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									               Hotels – Extended Stay Hotels
If your business trip requires you to be away from home for a long period of time, choosing the right type of
accommodation for your budget,
situation, and comfort should be taken into account. Extended stay hotels maybe a good option fo you to
look into as it becomes more of a popular choice.
Regular hotels can be a costly and requires you to eat out most of the time as there are no kitchen facilities
in your room.
Extended stay hotels have a number of advantages.
A guest is usually provided with all the services and comforts to allow them to feel at home. A lot of
properties also offer full services a hotel offers. Check this out before booking!
You can choose the apartment type you want to stay in eg Studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom
depending on your needs. If you are conducting business meetings and would prefer to have your clients
meet in your room, a room separate from the lounge makes for a good option to hold meetings where you
can close the bedroom area off for abit of privacy.
Your own kitchen means you can make your own meals as opposed to dining out three times a day. This
could hit your wallet hard, and possibly your waist line.
Extended stay hotels is well worth considering!

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