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					                                 SEO Class 1
Origin of Google and SEO

     Google History

        In the year 1995, Larry Page and Sergey Brin began collaborating on a search engine called
BackRub.BackRub operated on Stanford servers for more than a year—eventually taking up too much
bandwidth to suit the university so, 2 years hence, Larry and Sergey decide that the BackRub search
engine needs a new name. After some brainstorming, they go with Google—a play on the word
“googol,” a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. The
use of the term reflects their mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

     SEO History

        SEO first began in the 1990s with people submitting a particular site to a search engine. Search
engines then programs called Spiders that would peruse the Web, store the data and catalog the
millions of pages it came across. The search pulled up information using an indexer that stored the
various types of information for the search engine.

    1. SEO

    SEO means Search Engine Optimization meaning optimizing (changing) website so as to rank top in
search engines.

In seo there are 2 types :

    1. ON Page Optimization : In this, the changes are made within the website (html coding) to rank
    2. OFF Page Optimization : In this, the changes are made outside the website to rank top in search

Note : ON Page Optimization accounts for only 10% of SEO, 90% of SEO is the OFF Page Optimization.

        The primary and the most important task is to know what kind of site we are developing, what is
the content in it and what are the search keywords we are targeting for the top ranking in search
engines like Google.
      Step 1 : Choose your interested topic on which your are going to open a website and do seo to
       that website.
     Step 2 : Choose the set of keywords, for which you want to rank top in search engines.
    2. Keyword Research

    Now, it is very important part of seo to choose the right keywords for your website, keywords that
you are targeting must be related to the content of your website and for which top rank in search
engines is easy to achieve and at the same time the keywords should have maximum searches, so
maximum traffic.

    After one has decided with the type and the content of your website, decide with the keywords that
are related to the content of your website.

    Now, a tool which would identify and tell us the set of keywords for which ranking in Google or for
that matter in any search engine, is easy to achieve and has good amount of traffic.

                               Yes, the tool for this is 'Google keyword tool'

Google Keyword Tool:

         This tool is used for keyword researching, with this tool one can easily know the competition
          and traffic a particular search term gets.
         Based on these results we can roughly estimate the time frame in which we can get the top
          rank, how easily we can get the top rank and how many visitors we can expect to our webpage
          once we get the top rank for that particular search term.

Go to :

     and out here please enter your list of
          keywords or topics.
         Enter your keywords in the keywords column and click search then, tick the 'exact option' and
          remove the 'broad option' on the left side.
         Herein, you can see thousands of keywords that are related to the content of your website,
          choose the set of keywords where the traffic is maximum and at the same time the competition
          is less, it is ideal to choose the keywords where the competition is below 20% (Low).
         Write the list of such keywords and then choose the keyword in the list that has maximum
          traffic, as your domain name, at times such domain names might not be available so, at least see
          that your domain name starts with those words and add any desired suitable extension to it.
         To check the availability of domain names visit any domain registration
         website : eg.
         One can book a free site at:
     (google's blogspot software installed)
     (CMS software installed)
                                 SEO Class 2
Google Adsense :

         Google adsense is the advertising platform of Google wherein the website / blog owners can
place the ads in their website that are provided by Google adsense. Google shares 70% commission it
gets for the ads with the website owners. Available at

There are two types of revenues from advertisements:

    PPC (pay per click) - It ranges from Rs.3 - Rs.300, here in you get paid per click of the ad.
    Each ad has got a different PPC, to roughly check the ppc of each of the keywords make use of
     the Google keyword tool.
    PPM(Pay per Impressions) - Herein, Google pays website owner per 1000 impressions an
     amount between Rs.1 - Rs.200 generally.
    Estimated money through adsense for Indians:
    Your avg. daily page views x 5 = Rs. (Avg. Monthly Income)

Important Terms :

