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									Customer Information                                                                                              Dealer Information
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                                                                            Dealer Order Form SN:
                                                                               Original Order Date:
                                                                                 Revision Number: Original Issue
                                                                                     Revision Date:
                                                                          Estimated Delivery Date:
Price List Valid 22nd March 2011 until further notice. Subject to change without notice.
  Insert a "X" in the column next to the options that you wish to add to your order                  Price                       Price EUR
 X STANDARD PETROL VERSION IN EURO                                                                  € 54,000                       € 54,000
    ELECTRIC VERSION IN EURO                                                                        € 64,000
    PURE GLIDER VERSION IN EURO                                                                     € 41,000
                                                               AIRFRAME OPTIONS
    Warning light for minimum fuel level                                                                              € 400
    Ballistic rescue system with container Junkers Magnum 300 Speed Softpack (additional weight 15 kg)               € 3,800
    5˝ main wheel with disk brake and fairing                                                                         € 350
    5˝ retractable main wheel with disk brake                                                                        € 1,800
    Front tow hook (Included in Glider Version)                                                                      € 1,100
    Winch tow hook (only with fix main wheel available)                                                              € 2,800
    3-D turbulator pack (zig-zag) on wings                                                                            € 290
    Light blue tinted canopy                                                                                          € 300
    Cigarette lighter (12 Volt) connector                                                                              € 85
    TE-Probe with installation                                                                                        € 260
    Leather seats and cockpit upholstery (seats colour (                       ), interior colour (               )   € 650
    Solar cells system 1.2 amp mounted on the fuselage                                                               € 1,870
    Oxygen system                                                                                                   contact us
                                                      INSTRUMENTS – Gliding Computers
    LX 166si ACOUSTIC VARIOMETER with NMEA input, capable of „plug and play“ to Colibri and iPAQ (not included)      € 2,200
    LX 1600 COLIBRI, NMEA input, Colibri, gps antenna, Lxe, capable of „plug and play“ iPAQ (not included)           € 2,700
    LX7007 Gliding Computer, Flight recorder (IGC approval), wiring, GPS antenna, SD card etc.                       € 4,900
    LX8000 colour screen gliding computer, Flight recorder (highest IGC approval), wiring ,GPS
                                                                                                                     € 5,700
    antenna, SD card etc.
    LX 9000 colour screen gliding computer, flight recorder                                                           € 350
    LX 7007/8000 pro stick control                                                                                    € 350
    LX 7007/8000 pro electronic compass module                                                                        € 650
                                                            INSTRUMENTS – Displays
    FLARM RED Box-G with wiring, dipole antenna, FLARM graphic external display, GPS antenna                          € 900
                                                       INSTRUMENTS – Communications
    Radio XCOM with outside antenna, 2 headsets and intercom                                                         € 2,170
    Radio Microair VHF 760 with outside antenna, 2 headsets HD-1000 and intercom                                     € 2,170
    Radio Filser ATR 500 with outside aerial, microphone, speaker and headset                                        € 1,900
    Radio Filser ATR 833 with outside aerial, microphone, speaker and headset                                        € 2,600
    Transponder Microair "C" mode with Pitostatic encoder, aerial, wirings and installation                          € 2,660
    Transponder Filser TRT800 "S"-mode with Pitostatic encoder, aerial & wiring                                      € 2,850
    Installation of the radio aerial into the rudder fin                                                             € 750
    Registration markings                                                                                            € 150
    Custom made instrument panel                                                                                   No Charge
                                                                                 Total Cost of Aircraft               EUR         € 54,000
                                                             DELIVERY AND DOCUMENTATION
      Bill Of Sale Document                                                                                                € 330.00
      Export Customs Procedure                                                                                             € 100.00
      Export Documents Outside EU Costs                                                                                    € 130.00
      Apostile                                                                                                             € 300.00
      Cost Of Supports In The Container and Loading Costs One Aircraft                                                     € 600.00
      Cost Of Supports In The Container and Loading Costs Two Aircraft                                                     € 850.00
      Cost Of Transport by Road                                                                                          1.7 EUR/KM
      Transport By Sea                                                                                                  to be checked
      Other Documents To Be Done By Request                                                                             to be checked
      Bureau Veritas Expert Check                                                                                       to be checked
      Fumigation Of The Container                                                                                       to be checked
                                            Total Cost of DELIVERY AND DOCUMENTATION                                         EUR                     €0

