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					                      IP Monitoring Checklist—New Site
     Chubb’s IP Monitoring solution can be used on a customer-supplied network connection : the
     following checklist is designed to determine if the provided network service is suitable for IP
     monitoring, as well as providing additional details required to program the AFx system with the
     settings required to communicate through the network. For additional considerations when up-
     grading a current AFx site to support IP monitoring, please see page 2.
           •   Who is the customer’s Internet Service Provider? What type of service is being
               provided? ________________________________________________________
           A commercial grade Internet connection is required to provide HSC-IP monitoring
           •   Can TCP Port 443 (outgoing) be made open on the site’s network?_________
           IP monitoring requires that TCP Port 443 be open (outgoing).
           •   Can TCP Port 443 (incoming) be made open on the site’s network?_________
          This is required ONLY if Chubb will be providing remote configuration services for the
           •   How are network addresses assigned on the customer’s network? Static or
               DHCP (dynamic) ?__________________________________________________
           The HSC-IP module supports static or DHCP addressing
           •   Does the customer use Proxy services to access the Internet? (To verify that
          the customer network is ready and has access to the public internet, ping the HSC-IP
          receiver at the Station and/or have the station ping the IP module on site).___________
           If “Yes” what is the Proxy server name? Examples include “NTML”, “SOCKS 5”_______
           •   Is there an Ethernet port available at the customer site?__________________
           An Ethernet port is required to connect the HSC-IP module to the network.
           •   Is the site’s network management outsourced?_________________________
          Will require meetings with network management company.
           •   Will the site require a ULC certificate?_________________________________
          If so, the modem / router will require a backup battery OR the HSC-IP must be backed
          up with digital or cellular communications

IP Monitoring Checklist Technical May 2009             1
                 IP Monitoring Checklist—Upgrade Site
     When IP monitoring will be provided to an existent AFx site, the following considerations must
     be taken into account (as well as the items listed under the New Site heading on page 1).

      •   If the existing system is reporting to the Monitoring Centre, what is the type of moni-
          toring and the account number?___________________________________________
          Is there a service that should be canceled so we and the customer stop paying for it
          (DVAC, cell, direct wire, etc) ?
          Does the account need to be re-assigned to a different receiver ?
          Is there a MASterMind account that needs to be canceled in lieu of the new one?
          Does the current system need to be placed on test to avoid a false police dispatch during
          HSC-IP installation?
          •   Type & number of AFx panels on the site.________________________________
          Both Monitor and Chubb AFX panels support the HSC-IP module : each panel will require
          an HSC-IP module for IP monitoring. Director software connectivity requires only one per
          system (including multiple panel systems)
          •   What version of firmware is in the panels?_______________________________
          V4.49 or later AFx firmware is required. Monitor & Chubb AFx panels Version 4.4 or greater
          can be flashed to the current revision : Monitor AFx panels V4.3 or earlier will require re-
          placement firmware (100-2121). If Director is used on-site, the software will also require
          •   What is the serial number of each panel?_________________________________
          The serial number is associated with the account number in the receiver for authentication
          •   If Director is being used on the site, what version is it?_____________________
          The HSC-IP module requires V4.72 or later, both for IP monitoring and Director software
          connectivity (if a Director upgrade is required, please ensure your quote includes the latest
          version’s PC requirements).
          •   If Director is being used on the site, how is the Director PC connected to the AFx
          If via IP, what are the IP address, IP gateway and subnet mask?
          CD on hand to conduct the upgrade

IP Monitoring Checklist Technical May 2009              2
                      IP Monitoring Checklist—Upgrade continued
           •   Is there an earlier version of the IP module being used on site?
           Version 3 modules can be upgraded : Version 1 & 2 modules must be replaced. If the cur-
           rent IP module is a version 3, the attending installer must have a licensing key and ver-
           sion. 4.72 or higher Director CD on hand to perform the upgrade
           •   Will it be necessary for Chubb technical personnel to make adjustments to the
           The ChubbNet ISP provider will install and configure the Router. We simply need to con-
           figure the AFx / HSC-IP module and plug into the network jack.
           •   What tools and parts will be required to install the HSC-IP module?
           ⇒ V4.72 or higher AFx Director CD plus Director license key

           ⇒ V3 to v4 IP module upgrade USB license key (only needed if upgrading existing v3 to

               a v4 module)
           ⇒ Box of Cat5 or Cat5e cable and patch cords (straight and cross over) and crimp con-

               nectors / tool
           ⇒ v 4.49 or higher panel firmware or ability to flash upgrade (only if upgrading existing

           ⇒ RS232/485 converter (on upgrades only needed if connecting installer laptop)

               Customer's copy of Windows CD for the Director PC in case any problem occurs
           ⇒ Standard basic installer tools (terminal driver, wire strippers, side cutter, etc)

IP Monitoring Checklist Technical May 2009              3

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