Impressions : Display

      CPC: Cost per Click (should be as high as possible)
      CTR: Avg. number of clicks on 100 impressions (should be anywhere near 5), it stands for Click
       Through Ratio.
      eCPM : Avg. Earnings for Million Impressions.
      You can have a maximum of only 3 banner ad sections of Google ads per webpage, though you
       can place codes for any number of ad sections but the display would be only for random 3
       sections dynamically.
      You can also have 3 link ads per webpage, 2 Google custom search ads and video ads as well if
       you have TV or Video controls in any webpage.
      The gaming websites also have an add on google ads.
      Once you have got the approval from the Google adsense, you can have unlimited sites where
       you can place the ads, and it all works as long as you follow each and every rule of the Google
      Do read the terms and conditions of Google adsense carefully before you are applying to it.
      Never click your ads by yourself. Always remember that google tracks each visitor through ip
       address and time, ctr (avg. should be between 0%-5%), so keep in mind all these factors before
       applying any method of getting your ads clicked.
      The text headink above should be definitely 'Sponsored Links' and nothing else.
    Do not apply for google adsense within one month from the time you have started developing
     the website.
    Never have an empty website (or webpage) with just ads.
    The payment by google ads is through cheque for indians and no other method, so be cautious
     while entering your address and name.
    Have a strong password for google accounts to prevent hacking of adsense account.
    Never have any illegal content (like betting, gambling, porn, etc..) in your website as long as you
     maintain the relation with google adsense.
    Never try getting clicks from family/friends/chatting, they do not work for longer time.
    Never influence or encourage the readers in your website to click the ads in the webpage.
    Once the account is banned, all the websites that are registered with that id are automatically
    To get maximum CTR for your site, try to blend the ads with the theme of your site and place the
     ads just below the posts or pages where the user finishes reading the article.
    To get the maximum CTR see that you change the ad sections, sizes and type, find out which
     works the best, it is not illegal to change such things now and then.
    See that you earn atleast 50 paisa / visitor of your site through google adsense.
    Do not apply for more than 1 google adsense account with the same name, address.
    You get the cheque every 6th and 7th of the following month.
    You cannot have control over the content of the ad, the ad content is decided by the google
     itself and it will always be according to the content of your page.
    Apart from google adsense ads, try to have ads from various affiliate programs, little research in
     google would show you the best list of affiliate programs for indians.

The best two that I know are - and

Points to remember for successful adsense account in google:

      Apply adsense only after 1 month of your website development and see that you have atleast 20
       posts published, neatly designed.
      Before applying for adsense through your original site, try to open the adsense account from a
       dummy blogger site through the method stated below:
      Open a blogger website, go to the 'monetize' option and then sign-up for the adsense.
      There are more than 50% chances that adsense account would be approved through this
       method, in case it doesn't work, open yet another blogger account (requires one more e-mail id)
       and do the same from a different ip address, please note that google adsense does not approve
       more than 1 account from the same ip address, repeat the tasks till you get the adsense
       approval for your free blogger, after you get the approval place ads in your original site too.
Highly successful rates of google adsense 3rd party tools:


Some other advertisements that can replace google adsense:

     ( very highly rated but must have atleast PR1 for your website ).
     (Payout just 10$)

Trick to get unique content for your website:

       Go, to and copy your article in English and convert to some language and
then do the vice-versa, the result would be spinned English article where the words are different but
meaning remains the same.

         You can also copy good articles directly from regional sites and convert it into a unique article,
for this you have to make use of Google regional search.

Note : After the articles are spinned, see that you have your keywords in it, if not stuff it to get the
appropriate Keyword density.

         To check the duplicate copies of WebPages or articles amongst all the websites in the world

         Even the articles sites, the search engines and almost all the websites do copy-scape checking to
find if you have copied the article or is it your own article.

Html Content : It is observed that Google SEO checks for the html/text ratio of the content of your
website, so it is advisable to write, design, modify the content in html. Meaning instead of writing the
text or doing any modifications in the front end, do all the changes in the edit html while posting
content in pages or posts.

To get the respective html code of any design or text one can make best use of, this tool
also helps those who do not have knowledge of html.

Showing videos, live TV Channels and Streaming in your blog:

     : To telecast over 5000+ tv channels in your blog.
     : To get the cricket live streaming code (any cricket match)
     : Full Movie videos, in a single file, HD quality.
                                     SEO Class 3
ON PAGE Optimization :

       On page optimization involves changing the html code of the website's every page which wants
        to rank top in search engines.
       It basically involves changing of Meta tags, Title tags, Header tags, font decoration, image
        alternative text, etc...
       Now, Firstly, choose set of keywords that are related to the content of your website.
       Before we discuss about both the types of optimization, domain name and domain page urls
        make an important part in seo.

