RESPECT - A Little Victory Over a Big Man by PhilmanVanuatu


									                                   RESPECT - A “Little” Victory Over a “Big Man”
By Phil Manhire
                                       booked their flight arrange-          values shared to a greater or                                             for any other Vanuatu-based
                                       ments and the Minister only           lesser degree by different                                                political party! Sacre Bleu!
                                       had an open ticket, they should       societies and individuals. In
                                                                                                                                                       But “what the heck has this got
                                       have priority. The Minister           recent times, 'respect' has
                                                                                                                                                       to do with money?” you may
                                       thought otherwise and put all         become synonymous with
                                                                                                                                                       well ask. Well, in a way, it has
                                       sorts of pressure on Air              subordination, submission, or
                                                                                                                                                       to do with RESPECT.
                                       Vanuatu staff and others in an        obedience”.
                                       effort to get his way.                                                                                          If we are to have true LEADERS,
                                                                             The antonym and opposite of
                                                                                                                  Those “dinosaurs” who under-         then we must ensure that those
                                       End result? The tourists had          respect is CONTEMPT.
                                                                                                                  estimate its power are doomed        designate will need to show
                                       their way, the Air Vanuatu staff      Got that? Let’s return for a                                              RESPECT for others, regardless
                                                                                                                  to fail – to be replaced by more
                                       and others who stood up to the        moment to the Minister of                                                 of their social status, their race,
                                                                                                                  contemporary-thinking, well-
                                       Minister’s unsavoury bullying         chickens and others of his ilk,                                           their age, colour or religion.
                                                                                                                  educated,       articulate   and
                                       tactics also had a moral victory      such as the Minister who thinks      intelligent people.
                                       and the foolish Minister                                                                                        They will need to show
                                                                             that he is so important and
                              his come-uppance!                                             It really pleases me to see the      RESPECT for the opinions of
                                                                             deserving of “respect” that,
                                                                                                                  high level of activity on social     others. They’ll also need to
Once upon a time, there                The moral to this little story is     with total impunity, he can beat
                                                                                                                                                       show that they have the ability
                                                                                                                  media sites such as Facebook.
was a self-proclaimed “Big             that this was a BIG win by            up people whose opinions he
                                                                                                                                                       AND desire to PRESERVE,
Man” who thought he could              grass-roots people and is a           doesn’t like and threaten others
                                                                                                                                                       PROTECT and RESPECT cultural
lord it over all and sundry -          great example of how the              with violence (such as throwing
                                       “little” people can be BIG            them out the window) and
until he faced the power of
                                       champions of decency, common          getting drunk and aggressive in                                           Such leaders would inevitably
some “little people”.
                                       courtesy and most of all –            public. Then of course there are                                          find themselves leading a
The little story I am about to         RESPECT.                              the other Ministers who also                                              nation of happy and “life-rich”,
tell you is “GOLD” and is the                                                love being passengers on the                                              enterprising, healthy people.
absolute truth........and it’s         As you all know, this is just one     gravy train and who also show
                                       example of “Big Man” attitude                                                                                   When people live in such an
about a “Big Man” getting his                                                their outright CONTEMPT for
                                       that still prevails in this country                                                                             environment, they tend to grass-                                             the     “little”  people     and
                                       as well as in my birthplace (OZ)                                                                                evolve and acquire skills that
roots level. It gave me the                                                  DISRESPECT for the positions of
                                       and other countries.                                                                                            help them make their way in
chuckles and I hope it does the                                              authority that they hold by
                                                                                                                  I say this because the posts on      the modern world.
same for you.....                      Hopefully, some of the Vanuatu        ripping off the system via
                                                                                                                  sites such as “YACV” (Youth
                                       “Big Men” will read this, reason      providing “jobs for the boys”,                                            One of those skills is that of
There’s a little airport (Ulie)                                                                                   Against Corruption Vanuatu),
                                       being that they may choose to         dodgy (read – ‘dishonest’) land                                           MAKING MONEY, having the
near a little place (Sameo) on a                                                                                  “YUMI TOKTOK STRET”, “ME
                                       follow a BIG piece of advice and      deals and so on it goes.                                                  human and technical resources,
little island (Ambrym) in a little                                                                                HAREM SE ???”, “ELECTION
                                       go about learning the meaning                                                                                   ably backed by a healthy living
Archipelago of 83 islands called                                             At the time that this goes to        SPOTLIGHT 2012” and “PACIFIC
                                       of the word – “RESPECT”                                                                                         environment in the first
Vanuatu a few hours from                                                     print, it will only be 66 days to    INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC POLICY”
                                       because they sure as hell give           th                                                                     instance (clean air, clean
places like Australia, New                                                   30 October.                          are great show-cases displaying
                                       the impression that they sorely                                                                                 water), to develop financially
Zealand and New Caledonia.                                                                                        the full depth of feeling on
                                       need some education on the            Folks, I ask that you please                                              favourable trade opportunities
                                                                                                                  issues such as corruption and
In fact, this little place attracts    subject.                              remember the actions of the                                               with others, be they local or
                                                                                                                  transparency. It’s terrific to see
tourists from all around the                                                 “Big Men” at election time. No                                            international.