                     TOTAL OF DELIVERY AND DOCUMENTATION AND AIRCRAFT                                                        EUR                € 54,000
      Please select the following information (Terms of Delivery)
      Terms of Delivery (Incoterms 2010) – DAP (Delivered At Place) (ex DDU)
      Terms of Delivery (Incoterms 2010) – FCA (Free Carrier)
      Terms of Delivery (Incoterms 2010) – EXW (Ex Works) (on special request)
      Please select the following information
     Instruments units in - please select                           ft/min and knots          Km/h and m/sec
     Compass Hemisphere Information                                Northern Hemisphere        Southern Hemisphere
     Attachments: General terms Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina
     Issued: 3 copies (1 for customer, 1 for dealer and 1 for Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovscina

I have read, accepted and signed this order and attachments as being correct (signature of the customer)                For and on behalf of Pipistrel d.o.o.
                                                                                                                        Ajdovscina (Signature)

                                                                                                      Initial Deposit                         € 10,000.00
                                                                                            Balance before shipping                           € 44,000.00
Payment Instructions Bank: NOVA KBM d.d. Nova Gorica
Acc. no / IBAN code: SI56 0475 1000 0104 859
All charges and commissions outside Slovenija are for ordering customer's account.
                                                  This document is edited on a regular basis - this is edition dated Apr-12
Included in the basic price are:

14.97 m wing-span, tail-wheel single seater, self launch glider with integrated winglets, t-tail                  All Models
Ready to fly, test flown                                                                                          All Models
Inner shell bonded to fuselage shell - safety cockpit concept                                                     All Models
Outside surfaces in white, cabin interior in grey                                                                 All Models
Acrylic paint, finishing and polishing of joints on all plastic parts                                             All Models
Light cabin upholstery in blue colour with large side pockets                                                     All Models
In-flight adjustable backrest with headrest                                                                       All Models
4 point seat belts with automatic closure                                                                         All Models
Sliding air vent window                                                                                           All Models
Defogging system for canopy                                                                                       All Models
Adjustable cabin fresh air-vent system                                                                            All Models
Mirror on instrument panel (for prop position monitoring)                                                         Only M & E
Noise reducing firewall                                                                                           Only M & E
6 stage positive and negative deflecting flaperons                                                                All Models
Flaperon, elevator & rudder gap seals                                                                             All Models
Schempp-Hirth type airbrakes, self locking                                                                        All Models
Spring-type internal elevator trim                                                                                All Models
In flight adjustable rudder pedals                                                                                All Models
Automatic connection of wing and tail mechanical controls                                                         All Models
Transparent canopy                                                                                                All Models
Fixed main landing gear with 4˝ main wheel equipped with disc brake and fairing                                   All Models
Two wingtip wheels, 2 ½ ˝ x 1˝ with fairings                                                                      All Models
Steerable tail wheel 7˝ x 1 ¾˝                                                                                    All Models
20 - Litre fuel tank                                                                                               Only M
Visual inspection of the fuel level                                                                                Only M
Fuel gasculator with drain sump                                                                                    Only M
Engine Hirth F33BS, belt drive, air cleaners etc.                                                                  Only M
Electric engine 30 kw 2min / 20kw const                                                                             Only E
Electric engine controller                                                                                          Only E
DC/DC adapter from main batteries for 13.2V use                                                                     Only E
Battery pack lithium polymer 31 a/h 6.33 kwh 46 kg                                                                  Only E
Battery pack 31 a/h 6.33 kwh 46 kg                                                                                  Only E
Battery charger built-in aircraft                                                                                   Only E
Battery balancer built-in aircraft                                                                                  Only E
All throttle control cables in Teflon                                                                              Only M
Fully automatic engine control and propeller positioning system                                                   Only M & E
High capacity dry-type battery 12V / 10ah                                                                        Only M & PG
Modular electric system with fuses on primary and secondary circuit                                               All Models
Electric starter                                                                                                   Only M
Regulator-rectifier                                                                                                Only M
2 blade wooden propeller reinforced with fiberglass                                                               Only M & E
Instrument panel with: Master key switch, switches with fuses and warning lights                                  All Models
Instruments: multifunction instrument to control the engine operation, automatic system to retract the engine,    All Models
engine hours counter, rpm counter, CHT, EGT, ASI, Altimeter, Vario, slip indicator & magnetic compass
Aircraft tool kit                                                                                                 All Models
Flight and maintenance manuals                                                                                    All Models
                                         TECHNICAL DATA