Things to know before you choose your website name:

       See that your website or website page names are the starting words of the 'keywords' you are
        targeting, a keyword is the search term in any search engine.
       Eg. 'Tollywood' ---- 5 marks
       Permalinks : Permalinks are the customizable URL (Uniform Resource Locator), It is said that
        your URL must have the keywords that your are targeting.
       A URL is nothing but the page or post address, every page or post of your blog has an address
        and for each post/page we have a set of keywords for which we desire to get top rank. Though
        people think that Google displays websites in the search results, but it is not the websites, it is
        the WebPages that Google displays.
       By default the 'Permalinks' is disabled in the blogger meaning you cannot change the URL of any
        page/post but in word press you can.
       Your url must have the least number of "/" (slashes).
       In wordpress to enable permalinks, go to the settings --> permalinks and select the 'custom'
        option and enter :/%postname%/

The order of importance of html tags for SEO is arranged in the ascending order as follows :

Step 2 : Title tag --- 5 marks

<Title> Tag : These should contain anywhere between 65-100 letters, these are the words that should
start with your keywords, the title of a webpage is displayed in the title of the website, in Google organic
search, the title of the website is displayed in the first line of the each result in blue color, the title has to
be interesting so that the reader is attracted to open the website. There should be only one title tag per
webpage. Every page of your website must have unique title.
The google reads the first 65 characters of your web title.

Your title must start with the keywords that you are targeting to perform well in search engines.

The title has to be attractive so that users are attracted to click the website.

Syntax of title tag

         <title>....</title>

The ... must have the keywords that you are targeting in the first 65 characters.

Title tag is present anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags of your webpage.

Changing the title tag in blogger:

Under any blogger site click on Design --> Edit HTML --> just after the <head> tag give the title of your

Changing the title tag in wordpress

In the admin logged in area in wordpress click on editor under the appearance menu, then click on the
header.php file, here you would find the <head> tags, between them just put your own title tag.

Note : Both in blogger and wordpress, this tag is already present, just change the content of title tag,
according to your requirement but advisable not to change as the function in the title tag will
automatically generate titles dynamically according to the title of the page/post.

Step 3: Meta Description Tag [ 4 marks ]

<Meta Description> Tag : The meta description tag should consist of not more than 100 words,
anywhere between 80-100 words make a good meta description, note that the first 25 words (160
characters) of the meta description should have your keywords. This part is displayed next to title of
each search result in the Google organic search.


<meta name="description" content=" ...."/>

In the .... put your webpage description, see that the first 25 words (160 characters) you enter must
have the keywords that you are targeting.

Meta description tag is present anywhere between the <head> and </head> tags of your webpage.

Note - Meta description is not always displayed but it is generally displayed, most of the time google
picks first 25 words of the result webpage text content as meta description. The Meta description must
be unique to each page of the website. There should be only one Meta description tag per webpage.The
meta description tag is a traditional concept and now a days, it is ignored by the google.
Step 4: Meta Keywords Tag [ 4 marks ]

<meta Keywords> Tag : This tag should contain all the keywords that you are targeting seperated by
comma.There should be only 1 meta keywords tag per webpage.

Ex: tollywood, tollywood movies, tollywood songs etc..

It should consist of anywhere around 5 - 10 keywords.

Syntax of Meta Keywords Tag:

<meta name="keywords" content="..."/>

The ... must have the keywords separated by comma. This tag is again entered between the head tags of
any webpage.

To get the keyword suggestion one can visit :


Step 5:Header Tags [ 3 marks ]

Header tags (<h1>,<h2>,<h3>) : The header tags of the website pages should always consist of the
keywords that you are targeting. There should be only one h1 tag per page for better ranking in google
however you can have more than one <h2> and <h3> tags

Syntax: <h1> ... </h1> and so on for all the header tags from h2 to h6 tags.