                                                                                                                  and be able to enjoy the
world. Why? Because it usually                                               matter where you live, get rid
                                                                                                                  repartee     between       serious   Nevertheless, MAKING MONEY
means the end of an adventure                                                of any whose traits are to be
                                                                                                                  participants, their impassioned      is one thing. MANAGING
for those same tourists –                                                    disrespectful,    contemptuous,
                                                                                                                  arguments cum discussions            MONEY is altogether another
walking across the island onto                                               self-serving, full-of-themselves
                                                                                                                  about current affairs.               matter. The purpose of the
and in some cases, into, active                                              antithesis of “servants of the
                                                                                                                                                       MAKING (the betterment of
volcanos (Marum and Benbow).                                                 people” - as soon as you can.        As a constant watcher and user
                                                                                                                                                       people’s lives – financially and
That is one Hell of a walk/                                                                                       of social media, it’s interesting
                                                                             It’s not that hard! There are                                             spiritually) can be readily
journey. Even for the fittest, It is                                                                              to note that only one political
                                                                             some truly honourable, decent                                             defeated by corruption and
physically,      mentally      and                                                                                Party has bothered to keep up
                                                                             men and women waiting in the                                              greed. We see and hear
emotionally a                                                                                  with the times – the GRAON
                                                                             wings, ready, willing and able                                            examples of it everywhere. In
big way, so I am told.                                                                                            mo JASTIS PATI, headed up by
                                                                             to do their bit – for Vanuatu,                                            the newspapers. On the TV. On
                                                                                                                  the Hon. MP Ralph Regenvanu.
A very recent article in “The                                                not for what they can do for                                              the radio. By way of the very
Independent” quoted - “...the                                                themselves in keeping their                                               efficient “coconut drums” wire.
Minister of Education was                                                    position at the trough.
                                                                                                                                                       As we have seen VERY recently,
stranded in the island of              If you aren’t a “Big Man”, then
                                                                                                                                                       people are becoming more
Embrym (their spelling mistake,        frankly, it’s up to you to ensure
                                                                                                                                                       concerned about and conscious
not mine) because he has               that they “get the message”,                                               At this point, I need to make        of the need for MANAGING
finished his travelling budget”.       sooner rather than later. So
                                                                                                                  something perfectly clear            MONEY in a no-holds-barred
                                       what is “respect”? To quote
Now let me tell you the truth.....                                                                                before going any further.            atmosphere of.............
                                       Wikipedia (any highlights are
Earlier this week, a group of          mine).........                                                             I am NOT, I repeat - NOT             ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY &
                                                                             May I also humbly suggest that,
international tourists who had                                                                                    making a “political statement”       ABSOLUTE PROFESSIONALISM.
                                       “Respect” gives a positive            when you get to cast your vote
pre-booked their flight back to                                                                                   NOR attempting to “influence
                                       feeling of esteem or deference        in a little over nine weeks’ time,                                        To sum it all up and as I’m sure
Port Vila Bauerfield Airport,                                                                                     politics” in this country NOR
                                       for a person or other entity          you give serious attention to                                             my father would have said –“It
were in the process of boarding                                                                                   wishing to appear to be
                                       (such as a nation or a religion),     looking at the records of the                                             takes an honest man to do
when along came a “Big Man”                                                                                       recommending any one Party
                                       and also specific actions and         established parties and their                                             that!”
– the Vanuatu Government                                                                                          versus another.
                                       conduct representative of that        parliamentary representatives.
Education Minister. He insisted                                                                                                                        Until next week . .
                                       esteem. Respect can be a                                                   However, the very fact that the
that he and his entourage                                                    I have done just that and I must
                                       specific feeling of regard for the                                         GJP has its own website is           “HAPPY INVESTING!”
which, included two heavily                                                  say that every one of them has
                                       actual qualities of the one                                                worth noting because as far as I
bejewelled women, a couple of                                                “come up short”, for one reason                                 
                                       respected (e.g., "I have great                                             am aware (and I am prepared
minders and two chickens (?),                                                or another. Every Party has had
                                       respect for her judgment"). It                                             to stand corrected!), it is the      P.S. I’m still bullish on GOLD
be given priority passenger                                                  and in many instances, still has,
                                       can also be conduct in accord                                              only Party that has one as pro-
rights ahead of the tourists.                                                people totally undeserving of
                                       with a specific ethic of respect.                                          active, as informative and as
Apparently, offered up were                                                  the “little” peoples’ vote come
                                       Rude conduct is usually                                                    transparent (there’s a first for
such options as leaving some                                                 October. I am referring to the
                                       considered to indicate a lack of                                           Vanuatu for a start!). Good
behind to catch a later plane or                                             constant “ship-jumpers” and
                                       respect, disrespect, whereas                                               grief, they even publicize, on
leaving the tourists’ luggage                                                those who speak with forked
                                       actions that honour somebody                                               their front page, what activities
behind to compensate for the                                                 tongues – the crooks.
                                       or something indicate respect.                                             they have been involved in and
weight of the Minister and
                                       Specific ethics of respect are of     SOCIAL MEDIA is, I believe           wait for it – how they have
hangers-on. And then the fight
                                       fundamental importance to             and hopefully not just wishful       been spending their Ministerial
                                       various cultures. Respect for         thinking on my part, likely to       Allocations (tax-payer monies)!
The tourists (including people in      tradition      and     legitimate     have a BIG effect in the forth-
                                                                                                                  Come to think of it, I cannot
their 60’s) rightfully insisted        authority is one   coming elections – here in
                                                                                                                  recall seeing ANY other website
that they as they had pre-             of five fundamental moral             Vanuatu, Australia and the US.

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