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					How To Build A Website
From Scratch Using

When you are just
planning to start in on
building your own
website, the prospect of
starting out with nothing
but a blank screen can be
daunting. Fortunately,
there are plenty of tools
available that can help
you from having to work
in this manner. One of the best content management systems out there is
Wordpress and, once you learn how to build a website from scratch using it,
you will wonder why you ever thought it would be difficult.
The magic of Wordpress lies in the way that it stores your site. It separates
the content that you develop, such as the text and the pictures, from the way
that it is laid out and displayed on the screen once someone actually visits the
site. The system actually uses this information to generate pages as needed,
as opposed to storing the entire content and layout of each individual page on
a server. As a result, all that you have to do to get a basic site up and running
is to set up the Wordpress software. If you are using a hosting provider that
has done this step for you, then you just have to create an account and pick a
theme from the list of options that they offer.
When you generate a site in this way, you will be able to jump straight to filling
in the content that you want to use. Just typing in a title and then adding some
text to the field for the body can create each page. You absolutely have the
option to include additional HTML tags, images, and links as a part of your
pages. However, you do not have to know how to do these things in order to
build a perfectly good page. This makes it incredibly easy for people who are
just learning how to build a website using Wordpress to get started, while still
leaving plenty of room to do more interesting things as your skills expand.
There was a time when building your own site meant finding a good book on
HTML. These days, the software does most of the real work and you can
focus in on what you want to be able to say to your visitors.

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