Step 6 : Image Alternative Text tag [3 marks]

<Image Alternative text> tag : The image alternative text tag should always contain the keywords that
you are targeting. Do not have the same image alternative tag for more than 1 image, use different text
but see that it has the keywords that you are targeting.

For eg. If my keyword is 'mobiles' then i can have images with alt text as, mobiles nokia, mobiles lg,
mobiles samsung s2 glaxy etc...

Note : In blogger the image alt text tag is represented by image anchor text tag..

Syntax 1 (For bloggers): imageanchor="..."

Syntax 2 (For others): alt="...."

Step 7 : Font Decoration Tags [ 3 marks ]

Bold, Italic and underline tag : If your webpage has font in Bold, italics or underline in any part of the
text, see that they contain the keywords that your are targeting.
Step 8 : Keyword Density [ 4 marks ]

See that the keyword density in the web page is anywhere between 1% - 3% for better ranking in google
and the starting 20 words of your webpage must have these keywords.

Step 9 : Avoid using flash in the webpages as google cannot read flash in your website.

Step 10 : Avoid using pop-up ads, sticky ads and ads in the header of your website.

Step 11 [ 2 marks ] : Every webpage must have a link to its related pages of the same site . Ideally there
should be five such links at the bottom of the webpage content with the headink as 'Also read'. If
possible see that the anchor text of the internal links to the site has the keywords that you are targeting.

Broken Link : If at all any page in a website does not have navigation (link) to any other page of your
website, this condition is called as broken link and it is a big 'drawback of SEO'. A site can never ever
rank top with a broken link so, it is must avoid.

To avoid broken link and interconnect related inner pages within your site, go to,
get the code and paste it just before the closing body tag ( < /body>) of your website's edit html page (
For any general site )

For Wordpress : Just download the plugin and install the plugin in the wordpress admin loggedin area by
going to the add new plugin option.

For the Blogger websites: Just click on 'install the widget' and you are done.

Step 12 [ 1 mark ] : If you are using videos in your website, see that the video is related to the content
of your website, this will improve your ranking in youtube as well, See that you change the video
alternative text tag in html just like you have done for the image.

Step 13 [ 1 mark ] : Add social bookmarking icon (social media sharing button) in every web page of the

Step 14 [ 1 mark ]: Don't create multiple pages with the same content in your website.

Step 15 [ 3 mark ] : The page load speed should be higher, that means your website should load in
shortest span of time.

The best tool for measuring the Site or the webpage load time is the Pingdom tool which is present at
the address:, Here it would show you each file load time through which you can find out which
file is taking lot of time to load, it is said that only after all the files of your webpage are loaded then only
your page is loaded.

Ideally your webpage should be loaded in shortest amount of time, that is within 3 sec. to get the 1st
spot in search engines.
All the above tasks comes under ON - Page optimization that comprises of 10% of Seo, if all the tasks are
accomplished then you score 10/10 votes in google in On page optimization.

Recently a new tag has been added in the SEO called as Meta Geo tag, meaning the Geographic tag
which is used for targeting the visitors from a specific region, Combination of Google search trends and
Geo tag can give fruitful results to you immediately. This again is a meta tag and has to be entered with
the other meta tags that we have already seen.

It is said that ranking becomes easier with respect to region-specific when Meta Geo tags are used for
your webpages.

Syntax of Meta Geo Tag:

1. <meta name="ICBM" content="Latitude/Longitude Cordinate system">

Eg. <meta name="ICBM" content="50.167958, -97.133185">

2. <meta name="geo.position" content="Latitude/Longitude Cordinate system">

<meta name="geo.placename" content="ADDRESS_OF_ THE_LOCATION">

Eg. <meta name="geo.position" content="50.167958, -97.133185">

<meta name="geo.placename" content="Rockwood Rural Municipality, Manitoba, Canada">

The best tool for generating meta geo tag:

Step 1 of OFF Page Optimization :

To add your url to the google web directory, go to and submit you website.
Within, 24-48 hours your site will be added in the google search engine.

To submit site to all the major search engine directories go to and fill the
submit form.