Apis/Bee is made in GFK (epoxy resin, glass, carbon, kevlar). The airfoil used on wings is IMD029

                 Model                            APIS/BEE M                      APIS/BEE E                  APIS/BEE PG
                                                 Motor Version                 Electric Version            Pure Glider Version
                  ENGINE                           HIRTH F33 BS                       EMRAX                        N/A
        max power(with 2 carb.)                   21 Kw (28 HP)           30KW p 2min / 20 const KW                N/A
         PROPELLER 2 BLADE                   Pipistrel 1600 mm diam         Pipistrel 1600 mm diam                 N/A
                 wing span                            14.97 m                        14.97 m                      14.97 m
                   length                              6.26 m                         6.26 m                       6.26 m
                   height                              1.34 m                         1.34 m                       1.34 m
                 wing area                           12.24 m2                       12.24 m2                     12.24 m2
             vertical tail area                        0,9 m2                         0,9 m2                       0,9 m2
           horizontal tail area                       1,36 m2                        1,36 m2                      1,36 m2
                aspect ratio                            18.35                          18.35                        18.35
               positive flaps                   0,+5,+9,+18 deg                0,+5,+9,+18 deg              0,+5,+9,+18 deg
              negative flaps                     - 7, - 5 deg (up)              - 7, - 5 deg (up)            - 7, - 5 deg (up)
             centre of gravity                      23% - 45%                      23% - 45%                    23% - 45%
         empty weight, approx.                       215 kg                         239 kg                       150 kg
     max take off weight (MTOW)                    322.5 kg                         350 kg                      322.5 kg
            fuel tank capacity                  30 l (26 usable)                     N/A                          N/A
               consumption                            9 l /h                         N/A                          N/A
         LI-PO battery capacity                        N/A                      31Ah 6,33 KWh                     N/A
              stall with flaps                      60 km/h                        60 km/h                      60 km/h
            stall without flaps                     62 km/h                        62 km/h                      62 km/h
           manoeuvring speed                        144 km/h                       144 km/h                     144 km/h
     max speed with airbrakes out                   220 km/h                       220 km/h                     220 km/h
                    VNE                             220 km/h                       220 km/h                     220 km/h
                  min.sink                         0,59 m/sec                     0,59 m/sec                   0,59 m/sec
              min.sink speed                        80 km/h                        80 km/h                      80 km/h
                 best glide                           1: 39                          1: 39                        1: 39
          best glide ratio speed                    98 km/h                        98 km/h                      98 km/h
           max aerotow speed                        131 km/h                       131 km/h                     131 km/h
            45°-45° roll time                        3,9 sec                        3,9 sec                      3,9 sec
           take off run MTOW                          112 m                          90 m                          N/A
       take off over 15 m MTOW                        213 m                          180 m                         N/A
  landing distance over 15 m obstacle                 237 m                          237 m                       237 m
             best climb speed                       82 km/h                        82 km/h                         N/A
         max climb rate (MTOW)                       2,8 m/s                        3,2 m/s                        N/A
    max load factor permitted (x1,8)             5.33 G, -2.65 G                5.33 G, -2.65 G              5.33 G, -2.65 G
     design safety factors & tested              minimum 1.875                  minimum 1.875                minimum 1.875

Note: Pipistrel reserves the right to revise this data sheet whenever occasioned by product improvement,
government/authority regulations or other good cause.
* only in limited quantities

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