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									                                         DEFINITION spoof TEXT

Spoof text is one type of text that is most enjoyable to learn. With the Spoof text, at least the students
who always frown when learning English can be cured. Try asking your colleagues, is there any students
who "hated" English lessons? I'm sure, "NO". Lah, a prophet are many who hate, especially limited


Mentioned in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary Online, there are two meanings spoof. First,
as a noun, meaning spoof, "a funny and silly piece of writing, music, theater, etc.. That copies the style
of an original work". Being second, spoof as a verb, meaning, "to try to the make someone believe in
something that is not true, as a joke."
Spoof of the second meaning above, it can be concluded that the definition of spoof text is a text that
contains humor though most of the text has been modified from the original.


Generic Structure (general arrangement) in a spoof text is:

  Orientation, provides an introduction to the characters, setting, settings etc..
  Events, provides event or events
  Twist, ending the story (the ending is considered funny, sometimes unexpected)

spoof, spoof text, example of spoof text, spoof text examplesPenjelasan about orientation and the event
is often discussed, particularly on the subject narrative text and recount text. In any spoof text,
orientation and the event was not much different from the one in the narrative and recount.
Looking for a twist, for those not used to writing a humorous story may be very difficult: to understand
the twist was hard enough, let alone making up their own ...

Yes, to understand the twist, we need a sense of humor until we are able to digest what's behind the
humor contained in this twist. Because usually very difficult to predict, "what's the punchline?"

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