To check whether your site is present in the search engine directory or not:

just type in the search bar of any search engine:

site:"your website address"


Note : No spaces in between

If the results are shown then it is present in the search engine directory else it is not present, the no. of
results denotes the total no. of pages in the website.
Google Webmaster Tools: This is available at the address

This tool is designed for the SEO Experts, in this tool one can,

1.Submit the site and all its webpages to Google search engine.

2.You can analyze your site performance in the search engine.

3.You can check your site ranking for various keywords in the google search engine.

4.You can check your website's keyword density

5.You can check your backlinks.

6.You can get suggestions to improve your site's visibility in search engines.

7.You can have control over the google visiting to your site.

Adding your website to webmaster tools :

Before you can add your site to the webmaster tools you have to first register in webmaster tools and
then login, in the login area you would find the option 'add a site', enter you website address here and
click on 'continue', then click the 'alternate methods' and select the option 'add a meta tag to verify the
tag', copy this meta tag, go to your site edit html page and then paste this tag between the <head> and
</head> tag, save the file and in webmaster tools, click on 'save and verify'. This would add your site to
webmaster tools, you can add as many sites as possible with a single webmasters account.

Sitemaps : Sitemaps are the html / xml representation of all the page urls of your site, any sitemap file
would have all the addresses of each of its pages, When such types of sitemaps are created and
submitted to the search engines automatically, all the webpages of your website are entered in the
search engine directories. Each website has got one sitemap.

Adding the sitemap file in webmaster tools from


In blogger sites, when a site is built the sitemap files are created automatically in the background in the

note : it does not have 'www'.
While adding atom.xml file if it is redirected to Feedburner account, you may get an error in Google
Webmasters tools while adding Blogger sitemap. For this particular problem, just adding
'?redirect=false' to the sitemap url will solve this problem. So the sitemap address that you should be
adding is:atom.xml?redirect=false

The default number of URLs in Blogger XML sitemap is 26 for rss.xml or atom.xml file, so within
Webmasters tools you will see there are 26 total URLs. But if you have more than 26 posts and less than
100 posts then you can add the following sitemap:


For more than 100 posts, add a second sitemap:


For more than 200 posts, repeat above to add a third sitemap:


a snap at :

If you are using www in the domain name then the respective sitemap file would be :

For wordpress :

In the admin log in area go to add new plugin and install any google xml sitemap plugin after activating
the plugin, a sitemap file will be generated at address :, come
back to webmaster tools and add this sitemap file to submit all the pages to the search engine.

Note : Go the 'General Settings' in the admin area of the wordpress and if you have 'www' in your
domain name, add www in your website address while you are adding the website in the webmaster
tools, if you are not using www do not www while you are adding the site in the webmaster tools.

Google Analytics Tool
This tool gives us the statistics of the traffic for our website, with the help of this tool, you can know the
details of the traffic such as:

1. Source of the traffic (Search engines, Reference sites, Direct)

2. Keywords in search engine that bought the visitors to our site.

3.Region of traffic.

4.Browsers from which the traffic has come.

5.Avg. time spent by the visitor in our site.
6.Avg. number of pages visited by the visitors.

7.Search Engines from where the traffic has come.


The google analytics tool is present at the address

You can add as many sites as possible with just 1 google analytics account.

Adding your website in google analytics

Sign up then login, in the login area click on ' add a profile ' , then give your website address, click on
'finish', copy the tracking code shown in the text box and paste in between the <head> and </head> tags
of your website's homepage.

Get back to google analytics and click on 'save and finish'. This would add your site to google analytics
over a short period of time.

This area is generally used to measure the statistics of the website traffic, the three important areas in
this are:

1.Avg. Time spend by the user - should be as high as possible.

2.Avg. No. of pages visited by the user - should be as high as possible.

3.The Bounce rate - should be as low as possible.

Bounce rate is nothing but the average number on 100 visitors who have left your site after reading just
1 page, that is they did not navigate to other pages of your website.

Difference between Webmaster tools and Google analytics?

Google Webmaster tools gives the statistics of SEO while Google Analytics gives the statistics of Traffic
to your website.

Important Statistics of a website :

1.Backlinks : Backlinks are nothing but the links of your webpages in other websites.

