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									ASA+FNA 24th Scientific Meeting -Program
WEDNESDAY 29th August 2012
time          Activity
0900 - 1700   RFDS STAR Program (final day)

1000 - 1200   Aeromedical Society Australasia Committee meeting
1200 - 1230   Aeromedical Society Australasia / Flight Nurses' Australia joint meeting
1230 - 1430   EHAC / AAMS / ASA Executive Luncheon
1500 - 1600   International Meeting - EHAC / AAMS / ASA
1600 - 1730   Flight Nurses Australia (FNA) - Annual General Meeting
1800 - 1930   Welcome Function

DAY 1 - THURSDAY 30th August 2012
time          Activity
0800          Registration Open
              OPENING & WELCOME - Grand Ballroom
0900 - 0945   KEYNOTE 'DEBATE'
              A/PROF GEOFF RAMIN                                                  VERSUS                     DR KAREL HABIG
              Senior Aeromedical Specialist, RFDS QLD                                                        Medical Director, HEMS, NSW Ambulance
                                  Formation of a prehospital and retrieval medicine college – a future roadmap for aeromedical excellence
0945 - 1015   DR CLIFF REID Director of Training, Greater Sydney Area HEMS, NSW Ambulance
              Keeping up to date in prehospital and retrieval medicine
1015 - 1045   Morning Tea
1050 - 1110   DR BRIAN BURNS                                     BARKER ET AL                                     Mr MARK CANNELL
              Greater Sydney HEMS, NSW Ambulance                 Careflight, Darwin, Northern Territory           Auckland Helicopter Rescue Trust
              Aeromedical transport of patients with             Obstetric retrievals:sending the right team at
              cardiopulmonary support                            the right time                                   FROLIC III RESCUE
1115 - 1135   MARTIN ET AL                                       DR LUKE WHEATLEY                                 MRS JOAN HANKINS
              MedSTAR, South Australia                           Careflight Queensland, Cairns                    Mayo Clinic Medical Transport, USA
              The safe carriage of blood in aeromedical          Seasonal Stingers – Aeromedical experience       Safety culture and survival training for transport
              retrievals                                         with Marine evenomations in Queensland           personnel at Mayo Clinic Medical transport : an
1140 - 1200   DR BRIAN BURNS                                     CLARKE ET AL                                     FIONA ROBERTS
              Greater Sydney HEMS, NSW Ambulance                 MedSTAR, South Australia                         Nurse Unit Manager, RAAF Specialist Reserve

              Improving documentation in prehospital rapid       Mortality index for neonatal transportation      USAF Sim Flight or RAAF Live Flight. Building
              sequence intubation                                score-usefulness in 2012?                        interoperability for Critical Care Missions

1205 - 1305   LUNCH

1310 - 1440                                                      AEROMEDICAL SIMULATION CUP
1445- 1505    DR EMMELINE FINN                                   DR PAUL LIEBENBERG                               DR DAVID MANN
              Careflight Queensland, Cairns                      Cairns Base Hospital                             Careflight, Darwin, Northern Territory
              Retrieval in the Rainforest                        To fly or to cut?                                "All in one-will it work?"
1510 - 1530   DR DANIEL HANKINS                                  MR TIM PICKERING                                 DR KEVIN HUTTON
              Medical Director, Mayo Medical Clinic              Director of government affairs, AirEvac EMS,     Chairman, Medevac Foundation International
              Department of Emergency Medicine                   USA
              Review of recent articles with most impact on      Establishing dedicated HEMS in rural areas,      The development, evolution, and integration of
              Air Medical Practice                               operational and funding                          critical care and specialty care systems using
                                                                                                                  medevac helicopters the US and International
1535-1550     Afternoon Tea
              Kaye Melmeth, Oration
1600-1625     DR KAREL HABIG Medical Director, Greater Sydney HEMS, NSW Ambulance
              Novel training in Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine
1630-1700     A/PROF MARK ELCOCK Statewide Medical Director, Retrieval Services Queensland
              Clinical Governance and training for a statewide retrieval coordination service
1700          Aeromedical Society of Australasia (ASA) - Annual General Meeting
1900 - 2330   CONFERENCE DINNER - Cairns Cruise Terminal
DAY 2 - FRIDAY 31st August 2012
time          Activity
800           Registration Open
0900 - 0930   KEYNOTE
              MS MAREE CUMMINS
              Nurse Manager, Training Coordinator / Operational Support, RFDS Qld
              Flight nursing education now and the future – the journey of the first flight nurse practitioner in Australia
0935-1005     STEFAN BECKER, EHAC, Germany
              Innovations in HEMS and Air Ambulance - the REGA experience
1010 - 1040   A/PROF ANDREW PEARCE MedSTAR, South Australia
              A university course in aeromedical retrieval- the JCU experience
1045 - 1115   Morning Tea
Concurrent    ROOM A                                             ROOM B                                             ROOM C
1120- 1140    DR ALAN GARNER                                     BARCLAY & MOORE                                    MRS SANDRA KINKADE-HUTTON
              Careflight , Sydney, NSW                           Engineering , AEA                                  President, Kinkade International
              Head Injury Retrieval trial results                New horizons - a view of future Australian         Opportunities for safety improvement - root
                                                                 aeromedical fleets                                 cause analysis of US HEMS accidents
1145 - 1205   DR ALAN GARNER CONTINUED                           BEATTIE & HOLMES                                   DR DANIEL HANKINS
                                                                 NSW Air Ambulance                                  Medical Director, Mayo Medical Clinic
                                                                                                                    Department of Emergency Medicine
                                                                 The ups and downs of introducing a new             Rabies is coming to Australia : An overview of
                                                                 aircraft: Turbulent times                          the disease for transport personnel

1210 - 1230   DR PETER SHERREN                                   CORETTI & PEARCE                                   DI FULLER
              Greater Sydney HEMS, NSW Ambulance                 MedSTAR, South Australia                           New Zealand Flight Nurses' Association
              The lethal triad in burns patients :an issue for   Retrieval education, taking it to country South
              prehospital care?                                  Australia                                          Immersion with and without water
1235- 1340    LUNCH

1340 - 1420                                                      AEROMEDICAL SIMULATION CUP
1425 - 1445   DR PETER SHERREN                                   NATALIE HINCKSMAN                                  DR ADAM PRITCHARD
              Greater Sydney HEMS, NSW Ambulance                 MedSTAR, South Australia                           RFDS Cairns, Queensland
              Are physicians required during HEMS winch          Complexity of retrieval coordination:using all     Prehospital ultrasound survey
              rescue missions?                                   your resources. What's next?

1450 - 1530   Afternoon Tea
1530 - 1600   FRAN NEYLON, Flight Nurse, RFDS Central section, Alice Springs
              A flight nurses' longevity in the aeromedical environment
1600-1630     DR KEVIN HUTTON Chairman, Medevac Foundation
              MedEvac Foundation International – Global sustainability for HEMS and Air Rescue
1630          EARLY CLOSE

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