. His awesome system will help you the
in‟s and out‟s of mobile marketing and guide you into this, the next natural procession of Internet
marketing .

The concept of mobile marketing is more and more popular nowadays. That‟s why all Google,
Facebook, Microsoft, Apple are focusing on mobile. The field is wide open with many
possibilities to expand your businesses.

                           Why will you need Mobile Monopoly?

      Mobile Marketing 2.0, Though Still New, Will Get Bigger.

Mobile technology is going to be all-pervasive in the future. No one actually knows just where it
will take us. Learning all that there is to know today about what will be happening tomorrow is
what the training in Mobile Monopoly is all about.

      Over 50 Training Videos Cover Every Field Of Mobile Marketing.

You will see exactly what Adam does to make advertising campaigns and you can learn how to
do it the true way. He will direct you step-by-step through all you‟ll need to know.

      Learning To Create Profitable Mobile Campaigns The Right Way.

Products and services come and go all the time. CPA offers change continually. The campaigns
taught in the videos that you‟ll emulate may not be in style as of today. However, it‟s the
strategies on how to focus the trends and how to capitalize on them is what is significant.
                      What are covered in Mobile Monopoly 2.0?

      Module 1 – Introduction To Mobile Monopoly – How To Get Mobile
      Module 2 – The “List Leapfrog” Method
      Module 3 – The Underground Advertising Networks
      Module 4 – CPA Goes Cellular
      Module 5 – Email Marketing And Clickbank Unplugged
      Module 6 – Tangible Products With Amazon
      Module 7 – Pay Per Call Profits
      Module 8 – Local Business Profits
      Module 9 – Smartphone App Development
      Module 10 – Mobile Music Money

                     Who will benefit most from Mobile Monopoly?

Anybody is able to start out with Internet marketing, or an established marketer looking for
alternative ways to create their mailing list will credibly get the most out of Mobile Monopoly

                         Pros and Cons of Mobile Monopoly 2.0

Pros: The best thing about Mobile Monopoly is a chance to learn about an emerging market,
how to formulate advertising strategies and take action them in this new media.

Cons: On the down side, you have to remember Mobile Monopoly is not a get rich quick
scheme. You‟ll have over 50 videos to watch. You will still need to build landing pages for
products, squeeze pages for building your mailing lists, an autoresponder account or software of
some kind.

                          Here are some common quick FAQs:

Q: Does Mobile Monopoly work on all phones in all countries?

A: Yes. All phones in all countries! We even show which CPA network we currently use to
reach new customers all over the world – from wherever you live.

Q: Do I need to have a smart phone to run mobile campaigns?

A: No. You run everything from your computer just like traditional Internet Marketing
campaigns, but you are reaching a market 5X bigger through their mobile devices.

The video modules show you every step of how to set up your campaigns (they are really easy!)
We even give you 24/7 live toll-free telephone support in case you have any questions.

Q: Will I need to be approved by CPA networks to make money with Mobile Monopoly?
A: No. We give you 7 different modules of ways you can make money with mobile. Several of
them you can start right away with NO MONEY.

With CPA, there are some free and low-cost networks… others (like AdMob) require deposits of
fifty bucks to start, but you can start with the free ones and work your way up rapidly. And
mobile CPA campaigns can currently be run for keywords as low as ONE PENNY per click!

Q: Do the mobile optimized squeeze pages work on Blackberry smart phones?

A: Yes. They work on all smart phone platforms like iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

                                       The Bottom Line

What you need to remember before you buy Mobile Monopoly or any other „Money Making”
opportunity is the fact that you will be putting in a lot of work to make it successful. Yes, you
have to still have a “back end” to market products and/or services with. There really are no
overnight successes in Internet marketing, no matter what you have read. Anyone looking for the
quick fix solution to mobile marketing or Internet marketing in general, will need to take a pass
on this one.

If you decide to make it with any type of marketing, Mobile Monopoly is as real as any other
system to start with. If you‟re looking for the quick „magic bullet‟, it‟s not out there anywhere.
Remember this, when you see the video of how Adam builds his subscriber list and how much
money he makes with it, he already had the back end all built to make that success come true. He
was already a well-seasoned Internet marketer, though a very young one.

If you‟re looking to get started in mobile marketing this will be as good a start as anywhere else
you want to look. I wish you good luck in your endeavors. Remember this also, the Internet and
the mobile market is far greater than anyone of us can even dream. There is room for many,
many more marketers out there. To be successful you must concentrate, learn to take advantage
of the market niches that have the least amount of competition in them

Good Fortune to you.
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