It can be either in the form of text links or images.

The syntax of backlinks is as follows :


The website url can be the home page or any page of your site and The keyword should always be your
own keyword of your webpage, for which you want the top ranking in search engines.
example :

1.<a href="">multibagger </a>

2.<a href="" >multibagger stocks</a>

Do you get backlinks from google search engine as your site is displayed in the search results? No

The number of backlinks of your website denotes the number of webpages where your website (or
webpage) address link is mentioned.

More the number of backlinks better it is for SEO.

Infact 90% of SEO is dependent on Backlinks.

Backlinks are of two types:

Do follow : These are the backlinks in which there is direct reference to your site.

No follow : These are the backlinks where there is no direct reference to your site, in other words the url
is encrypted here.

Both the backlinks are equal in value and have same importance in SEO but, do understand that by
default search engines links are NO FOLLOW links that bring zero value in SEO, that is why the search
engine backlinks are not counted at all.

To know whether a link is do-follow or no-follow just scroll the mouse over the link and see the status
bar, if you find your webpage url then it is do-follow link, if it is encrypted then it is no-follow link.

Try to acquire as many do follow links as possible for your website.

Each Backlink has got variable values.

1.Backlinks from high PR (Page Rank) websites have very high value.

2.Backlinks from your competitors websites have very high value.

3. Backlinks from low 'external links' websites have very high value.

4.Virgin Backlinks have very high value.

5.Backlinks from different domains have higher value than backlinks from the same domain.

6.The backlinks from .gov, .edu, .mil and .org websites have higher value.

note : In backlinks, quantity does not matter, what matters is the quality.

To check backlinks for any website you can visit the url:
Acquiring backlinks is the most difficult and the most important part of SEO.

It is said by great SEO Experts that for any keyword, if you have enough number of backlinks, even for an
empty page you can get 1st rank in all the search engines.

PR (Page Rank)

PR is the most important statistic of any website in the world, in short, a website can be valued by its PR.

PR or Page Rank of any site is the measure of the link juice (Total value of the Backlinks) of the site .

It ranges from 0-10, It is said that the PR is very difficult to achieve infact, in world there are only 4 such
sites that have a PR of 10. Even the 'Google' website itself does not have PR of 10. Google has a PR of 9.

Some important sites PR in google and sites that have got PR 10.

The PR / unique visitors / value of the site is shown below:

PR    avg.unique visitors avg.value (converted in Rs.)


1       100 - 300               Rs.20,000 - Rs. 50,000

2       300 - 1000              Rs.50,000 - Rs. 2,00,000

3       1000 - 3000             Rs.2,00,000 - Rs.10,00,000

4       3000 - 10000            Rs. 10 L - Rs. 1 Cr.

5       10000 - 30000           Rs. 1 Cr - Rs. 10 Cr.

6       30000 - 1L             Rs. 10Cr - Rs. 100 Cr.

7       1L - 1 Cr             Rs. 100 Cr. - Rs.1000 Cr.

8       1 Cr - 100 Cr         Rs. 1000 Cr - Rs.10,000 Cr.
9        100 Cr - 1000 Cr     Rs. 10,000 Cr - Rs. 1 L Cr.

10       1000 Cr +            Rs. 1,00,000 Cr. +

Backlinks can be acquired for free of cost and there are also paid backlinks available in the market, little
research in the google will show you that backlinks these days has become a big business.

It is only because of this, the big companies rank faster in search engines, in matter of just few days..

So, if you have money you can quickly get in top ranking websites in any search engines but if you want
to go by the free methods it takes time and your patience but, success is bound to you sometime in

A small example to show the value of PR and Backlink:

A virgin PR 6 backlink costs around Rs.1,00,000 / month.



simple version of the table

PR2 = 0.2 of a PR3

PR3 = 1 of a PR3

PR4 = 5 x PR3

PR5 = 25 x PR3

PR6 = 125 x PR3

PR7 = 625 x PR3

Illegal and Legal ways of getting Backlinks:

Illegal and legal ways of getting back links, where we can fool google, where google can fool us..,

        2-way backlinks (Link Exchange)
        3-way backlinks (Through Link Mediator)

These are the two methods of getting backlinks from our competitors wherein, both the website owners
are benefited. 2-way links no longer work and it is said very soon even 3-way links will stop working.
Both these methods of acquiring backlinks are illegal by search engines, they regard only one-way links -
safe, natural and permanent in nature.

Paid and Free backlinks

Generally, getting backlinks is a very slow process hence,

ranking in top position in search engine takes some time but you must have noticed few websites that
are actually new and get top rank in matter of few days even for very competitive keywords, this is
possible by getting backlinks by money. But, remember it is very very expensive.

Note : With 1 high PR website you can create many average pr websites.

eg. With 1 PR3 website you can create 5 PR2 websites.

You can also create high pr website that literally has no content at all..

Remember always, give as less backlinks as possible to other sites, the more backlinks you give to
others, it increases the external links (OBL - Out Bound Links) of your site and then the backlinks power
will be less henceforth.

Always try to maintain the virginity of your website. It will bring a lot of value in future.

Introduction to SEO QUAKE

SEO QUAKE is the most efficient software for web-browsers for Seo. With the help of this one can,

1. Check the PR of a website / webpage

2. Check when the particular webpage was cached in search engines.

3.Check the number of pages in the various search engines a website has got.

4.Check the number of links a website has got.

5.Check the number of links a webpage has got.

6.Check the 'alexa rank' of websites.

7.Check when the website was registered.

8.Check the IP address of the hosted website.

9.Check who is the owner of a website.

10.Check the SME Rush Rank and SME Price of a website.

11.Check if Robots are visiting the site.
12.Check if the website has got sitemap or not.

13.Check the Total number of internal and external links in any webpage.

14.Check the keyword density (1-word, 2-word, 3-word and multiword) for any webpage.

15.Download the Backlinks of any site in Excel file.

16.Download Google search results.

Note : Before competing for top rank for any keyword, do watch all the statistics of seo quake of existing
top 10 websites in the search engine.This will give an idea on how long or how fast you can get the top
slot in search engines.

Seo quake software works only on Mozilla firefox and the beta version of this plugin can be
downloaded in Google Crome Browsers as well, it is free of cost and can be downloaded at

Alexa rank

Alexa rank of any website is the global rank of the website in the total number of websites. An alexa
rank would give us an idea of how popular a particular website is, because alexa rank is nothing but the
popularity rank of a website.

To check the top alexa rank websites :

Robots.txt file

This is a file associated with any website, this file has the information for the search engines so as to
which pages to index and which to block, by default all the pages of your website are indexed by the
search engines but if at all you want to block any page of your website from indexing then you have to
mention that in the robots.txt file.

This file is available at :

Developing backlinks for your own site through sources listed
below :
1. Directory Submissions.

2. Article Submissions.

3. Press Releases.

4. Social Bookmarking.

5. Forums.

6. Blog Commenting.

7. Profile Creations.

When backlinks are created through the above 7 methods, not only you get high quality backlinks but,
you also get targeted traffic to your site from these reffered websites under each category.

In the eyes of search engines links through the above 7 methods are genuine and natural so, before you
start developing links from various other methods see that you have already gone through these
methods of developing links to avoid spam in the eyes of search engine.

Note : All the 7 methods should be done in parallel rather than serial.

Step 2 of OFF-Page Optimization : Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions : Directory websites are like yellow pages, herein, you have a set of websites for
different services. Directory submissions bring quality links as websites are categorised here. It also
brings targeted traffic. Ideally 5 directory submissions is recommended daily for quality link building.
Here is the list of highly rated, high PR directory 5000+ in the excel file, start your link building from top
to bottom.

You have to sign up in each of the directory before you can actually place links in them, do store the
login id and password of each of this directory as y-o-y we will be using it again and again. Do not submit
the same page in a single directory more than once, however you can submit multiple ( different ) pages
to the same directory.

Note - Always give the category name related to your web content because this is where all your
competitors websites are also listed which adds to the quality of the website's backlink.

The backlinks developed do not show for your website immediately as you start building but takes an
indefinite period of time right from a day to 3 months all depending upon when the google robots visit
to the site from where you get the backlinks.
Step 3 of OFF-Page Optimization : Article Submissions

Article websites are used to submit a small story (generally of 200-300 words) regarding your
website/webpage. These article sites in this way indirectly create pages within their site on various topic
and the users are benefited as they get free - quality one-way backlink and of course, a dedicated page
in their site that could too perform well in search engines to give us referred traffic.

Generally, most of the article websites accept the html code in the site description, this is where we
place our backlink code.

It is advisable not to post the same article in more than one site and make sure you just do not blindly
copy paste your own page information and paste in article sites, this can create an impression of 'spam'
in the eyes of google and it can ban your site sooner.

For better ranking of your posted article page in search engine see that you maintain the keyword
density and include the same in the title and author of the article site if at all they have.

It is advisable to post atleast 5 articles daily to add the link juice of your website.

Generally it takes 1-7 days to get the backlinks from article sites.

You can add upto 2 backlinks per article for optimizing the work.

Step 4 of OFF-Page Optimization : Press Releases

Press releases sites refers to the news distribution sites. As the name goes, in press releases sites we
submit our rss feeds or articles to them, they in turn pass these articles to various websites which are
related to the news and current affairs and online information centers.

With just one successful press release you can expect many backlinks and at the same time popularity. If
at all your site information is found interesting you could find the same in the magazines (hard copy)

There aren't many press release sites in the web however, of the existing there is no limit of submitting
information to them.

It is ideal to submit 2 press releases a day to add to the link juice of your website. Always try to submit
the RSS Feeds where ever applicable because these feeds carry all your website pages and the content
too is automatically updated at the users end. It adds to the popularity of your website.

Make sure that whenever you submit RSS Feeds of your site to the press releases do not submit any
thing else to the same site thereafter.
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

The RSS Feeds carry the duplicate copy of your website with real-time updations automatically.

A User if does not have a website to consume RSS Feeds then he can also subscribe to the same through
e-mail so, whenever a new content is added or old content is updated at the source, automatically mails
are fired to the consumers of RSS Feeds.

Generally speaking RSS Feeds are .html and .xml files that are used for real-time stock prices, weather
data, gold and commodity real-time prices, live cricket scores, Live News, Live Radio, Live TV Channels,
Newspapers data, etc..

One can see RSS Feeds at the browsers tool bar as well.

For blogger the default RSS Feed url is :

Eg :

For Wordpress sites :

Eg :

[Let us see how to use the RSS Feeds of others in our site

for Live cricket score, live tv channel]

Step 5 of OFF-PAGE Optimization - Social Bookmarking
Social Networking Sites : A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses
on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, who, for example, share
interests and/or activities.

A social network service essentially consists of a representation of each user (often a profile), his/her
social links, and a variety of additional services. Most social network services are web based and provide
means for users to interact over the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging.

Online community services are sometimes considered as a social network service, though in a broader
sense, social network service usually means an individual-centered service whereas online community
services are group-centered. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and
interests within their individual networks.

The main types of social networking services are those which contain category places (such as former
school year or classmates), means to connect with friends (usually with self-description pages) and a
recommendation system linked to trust. Popular methods now combine many of these, with
Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn widely used worldwide.
The best sites for social bookmarking and to keep these icons in your blogger is :

Submit your backlinks to atleast 50 social networking sites daily..

All the backlinks submissions to these sites are approved immediately and within 3 days of submission
you can expect the backlinks in your account.

It is said that of the 7 methods, social networking sites have got the highest PR and one can expect a
good traffic too from these sites, it directly increases the popularity of your site. You can submit more
than 1 backlink to each of this site, also you can add upto 2 backlinks in one social bookmarking
submission, in some of the sites, you get a dedicated page in their website.

Note :- The submission process is different for each of the social networking site.

When submitting for the first time, you'll have to sign-up afterwhich just login and start submitting as
many links as possible.

It is advisable to add popular social networking and bookmarking icons in each of the pages of your
blogs, these increases the popularity and backlinks by your website readers itself.

In onlywire services you can also submit your RSS Feeds..

Best tool (Paid) for automatically submitting links to social bookmarking sites :

Bookmarking Demon -- available at :

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